Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Monday

I do not bake.
I tell the World’s Greatest Husband, I can only be good in one room – do you really want it to be the kitchen?
I do not bake.
But, If I have to bake, I love to do at 6:30 am after a few tears because I don’t have the heart shaped brownie pan that mom has.
The class now has fresh brownies, not heart shaped.

Moving on….

My house is a mess, our three girls are trying out for all-stars and our oldest made the summer league team.  Ok, so here we go until August.  If any of you know the World’s Greatest Husband remind him of my name when you bump into him.  Our life is moving way too fast and I am fighting tears.   Ever feel like one more thing may make you turn into the crazy lady that wears pink curlers and a hair net to the grocery store? Ladies, I’ve got those pink little lovelies in my drawer and I am not, I repeat, I am not afraid to use them!

Happy Monday!

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