About Paper Mom

Thanks for visiting Paper Mom.  I am a stationery obsessed, fabulous and forty-something, Wife, Mom and Step-Mo to five kids age 8-17.  The World’s Greatest Husband and I have been thriving and surviving in the blender since 2007.  Our life is hectic but wonderful.  Our love makes us able to handle and juggle our crazy life.  We’ve got it good and we know it and we love it.  It wasn’t always that way so I think we have an amazing appreciation for each other and the family we are trying to nurture.
I started this blog after becoming addicted to a blended family blog that truly helped me realize what I was getting myself into as I merged my life and my two kids with the World’s Greatest Husband and his three kids.  In my busy life, like most modern moms, few things are all about me.  I blog because it is the one thing that is all mine….it’s just me, my thoughts, my opinions, my joys, my frustrations, my complaints, my loves, me, me, me!!!
You might want to dig deeper into Paper Mom if you love, love, love, Oprah, Gayle, sappy love songs, stationery, Grey’s Anatomy, Rick Springfield, books, libraries, crafts, decorating and entertaining.   As these little lovelies make me happy. 
Your comments and feedback also make me happy so feel free to join the conversation.


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