Friday, August 27, 2010

Wonderful Rubber Stamp Store in CT

Today my “kid fun day turned IKEA”… yep, on a whim after an ENT appointment and pizza we decided to visit IKEA.  (I state whim because my girlfriend who lives 15 minutes from IKEA will scream when she learns we were close by.)  My children love IKEA, I am still not sure why.  We traveled there two years ago and the experience was memorable.  They beg to go and today I decided we were a third of the way there with our doctor’s appointment so we would – GO FOR IT!  We only spent one hour but managed to find the deal of the day… 4 pretty cardboard storage boxes for only twelve and half cents each…. Worth the trip for this Paper Mom.

On our way we stopped at a rubber stamp store that I have been eager to visit.  I love going to little creative nooks to get inspired and see what’s new in paper crafting, and this stop did not disappoint. Paper peeps, please visit Beautiful Impressions in Westbrook, Connecticut.  Check them out on the web at .  The store was full of rubber stamps, project samples and creative classes.  It is also important to note that they sell ice cream and a scrapbook store is right next door!  So as you can imagine this was a dreamy day for a paper girl like me.   Visiting this little palace made me want to revisit my stamping princess days.  If the stamping urge hits….I’ll post my lovelies for you to see.  Here is the stamp I purchased.

PS – When we got in the car I asked, “oh what was the owners name again?” Both of my kids said – “Terri.”  My son, who just returned from Disney pipes in with… “You can remember it by Tower of Terri.”  I guess Disney’s “Tower of Terror” made an “impression” on him.  Terri was a delight and she would be happy to help you.  If you visit, be sure to let her know Paper Mom sent you. 

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Julie said...

Sounds like a fun day! Let's hope we all enjoy these last few days of "furlough".


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