Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Step-Mo the constant challenge...

I took note of a family across the way at church this week.  They had six kids.  Knowing how hard life is with many children I prayed for them.  I also went to a weird place… That woman birthed those six babies… OMG!

As a Step-Mo I always describe our family with the qualifier… we are a blended family.  I sometimes even say, I didn’t give birth to all five.  It is always a tad uncomfortable when you have to explain "the situation".  99% of the population gets it and 50% of the population is right there living it with me.  Somehow I feel the need to let folks know I didn’t have three of those babies slide out of my vagina.  But  I guess I want the world to also know that just because I didn’t give them life I certainly support it, maintain it and sacrifice a ton for it, as I do for my husband and my two biological kids. I’ve posted about being a Step-Mo so many times.  It is such an interesting role and as a woman who has a brain, a job and a supportive husband, I still struggle with how to handle it all.  Our life moves at an amazing pace and there are days when I want to stop this rollercoaster and scream.   I feel for the step-mo’s who struggle with disrespectful kids, biological mothers who butt in and husbands who are caught in the middle. I know there are many other families that are engaged in a constant struggle.  We have our share of relatively small struggles and I think we’ve managed to strike a balance with I am not the mom, I am the mom, I look like a mom, I act like a mom, I know I certainly can yell like a mom…

So why do I feel a need to qualify my family situation with that statement… blended family?  The World’s Greatest Husband and I end each day with a recap of our worries and frustrations as they relate to each and every one of our five kids.   We struggle to afford each kid and their activities. When they are sick we share the responsibility of missing work.  I try to create menus that satisfy the picky eaters that sit at our dining room table, I taxi drive, I pick up, drop off and visit mom’s house more times in a week than I ever care to count…. So why isn’t the statement simply… Our five kids… I have five kids…. PS - Add to the mix, we don’t even have the traditional every Thursday night and every other weekend custody situation!  We share the week. I put them on the bus 3 out of five school mornings.  I am not saying all this for you the reader… I am saying this for me the writer…. This mental struggle I fight must end!  I need to STEP-MO-IT-UP and proudly state… I have five kids… no qualifiers… no birthing statements….I guess there will always be situations where I will explain but next time that Walmart cashier casually asks… how many kids do you have? I am absolutely, proudly stating - - -  five. 
Baby steps, people….baby steps.  
That damn Snow White and Cinderella... They set the stage for the Step-Mo long ago... making my job a heck of a lot harder... 

Friday, March 25, 2011

five for Friday

Five great things about today...

Grant finished!
I plan on crafting this weekend.
Sitting quietly - breathing deeply - thinking positively
Wearing new jeans
Got a new book (read the first chapter while waiting for our 16 year old at the doctor's office, I have to admit... I was blushing reading this hot, fun, smut- in a public place-OMG- can't wait to get back to it.)

Happy Weekend...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We didn't win....

I had two laughs yesterday...
1.  With mega millions at 224 million I told my kids, if we win... I will buy you anything you want tomorrow.  They were simple... a cell phone and a lap top, easy peasy....  My daughter chimed in, do we have to go to school?  I said no, if we win, you can take tomorrow off but then it's back to normal, back to school.  She was thrilled and said, "Deal!"

2. Then while we were waiting for our cub scout to finish gymnastics... two ten year old boys introduced themselves to one another.... Hi my name is Dyson, like the vacuum and the other,  Hi, I'm Sage like the herb.  Singly their names aren't odd but the moment had me rolling in the waiting room!  OK, Maybe you had to be there.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Precious Mommy / Daughter Time...

I Heart Jorgensen

On Thursday I had a date night with my 10 year old daughter.  This was special for many different reasons… 
1. We have 5 kids so a night alone with one of them is special, they feel like rock stars.  
2.  We planned to go to Friendly’s for dinner.  I saved my weight watchers points all day so I could eat guilt free.  
3.  My daughter is a fabulous singer with no self-confidence.  She can belt it out but has no desire to perform in front of others.  I thought the whole Jorgensen experience would open up her heart to the thrill of performance.  
4.  I wanted her to see theater, art, culture.  
5. I played up our time away together in a super big way.  I made the venue, the experience and our alone time BIG, BIG, BIG!

