Monday, August 16, 2010

Night Swimming

Sometimes life is just right.  Sometimes it is perfect.  I am sitting  poolside for “night swimming.”  The tikki torches are reflecting in the pool and three kids are hanging off the head and shoulders of their father… does it get any better?  It would only be better if two more children were hanging off him… my two are enjoying Disney with their grandparents, father, aunt, uncle and cousins.  I  wish I were with them, Mickey and Cinderella too.

I am grateful to have a little change of pace but I miss them.  Being on furlough makes it worse, too much time on my hands and today the boys room got cleaned…. The upstairs hall way mopped and our bathroom disenfected…  soon I will be out of spaces to clean (well I guess the playroom is always an option, last time it took 11 hours.)  Tommorrow I will try crafting until my fingers are numb and my creativity is depleted.  Yes, sometimes life is just right.  Sometimes it is perfect.  But truly it’s always better when we are all together.

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