Thursday, August 19, 2010

My kid Got Lost at Epcot

As many of you know, my two babies have been on a three week vacation. They are making a memory, for sure!   It started with all seven of us traveling to Virginia to spend a week at my sister-in-law's house.  That was followed by an I95 meet up with their dad to travel further south to Top Sail North Carolina, a week at a beach house right on the water.  The house had an elevator which seemed to impress my six year old. Only to be followed by a week at Disney World to celebrate Grandma’s retirement.  The trip includes grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.  I must admit, I wish I were a part of the party.  I have received photos, texts and many calls, my children are really having a special week of fun with their family.

Last night’s call was followed up by a brief conversation with their father announcing that there was “a little incident last night” Apparently my son got separated from the group as they exited an attraction, just as the lights were dimmed for the illuminations show.  He kept on walking, walking, walking until he hit Morocco where he told a cast member his name and he was lost.  People, I am glad to have missed this little incident.  From what I understand Grandma, Auntie and my daughter were a wreck, tears, security, nerves, I simply can’t imagine.  Hearing the story from hundreds of miles away kept me up all night and that is after they found him safe and sound.  From what I gather, every cast member did the right thing and Disney even does missing children with style, and magic.  My former brother in law ran to his location and found him surrounded by a few Moroccan belly dancers.  Which The World’s Greatest Husband proudly offered next time we visit Disney, remind him to get lost in Morocco.   

The incident was all of 15 minutes and I have lost 9 hours sleep a day later. I certainly understand things happen.  I wish it didn’t happen to my kiddo.   I am glad it all was ok but a mother’s fear realized with “the what-ifs” really makes me wish for their safe arrival home to my arms more than ever.   

And to my former mother-in-law, try to get some sleep tonight, it’s ok, he’s safe.  Keep plugging the separation plan so they all know what to do and where to go if lost.


Kathy said...

It's not hard to get separated from your family at WDW. Most people are RUDE and push their way thru. I saw many examples of this when we had Mom there in a wheelchair.'s the cast members that go out of their way. Glad it ended safe & sound...but there's no better or safer place to "get lost" than in Disney! BTW...their Marco grammie & grandpa misses them!

Julie said...

I'm so glad that it all ended well! Thank you for sharing this - it must have been tough to write.


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