So all in all Jorgensen was the perfect venue for us to have a special Mommy/Daughter date. …. Until we pulled into the parking lot and in her smarty pants sort of way she says “Mom, I’ve been here before, for a school field trip”

Ok, so it changed things slightly but my love for Jorgensen was only intensified as I realized they market their venue to my children’s schools.  That’s good business because the theater is something to see! 

So check out their calendar of events.  It looks amazing.   You may see Papermom and her crew at Aga-Boom, that show sounds like a great time!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Proving his Love

The other day the World's Greatest Husband texted me with a few comments that made me wonder....
That doesn't sound like my husband.... 
did someone steal his phone? 
I knew it was him but was giggly and texted... "Who are you and what did you do with my husband"  
He responded with "It's me and I'll prove it."
I have to admit I anxiously awaited his proof! 
A few minutes later he sent this..... 
The World's Greatest and I often point our fingers outward when we tell one another just how much we love one another.... you see, when you point your fingers it means it goes on forever!  
I love that guy and his special text message.
It's good to be in love.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Five for Friday

It's Friday and here are my five great things about today...
1. Hello 70 degree day..... I've been waiting for you!
2. Party planning central here.... Seven year old Magic Tree House Party happening Sunday!
3. Had a fabulous time at Jorgensen last night.  I'll blog about that mommy daughter night out later....
4. Report cards galore... so lucky to have smart, bright babies...
5. A day off to organize party fun.

Wishing you happiness on this warm, bright day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Proud of our cub scout

Today my little cub scout snuggled in bed with me before our crazy day started.  We watched the first few minutes of our favorite, The Today Show.  Of course the headline was all about Japan.  My little guy said.... "I wish I could send them like... $144 dollars."  I asked, why?  he said, "They need help, maybe they could buy a house"  My son continuously makes me smile (and yes, scream too) he has a good soul and still has innocence that warms my heart.  

While speaking with my mom last night she mentioned that she often wants to comment on the blog, honestly somedays I think she is my only reader, well except when I blog about "The Gov."  My mom isn't quite sure how to make that comment widget work so I will comment for her... my mom would simply say "I love how the little boy thinks, I like the way his brain works"  and I would have to agree with her... he is my sweet, kind cub scout- unless he is chasing his three sisters...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Paper Mom, Politics and Birthday Parties

Well after a wild weekend of pretending to be a political blogger, it feels good to be back in my cozy place blogging about life the way I know and love it.  I am so appreciative of the clicks and am hopeful I have attracted a few new readers but front line “political blogger” really isn’t my style.  I am happy to support our governor (like the headline reads “Woman calls Malloy sweet Dannel and thinks she may be in love”) but being a political blogger takes way more energy than being a Paper Mom.   I did learn a few things from my power post…. It is amazing to see social media work.  It is a powerful tool that is so connected… politicians, corporations and non profits should take note of the opportunities to grow because apparently  it only takes a few posts or comments  to spread through networks  and WHAMMO there is a platform for opinions, purchases, and endorsements!  I guess I knew this all along but watching my click ticker rise and rise with my post proved to me that it is serious business when 3.9 million mom bloggers are projected to generate 26 million dollars. I am of the social variety, the non-money-making blogger.  It’s a hobby, it is fun and it’s a great way to connect with other 40 and fabulous moms trying to make their way.

So Paper mom is back and I am in party mode! Our Little cub scout turns seven and our "Magic Tree House" party is in full swing…. 20 little classmates are expected  here to do crafts, fun, games, cake and presents  for 90 minutes on Sunday afternoon!  Our son is soooo excited and I have to admit, I am pretty excited too.  But like any good mother, I am totally holding it all over his head this week… I’ve used  the “I’ll cancel your party” line with every  hint of uncooperative behavior.  With those sort of spirited (and loving) threats, It should be smooth sailing this week as we prepare for our big celebration.  By the way….. any Magic Tree House party crafts, games, decorations or activities that you can offer me are appreciated… and if you want to come over and clean the house, that's helpful too! 

Paper love going out to my peeps... 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

For all the mothers out there...

...and on a lighter note...I love this video!
Happy International Women's Day! (a few days late)

Special thanks to Kind over Matter for posting this.  Now, paper peeps...Pass it on to the special women in your life who are working hard to build a fabulous life... 

Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday...

It's Friday so that means.... Five for Friday..
Here are five great things about today.
1. Feeling giddy over the fact that yesterday's post has generated so many Paper Mom hits!
2. Thrilled that the Governor's Office read my post :)
3. Well, if your visiting because of that post, click on over to Facebook or Twitter so you can follow Paper Mom and get Paper Mom updates... share the love - Paper Peeps!
4. A fifty degree weekend makes me smile
5. Didn't read yesterday's post? here is a link..  http://papermom.blogspot.com/2011/03/paper-mom-votes-for-malloy.html

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paper Mom votes for Malloy!

So as you know, I am not a political blogger.  I write about being a mom and step mo to five great kids, and lover to one World’s Greatest Husband.  I blog, I vent, I endorse great books and share little nuggets of life that make me love being a woman, wife, mom and professional.  Truth is… I am a closet political news junkie. Ah, that admission felt good….

Last night I attended Governor Malloy's town hall meeting on the State’s budget.  This was momma’s night out, I attended with my boss so I had to keep it together but seriously…. It was like a trip to the candy store for this closet political paper mom.

So here are my thoughts… I support our governor. Actually,  I sort of think I am in love with him.  No, not in a stupid wacky way, the World’s Greatest Husband is my guy but...  I loved watching the governor address the crowd.  His command of the situation, his kindness, his humbleness, his thoughtful approach, his wit, and his tie selection all made me sit up and take note.  Let’s be honest, who the heck wants this man’s job?  NO ONE - because it is not easy!  Hard times, tough decisions, it simply doesn’t add up to make any sense…. As I settle into 40 and fabulous I become more aware of the fact that we will never make everyone happy.   And boy is that the truth with that town hall crowd.  But a life with respect, dignity and compassion always wins.  That is what I see in our dear governor.  His style and grace won me over in the moment, the dollars and cents, the cuts, the taxes it is all tough stuff but honestly, this mess didn’t happen in a day…. this mess hasn’t been attacked with any new brave decisions until now.  I am not sure I agree with it all but I do respect the man, the position and am willing to try something new.  I want attractive jobs moving into this state and my town.  I want nonprofits to have the best chance when it comes to helping those who need their services.   I want my children to live, work and play in our great state and I want higher education to be a priority.  I believe in State Higher Education as a woman who earned both her Master’s and Bachelor’s from the State System.  So there you have it… my political agenda.  Maybe I should run?

So with all that being said… I hope my sweet Dannel doesn’t let me down.  I am in his corner and am willing to support his budget today.

When seeing the governor on the morning news with the town hall recap I asked my 7 year old if he knew who that was on TV.  He proudly said “Dan Malloy” He followed that up with, it would be cool if he came to my birthday party.    So I think I have a little politician in the making… 

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Monday

It's Monday...
This is the first time in more than a week that every kid got on the bus attending school.  It is the first time since last Tuesday that I have put on panty hose and jewelry.  We are all on the mend, slow but sure.

I had to giggle this weekend, so many of my friends commented on hair dye this weekend... on facebook, twitter or in line picking the kids up from Art it seemed to be the topic of choice.  I guess we are of a certain age where hair dye means something critical.... fabulous and forty comes with a price of about 7.99 every 5 weeks.

Have a happy Monday.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Five for Friday

Five Great things about today....

1.  Grocery shopping online is truly a gift.
2. Cub scouts is cancelled.  (I know that one sounds mean spirited, but I am glad to have no real plan for the evening - I am still sick)
3. Daughter returned to school after a two day down for the count illness.
4. I am a winner to the Jorgensen AGAIN!!! Paper Peeps... please follow them on facebook and twitter and you will win too.... a two time winner is sort of embarrassing but - a night out with the World's Greatest Husband... for free? I'll TAKE IT!!!! Yippee! Yippee!
5. I had the dreaded money date with husband - before work today.... now this is an unusual time for our "money dates"  but we did get it out of the way and that is a good thing.... it didn't end the way we like our money dates to end but then again... I am sick as a dog and he had to get to his job....

