Friday, August 27, 2010

Five for Friday

It's the last Friday of my two week furlough and that about sums up my Five for Friday.  It's nice to have a break of the regular routine... My August was a huge change between work and family.  Now I am eager to get back to work, back to school and back to craziness.  wish me luck.

Here are 4 other great things for my Five for Friday....

My beautiful sunflower is blooming.  My children received this little plant in a dixie cup from their grandparents and it has grown to be this huge wonderful flower.  I've had a little life lesson watching this happen.  It was a treat to experience the growth and strength of this plant.

A day with my two kids.  I've promised them some fun.  It's 8:19 and I still don't know what that really means.... The World's Greatest Husband has suggested kite flying.  As they just returned from Disney World, I am not sure that is what they have in mind.... but it could work.

I am back on the diet.  It's been a week.  I feel like I am making progress.  Last night I saved calories for an ice cream.  I ordered a friendz, checked the calories after the purchase (yea, dumb idea... always check before ordering...) and then proceeded to deposit the whole sucker in the garbage can.  Seriously, 860 calories?  that is a crime and although I wasted the $3 bucks, I felt very good knowing it was not worth the it!  By the way, I had 630 calories to spend on my

Our high school freshman went to the swim team meeting last night.  Leaving her there was painful.  It was all new, she was uncomfortable, unsure and scared.  I was surprised how unsettled I felt for her. To my delight, picking her up was a joy, she was happy, inspired and ready to swim.  She mentioned the coach was really, really, really, really nice.  We will see about that when they have practiced for a few days and she is screaming "Do more laps!"

Peace out Puppy! (as the freshman likes to say)
Have a good weekend!  

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