Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Diamonds are a girls best friend

My worry stone is my engagement ring and wedding band.  I love my rings and when I am stressed, worried, or feeling his love, I often stare at them, almost pray over them.  The simple act of taking a moment to regroup, find some loving peace and think of the World’s Greatest Husband  while meditating over my diamonds has helped me get through tough situations on more than one occasion.   The rings are truly a symbol of his love for me.  He searched high and low for the perfect ring and was so happy when he found it. When we went searching for a wedding band he talked me into the bigger diamond channel.  I was ready to save a buck and go with the solid white gold band but he wanted me to have more diamonds.  I am really not making this up.  He said, “I think we should get the one with the diamonds, you deserve diamonds” as if I weren’t in love already? I fell deeper.

The day after he proposed, I went to get my nails done and the Asian man commented, “OOOooo, wow, ring” I must have been admiring it.  I enjoyed his comment, and my ring moment.  I felt like a princess.

Yesterday while shopping at Target I had another engagement ring moment.  The check- out clerk mouthed , while pointing at my hand, “look at her rock” to the other cashier.  Although she didn’t want her lips read by me, I witnessed it and I must admit, a few years later, I felt like that princess again.   The one where I want to shout, YEP he really, really, really loves me!   Honestly, my ring isn’t huge. Ok,  it is a bit sparkly and I absolutely love it…. But it isn’t show stopping HUGE….  That being said, I am tickled pink with the cashiers comment!  Now seriously, who wouldn’t want to hear “look at that rock?”

The World’s Greatest Husband is a diamond.  I am glad he is on my finger and in my heart.  Yep, I am full of myself today, and gushing over my guy.  Is there something wrong with that?

Have a good day – I’ll try to contain my love!

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