Hey favorite Paper Mom readers - Have a great weekend, enjoy the warmer temps tomorrow and check back soon - some exciting things are brewing on the Paper Mom site.... ok, I'll tell you... A VLOG!  I just need to get my voice back, color in my cheeks and find my microphone...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Puke March 2010 & Puke March 2011

Mama Kat’s recent writing prompt:
What were you writing about last year at this time and what has changed?
 I was intrigued so I took a glimpse back…. I was blogging about puke.  Do you remember the post where I thought I was going to die with multiple child vomiting? I will never forget that illness!  I mentioned that to my husband….”World’s Greatest Husband, do you remember last year’s puke fest?  Yep, should have never mentioned it because hours later I was up with my ten year old worshipping the porcelain goddess…together once again.   She puked every 20 minutes until about 3:30 am then every 40 minutes until 8:15 am.  We didn’t sleep.  At one point we were both fighting tears.    I have been fighting illness all week so with no sleep, I certainly have crossed over… sick, achy, tired, sore throat, cough and temperature and my doctor is off today and I have a grant due tomorrow.  My daughter is better, the vomit turned to a temperature and now she has perked up and ate lunch…. She’s on her way to school tomorrow. So, you can all relate to the fact that moms can’t get sick, it doesn’t work, it’s not allowed, it messes everything up.   So next time Mama Kat tells me to look back and see what I was blogging about, I may think twice for I believe I jinxed myself on this one…. Why couldn’t it have been a post about winning the lottery.  Nope, not much has changed around here....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Celebrating my Husband's Birthday

Today is the World’s Greatest Husband’s birthday.  We had the most amazing birthday celebration and I’ve been dying to blog about it.  First, did you know that we have had the past three weekends to ourselves? This is unheard of… a miracle, truly a dream come true. 

The birthday celebration started with winning FREE tickets to the Jorgensen to see the Canadian Tenors.  Yes, I said free and I said the Canadian Tenors.  Do you know those cutie patoodie’s?  The Jorgensen is beautiful, I recommend that you friend them on facebook and twitter and maybe you can score yourself some freebies too!  It was a treat…. So when I announced our winnings to the World’s Greatest Husband he said he had a surprise for me… a dinner surprise… not a bad deal… free birthday tix and the birthday boy buys dinner too!  I keep telling you he is the World’s Greatest, right?

So peeps, the Still River Café in Eastford is a real gem.  Hidden in the middle of nowhere, the place will surely delight.   The food was seriously amazing, the service was top notch and the atmosphere was clean, crisp and comfortable.  I felt like I wanted to move in and cozy up for at least a few more meals, but we had a show to get to…  I can’t wait to go back.  Next time it will be for a relaxing dinner without the rush to get out the door… but if there was ever a show worth getting out the door to…. It would be the Canadian Tenors… those guys brought me to another place on earth.  They made me take a break, breath in my husband, close my eyes and simply be….  I love when music fills your soul.  The power of their voices and the strength that they brought to the auditorium was enough to make me feel like the luckiest woman on earth. 

The group sang two songs that deserve comment.  The first… instrument of peace.  My husband and I share a prayer.  Yes, we share a prayer.  It is written on prayer card on our closet shelf.  I start most mornings with it.  There was a time that every mass ended with it…Prayer of Peace Saint Francis of Assisi.  Well the Canadian tenors performed our prayer in song and it meant a great deal to me…. and I swear I would have jumped my husband right then and there in the aisle if we were alone…  imagine that one… to a prayer…. Somehow it seems an appropriate way to celebrate our bond.  I love that guy and am so grateful that we are able to share our love. 
The other song worth mentioning was Forever Young by Bob Dillon.    I thought of my children when this song was performed.  I’ve been so busy lately.  I’ve taken home a lot of work these past few weeks, I’ve spent hours on the computer, I’ve lost my way in a few moments and in the moment of that song, I came to appreciate the innocence of my kids…. They are my most important project, they deserve a mom who is present.  I figure I have about two weeks before the hustle and bustle of our life with five kids gets kicked up a few notches, it’s baseball and softball season and you know how I love that…. So I have lots of re-grouping to do before that season is in full swing.  It’s crazy that we move and live at this ridiculous pace.  I can’t do it all and the quicker I realize that… the better off I’ll be.   Lucky for me I have a supportive, kind and helpful World’s Greatest Birthday Husband to work with me.

A birthday weekend to remember…. And those are just parts I can share (wink, wink) 


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