Friday, August 6, 2010

Pity Party for me...

BlogHer…well I admit, a year ago I had no idea what a BlogHer was.  Now that I’ve been a blogging Diva for the last 9 months (well, ok only in my own mind) I’ve learned that BlogHer is the ultimate party, workshop, share fest that every blogging Diva like myself should be a part of. 

Instead of Sex in the City living, fashion, food, celebrity sightings and post conference shopping (that would make any grown woman cry), I have opted for a family vacation in the mountains, 600 miles away, 14 hours away… with five kids ages 6 to 15.  Yep, my sophisticated city days no longer exist.  In fairness to my dear family that I tend to blog about on a daily basis, this trip has been fun and they are all great kids.  I am lucky.

… But in the deep part of my heart I long to be with other women (who are gathered only 2 hours from my home) women who truly get this blogging adventure.  The mere thought of a weekend with the World’s Greatest Husband (or maybe not) learning blogging tricks, scoring some swag, meeting others who love to blog,  and passing out cute Paper Mom business cards  is the simple validation that would provide a power boost as I continue to blog.  Blogging is an opportunity and yet we all know some of those non-bloggers just don’t see it that way.  To be surrounded by thousands who actually understand would be a dream.  And let’s face it to hear Scary Mommy’s words rather than read them, well that would be a treat too! 

Next year I will plan accordingly and I will surely meet my friends over at Life with out Pink and Mommy friend.  As they are the inspiration behind this pity party for us non attendees! 


Life Without Pink said...

Where are you from? I'm a Jersey girl, so we might be close to one another! Next year I hear it is in California....we need to start saving now! Thanks for linking up!

Paper Mom said...

Not a Jersey girl. I am in CT. yet to say I am a Connecticut Girl just doesn't have the same ring to it. San Diego sounds expensive, ugh!


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