Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School - The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

As I count down to operation start school…. I am suffering from sticker shock today.  Today is the day we stocked up on notebooks, binders, lined paper, pencil cases, scientific calculators, pens and pencils.  Add to that a lunch box and a shower curtain liner and we are singing to the tune of $109.  Now granted - I didn’t need to get the first grader a toy story notebook and matching folder but why should he miss out on all the fun.

I’ve never participated in the back to school supply drives that I often see around town this time of year.  After today, I plan to buy a few things for those boxes because as I purchased the fresh new smart supplies I felt badly for those children who may not be able to afford a new notebook.  Now as a paper girl, I may have a slanted view on back to school supplies.  They seem to make me happy for many different reasons.  But honestly, if that 6.99 one and half inch binder makes my kid feel prepared and ready for the new school year, I am happy to spend the $109 dollars it takes for five kids to embrace the school year.

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