Friday, August 13, 2010

A surprise date.... I love that man.

I’ve had a crazy week.  I can’t believe a whole week has gone by since our vacation.  I’ve been playing “catch up” all week.  So here I am, Friday and finally posting.  I’ve had so much to share.  I think I will start here….

The World’s Greatest Husband announced on Tuesday evening….”if you have an extra $40 bucks I would like to take you on a surprise date tomorrow.”  By the morning the extra $40 had turned to an extra $80.  This is not the usual way I get invited on a date.  I guess he did his research and had figured out the surprise details.  I love the thought of surprises but rarely do they work with me.  I think I was a detective in a former life.  I took the idea of surprise date and did research to try and figure out where we were going.
 I thought I had it…
But my research would mean that he had the price and time wrong…
at least I thought I had it…
I had convinced myself I was right until he confirmed the price and time….
Back to the drawing board… as we playfully text back and forth I heard an NPR commercial for “Menopause, the Musical”  my body jolted and I was a proud momma, knowing I had figured it out!  If that commercial wasn’t on, I doubt I would have been able to figure it out. 

I am convinced that I have hormone surges of some sort and am always talking to the World’s Greatest Huband about it …. He thinks I am too young for hormone surges, I think he is fearful of what comes next.  So to his credit, He found the perfect surprise date.  He get’s extra points for making it a surprise and I’ll double and bank additional "good husband" points for actually attending, he was only 1 of 10 or so men. 

The show was funny, spirited and the perfect surprise. (sort of…surprise)

Check out the show at

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