Friday, March 30, 2012

Five for Friday

Five great things about today. . .

  1. Watching the Muppets at the Library today
  2. Daughter got a fresh new look with 4 inches cut off her pretty little head.
  3. No school today
  4. No cub scouts tonight.
  5. It's the weekend.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Confession Revealed

Our cub scout makes his first confession on Saturday morning.  When he was discussing this with his sisters it was revealed that one sister marched into the confessional and admitted to eating three muffins instead of the two.....  and for that she had to say a few Hail Mary's according to her, "not a big deal, it's easy"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scary Mommy has a book or is it a mommy bible?

Paper Peeps - Listen Up. . . .
Scary mommy is you.... Scary mommy is me.... her book hits stores next week and we all owe it to ourselves to belly up to the bookstore and grab a copy.  Read the  first two chapters posted at her site and get a taste of what this mommy fun is all about.  She will make you laugh, cry and basically feel normal.  She is visiting an hour from my home on her scary tour and I am counting the days.  Check out the book trailer, have a giggle and know it's all okay. . .

Monday, March 26, 2012

Parents of the Year!

We are certainly scarring our children with their birthday celebrations.... not intentionally but year after year, it's happening.

Last night while celebrating our little cub scouts 8th birthday he declared - Now, I want an eight candle on my cake, none of this creative math on the cake.  Seriously, he said it.  I am not kidding.  That is because on occasion we have to do creative cake math... like a number 5 candle plus 2 single candles or a number 9 candle plus two singles.... you get the picture, one year we even had to do subtraction.

In addition, this past December the World's Greatest Husband and I both searched and searched and finally put the one and four candles on the cake for our 15 year old.  What were we thinking?  Calling a 15 year old 14, doesn't go over so well.

One of our eleven year olds received a bike last August.  Well it was an IOU because she specifically wanted a yellow bike which we were on the hunt for but had not found.  um, we still haven't found it...  It's become quite a joke in our house.... so much so that the kids were joking with the cub scout last night, stating I hope it's not a bike as he started to open his gifts.
poor girl.

Now today our oldest child turns 17.  My husband who is home sick was still a trooper and got our high schoolers up for school, sick and all.  My husband gets our birthday boy (yes we have 3 family birthdays in March) up and out the door for school without ever wishing him a happy birthday.

Yep, pretty much going to hell over this birthday stuff.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Singing and Laughing

I had a little giggle today.
Driving home from Target I listened to an NPR interview with Elmo, the sweet, little red Sesame Street monster that everyone loves.  It made me have a happy heart.  While at an intersection the NPR show played a clip of Elmo singing, with it being a warm day, I had my windows down and I was rocking it out with Elmo until I realized a man standing on the corner was having a good giggle on me singing my heart out with Elmo.  I believe he was looking for the car seat of a little one in the back, the laughter clearly came when he realized there was no little cupcake singing with momma.  Sometimes it's good to laugh at yourself.

I can't tell you the countless times when the babes were little that I would finally sneak away to the grocery store without children and I would sing to Barney, Lori Berkner or the Wiggles all the way to the store before realizing, wait..... there are no kids with me I can listen to grown up radio.  Over the years the music has changed... the High School Musical CD, Selina Gomez and Justin Bieber.  These days I take a stand and really don't let them change the NPR setting - well, a lot of good that did me today, eh?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Five for Friday

I asked the World's Greatest Husband to be my guest blogger for Five for Friday -Five Great Things about Today... here is what he came up with.... SILENCE.... still waiting.... waiting.... waiting..... he has his head down in the newspaper.... so much for guest blogging....I can't wait all night.....
Here are my thoughts- Five great things about today....
1. Loved the peanut butter cookie that my husband brought home for me.
2. Grocery shopping on line is really a lifeline - I am so happy to have found.
3. Nothing makes me happier than a bargain..... um like a 14.99 spring jacket bargain.
4. Bought a new shade of lipstick.  It's a bit more bold than I am used to....
5. Friday report cards make me a very proud momma.... Those kids amaze me with their academic achievements!  Yippee for them.... Yipppeee for us.... let's hope it always stays this way.

Happy Weekend Paper Peeps...

Under Lock and Key

Apparently my little cub scout has some big secrets.  I found his journal on the kitchen table this morning.... that is one large lock for a little journal. I guess with three sisters, he has to protect his thoughts.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Life... oh life.... life, life, life....

My life is pretty darn wonderful.  Except today, today I want to suck my thumb in the corner of the bathroom while rocking back and forth humming at little do-wa-ditty.....

and all that on the warmest day since ugly winter arrived, who would have thought it? Well sometimes you just can't predict the feeling of crazy.

Here is a funny that despite the gloom of today, made me giggle....

While our oldest daughter was checking out the frozen meat I had left out to defrost for dinner she looked at me with big eyes and said, "Really? No way, really? Oh my God, really? Seriously? We are eating real LION for dinner?"  I quietly corrected her that we would be having pork loin not lion.....

I hope your day is going well.  I am going to self medicate with a few samoas.... or trefoils.... or possibly thin mints because on top of the TEN boxes we ordered, my sister in law told us to keep what she ordered.... so there you have it.... paper mom is not only cranky today but she's fat too.

Looking forward to bedtime.

Friday, March 9, 2012

five for friday

only one great thing for today....
the grant is submitted!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flat Stanley Project

Is it odd that I am  excited about my Cub Scout's Flat Stanley project?  When my daughter was in 2nd grade her teacher did not do this fun project.  I was sad as all the other 2nd graders were talking about it.  This year... we are in.... Mrs. MacDonald is all about the Flat Stanley project.

For one week Flat Stanley is to go on Paper Mom family adventures.  Every night my little cub scout has to journal about Flat Stanley's day he informed me that it can be fictional or real.... Yesterday he skateboarded, got to sit in the front seat of the car and played floor hockey with the World's Greatest Husband.

If I could get him to cook dinner, do laundry and dishes I'd be all set.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life is Fragile, Pray Hard

Life is fragile.

We all move at an incredible pace and then you learn of something that makes you stop and take note.

Someone dies, someone loses a job, someone is diagnosed with cancer.

Life is so darn hard on a a good day never mind those days when your heart aches and you have to find every ounce of energy just to get out of bed and face the day.

This week at church Father Tony spoke of  "prayer" you know that is one of my favorite topics.... I am so intrigued by how people pray, when they pray, why they pray.... my prayer obsession could be viewed as a little odd, if you lived inside my head.

I pray in my head all the time.  It's random, it's planned, it's thankful, sometimes it's quiet and sometimes it's loud.  Sometimes it is what gets me through the door at work, through an argument with tweens or to finally shut my brain off and sleep.  I have seen the power of prayer, felt it, needed it and depended on it.  I am a divorced woman, remember?

Hail Mary's when I fly on an airplane are a given.
Squeezing my lovers hand during the "Our Father" at church each Sunday, a necessity.
Naming my family members (it's like a race in my brain for me to say as many as I can)  before the church replies "Lord hear our prayer" is a little game that makes me giggle.

Prayer is powerful.  Like this blog, it's one of the only things I own, all mine, in heart, in my head and in my thoughts.

Life is fragile, pray for those who need support to face the day.  You never know who that might be on any given day....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paper Wreath for Spring!

Tip Junkie handmade projects
Spring is coming and my new wreath proves it! Do you like it? It's easy peasy to do....


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