Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Paperly? Why Now?

My love affair with stationery goes way back, my first high school job was at a Hallmark Store. To this day, I believe there is nothing like a good card store, a back to school notebook or a new box of note cards.

I love paper crafts, I love paper magazines, I love gift wrap (don’t even get me started on reversible wrapping paper, there is simply nothing better)! I pay attention to the paper that an annual report is delivered on and noticed when the office switched to a brighter, heavier white in the copy machine. Heck, I love when junk mail is creatively packaged. My favorite aisle in Target is the stationery aisle. When I turn the corner and see those red clearance stickers, I have to catch my breath. I actually have a “paper drawer” in my house and personalized notepads were the favor at my wedding! I could go on and on…Yes, I admit it I am a paper girl – through and through….

So, you can imagine how delighted I was to stumble upon a special paper company called Paperly. Paperly is an at home stationery company. It is a new company with no Connecticut representation…. Until now….Ta…Da…I have signed on to be a Paperly Consultant.

I’ve never been a fan of the at home party scene, but I do feel passionately about this product, and do I have to remind you that I have five kids now? I need to get out of the house a few nights a month. Be sure to check out my website at www.mypaperly.com/andreakaiser. I hope you will consider hosting a party or ordering a special  gift.

Visit Paperly's Website

Check out the new paperly website.
  It is heaven for a girl who is obsessed with paper products and stationery.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paper Mom and The Bus Stop

Every morning I put my girls on the bus, I stand there with coffee in hand waving furiously, sending them off with love and good wishes. I am amazed at how they NEVER wave back. They practically hide in the seat, avoiding the window so they don't have to acknowledge my existence.

Yet, my afternoon kindergartner proudly announces the bus is coming, "Kiss me mommy, extra kiss, huggie" He hops on and always glances back at me proudly. I hear the other kids greet him in unison with glee and then the entire bus of sweet kindergartners waves, and occasionally blows kisses to me as the bus pulls out of sight.

The difference a few years can bring...


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