Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcoming a new mom to the motherhood club...

An old high school friend gave birth to her first baby last night.  He looks sweet and perfect.  Many of my friends posted facebook good wishes and congratulations messages that said – "Enjoy every moment, savor every day, enjoy the small things."  Honestly, I am not sure if it was just my morning mood or lack of coffee but I had a little chuckle, because.... let’s be honest…The messages should say something like:  “Hope you slept because you will never nap again.”  Or “Start drinking now “ or maybe “Buy lotto because your mom was right, money doesn’t really grow on trees, your kids will tap you dry."  Or maybe simply posting the words of the Hail Mary prayer would be the most appropriate good wish.

It is amazing that with one final push on the delivery table,  B-I-N-G-O, presto-o-change-o, you are now a parent and you will never sleep a full eight hours again.  All kidding aside, as parents we forget the day-to-day hard work that is necessary to raise happy, healthy kids because God creates these incredible moments of pride, joy and unconditional love that make us bubble with fondness, gratitude and peace.  Somehow these moments serve as some sort of pixie dust to help us forget the sleepless nights and worry.  (It’s probably important to note that our teens are just finishing their “initiation” and don’t drive yet… the sentiment in this post may change as our teens emerge…)

My super huge defining mommy moment came as my daughter approached two.  I remember specifically having an overpowering feeling of sappy mommy love when my daughter proudly pointed her shovel at me and announced to a new found friend in the sandbox “That’s my mom” It was a moment I will never forget. 

To my friend - the new mommy and all my other mommy friends… it is true, we need to take a moment and savor the miracle we have nurtured.    Whether it is the newborn variety, the tweenie, the teen or the grown adult - - -We all simply do the best we can with what we know at any given moment.  It’s August 28th and I am wishing you the happiest of Mother’s Day wishes  because we deserve them every single day.  

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