Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guess where I went...

The Library!  I love going to the library for materials.  I encourage you to visit yours.  It’s free!  Free, free, free… it amazes me with each and every visit.  I love that I can take out a trillion books and thumb through, dive in or skim…. and then I bring them back and get more!  Here is my latest visit but I think I have 15 or so up in my bedroom.  I am not shy about checking out books.
Our children have been out of the house since Tuesday and two nights of pillow talk with the World’s Greatest Husband is wonderful treat.  We’ve stayed up late, late, late and that cracks me up… we usually fall into bed tired as can be at 10:30pm.  The kids leave and we are like two teenagers with their parents out of the house.  Of course we have been to practices, games and carpooling but our 9pm dinners for two with wine and yummies makes my summer sweet.

Shout out to my Paperly peeps!  Did you get your Summer of Stationery Mailing?  Well Guess what? Paperly just announced additional hostesss benefits for JULY!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  I hope you will consider hosting a party.  It is as much about gathering with family and friends as it is about quality, stylish papers. 
Happy Thursday!

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