Friday, June 4, 2010

Five for Friday

Five for Friday is my most favorite day to blog.  It is quick it is easy, it is blog with purpose…
So here are my five great things about today:

1. There are only 10 days left of school.  Why does my morning stress level seem to lift as each child steps onto their bus?  I always feel relief when we have successfully completed our morning routine. Today our morning began with a heated argument between our 15 year old and our 13 year old.  They fought over a pair of shorts.   Even though the World’s Greatest Husband has to get up at 5am and fly out the door to commute 50 minutes, I believe he has the better end of the deal most mornings.  I would pick a quiet reflective hour ride with Gayle King’s XM radio show and a medium hazelnut with cream and one sweet and low any day! 

2. The 9 year old girls play again tonight.  I am looking forward to seeing them play.  They have improved so much and somehow a non school night game means I don’t have to stress about homework and dinner in quite the same way when we are still on the field at 8:15 pm.  I swear you can see and hear the stress levels increase among the parents on the bleachers as 8pm approaches.

3. Husband is off on Saturday night. I wish we had a hot date plan.  Instead we will be at a double header for our 13 year old.  There is always my rain dance….. but what I have learned is…. Make up games are more of a hassle than they are worth.

4. I have been spending my mornings developing a “Paperly Summer Stationery Promotion” which will include the most amazing “Paper on my Patio” event.  I am so excited about this Stationery Soiree! Details will be up on Monday.  If you have ever thought about hosting a Paperly party, you will want to host in June, July or August so you can receive a VIP Paper Princess invite to the this fun ladies night out.  The promotion will celebrate ink and paper in our electronic age! Stay tuned.

5. My final five for Friday? YOU! Today is my 100th post of 2010.  I have fallen in love with blogging and my posts and bloggy friends help me to “keep it real.” My life is crazy, hectic, really it is chaotic!  Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am a poster child for thriving and surviving in the blended family blender.  The fact that you indulge my inner mommy, step-mo, paper obsessed, almost 40, married to an amazing man, koo-koo – balancing act is amazing…. I hope you can appreciate how much a few minutes alone with my thoughts, typing on this blog helps to make me sane.  Thank you for reading.

Have a great weekend!  Kiss your husband, hug your kids, take a deep breath in through your nose out through your mouth.   

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