Monday, August 30, 2010

Furlough...Smurlough... Let's Get Back To Work....

I return to work today.  I've been off on a two week furlough.  Life is about to get super hectic.  I had big plans for my furlough.... crafting everyday, walking the track for miles,creative cooking..... where did the time go?  It's always amazing to me when relaxing days are followed by frantic ones, how a little R and R can be wiped away in an instant.

So my two week furlough? I hardly cooked because of our kids schedules, didn't walk once and managed to squeeze in 15 minutes of crafting time last night because I needed something to calm my nerves.  The World's Greatest Husband worked at the hospital until 1am.  Having five kids by myself is a way of life but it sure is easier when two are home to manage the troops.  My kids (yes school is only days away and we should be practicing a proper bed time) went to bed at 11pm after an evening of fighting, a few minor injuries, screaming, wrestling and of course... laughing (at silly things like burping and farting)... please someone tell me it is going to be ok!  All this after a day of entertaining a family that we haven't visited with in quite awhile.  I think returning to work might be the relaxation and peace that I truly need!

Ok, so here is the final result of my two week craft-a-palooza that lasted only 15 minutes.  My fifteen minutes of peace for a very, very, long day. I must admit, doing this sort of stuff makes my heart sing...

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Julie said...

Right there with you! Lots of big plans and ideas - only a few came to fruitiion. You put it nicely, as usual.


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