Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being a good catholic

I’ll be the first to admit, we often skip church in the summer.  With no Sunday school June through August, it is far too easy to come up with excuses not to go.  This past week our back to Sunday school routine kicked in and it was good to be with our regular “church peeps.”  There is something comforting about going to church every week and sitting among “the regulars.”  I only know a handful of names of the people that sit by us and I’ve been going to this church, this mass, for 5 years now.  But I can tell you this….

I love watching the two school age boys hold hands and hug their mom during mass.  They make my heart sing and I feel their love. 

I take note of the couple that sits behind us, sometimes they come together and sometimes don’t.  I’ve said a few prayers for them because I just have a feeling they are having a hard time these days. 

I’ve watched the newborn baby off to our left grow up each and every week for the last four years.  I feel the pride of her mom and dad as I have watched them emerge as parents each week.  I suspect I will be seeing another baby bump soon.

I am currently taking note of the older woman who is losing clumps of her hair each week.  I know this isn’t a good sign.  I saw her in the grocery store and introduced myself not so long ago.  I am happy when her daughters come to mass with her.

I take note of the couples who hold hands, who sing loud, who kiss during the sign of peace.  I take note of attendance and of new faces and I think the woman who sits in front of us has wonderful handbags and another has the most amazing coats, jackets and accessories.

Honestly, I feel God’s good work in that special space each week. I don’t know many of the names of those around me but they are people that I know, I care about and I pray for. Like a good catholic, I always nod and wave at fellow church goers when seen at the store.   I’ve thought about these people a lot since Sunday.  Seeing them once again felt good but my thoughts have taken me to a place that says --- maybe I need to do more, maybe I should know not only the face and the name but also the heart of those around me.  Yes, I am sure God is happy that I am praying for them and with them each week but does he want me to do more? That’s why I am setting out on a mission to meet my neighbors in the pew! I just may call it. . . Operation - Who are Pew - or maybe Mission - Happy to Meet Pew.  No matter what it’s called, it is about being a better person, being kind and helping those who come into my life, even if that simply means sitting a few feet from me for one hour each week.  

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Michael's Craft Store in Town

Yesterday when I woke up, I told the World's Greatest Husband, "It sort of feels like Christmas"
The new Michael's store had it's grand opening yesterday and I admit, I was one of those crazy crafty Diva's that was counting down the days.  So here is my top ten take on the new store.

1.  It does seem a bit smaller than other Michael's stores but the paper section is all I really paid attention to.
2.  The fact that Michael's is now only 10 minutes from my home simply makes me smile and feel warm, cozy and ready for any last minute project or idea.
3. The staff was friendly and attentive. I was "pre-cashed out"  It was strange.  Two sales people stood side by side while I was in line, unpacked my basket, bagged my items and handed me a gift card to simply hand to the cashier to pay.
4. The prize wheel for the grand opening made my palms sweat with anticipation.  I won an oversized leaf punch.  Totally worth the 10 minutes I had to wait to play and paper peeps..... they are giving away prizes all week.
5. I met some other paper crafters in front of the Martha Stewart section and it made me realize that paper crafters are a fun bunch.  I wanted to invite them over for coffee.  I did invite them to my paper workshop at the Library in October, I have no shame.
6. I forgot my coupons which is really out of character for me.  I think I was simply in a crafters haze as I left the house.
7. Did I mention that this store is only ten minutes - back roads - from my house?
8. I bought glue guns for $1.49  A Great Bargain! and yes, I bought paper too.
9. Do you think it is weird if I go everyday this week?  You do have to enter the raffle daily.
10. I forgot my coupons so that means.... I still have coupons..... I am headed back tomorrow.  I think those cashiers will be calling me by name in no time.

Happy crafting
PS - My Monday Loves . . . is . . .  Michael's Craft Store

Friday, September 16, 2011

five for Friday

Five great things about today...

Fall is here.  The World's Greatest Husband informed me. . . "It's all down hill from here" He knows I HATE winter. When I say HATE, I mean dislike passionately.  It's coming.

Date night and boy do I need it.  This has been a long and stressful week. My husband left me a greeting card on the kitchen counter, that should clue you in to the level of stress.... I need greeting cards to help me through.

Met some wonderful librarians yesterday.  Paper Mom took her show on the road  inviting some new friends to learn paper crafting with me.  It was a quick intro only 12 minutes, I was a bit more jumbled than usual but I think my passion came through. Because those of you who know me well, know - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE paper!

The new Michael's store opens this weekend.  I hate to admit this - but it sort of feels like Christmas to me.  I simply cannot wait to go check out this new store.

Ran into a friend at the bank this morning.  Always nice to see a familiar, smiling face to chat it up with.

Another busy weekend ahead, enjoy the sunshine !

Friday, September 9, 2011

Five for Friday

It's Five for Friday - - -
Some days it is easier to come up with five great things than other days -
Here is my best shot for today.

1. I have the day off and this time with no kids. I missed my free Fridays all summer long.
2. We made it through the first week of school.  Now let's see how we do on the spelling test.
3. The Backus Hospital Women's Center is a warm and inviting.  The whole setting put my racing heart at ease this morning.
4. Softball double header in the morning. Thank god the fall schedule is less demanding - haha - only two games.
5. Cub scouts kicks off tonight!

and there you have it. . .

Have a good weekend paper peeps.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sometimes we are lucky enough to find that one girlfriend that changes everything.    The kind where you don’t have to explain the players, you can finish each other sentences, you’ve done the ugly cry and meant it, you’ve laughed until you’ve peed a little and time passing doesn’t seem to really matter.  I’ve had lots of friends throughout the course of my life, the neighborly kind, the good girlfriend kind, the our kids go to school together variety… but no one compares to my one FRIEND who ironically, I call “Friend” no seriously we call each other “Friend”, we sign cards “Friend” and buy each other corny trinkets that say “Friend” we use the word as if it were our name.

We met in college.  Our friendship has seen us through…
Marriage, birth, miscarriage, divorce, death, illness, parent issues, parent health issues, re-marriage, step-kids, jobs, buying and selling houses, travel and shopping and that’s just the stuff after our crazy college days.    We’ve been through thick and thin.  We’ve loved each other unconditionally since the day we met, rarely having a disagreement.

This week the phone rang and it was another big life moment for us. This time, not the good kind.  Rather, the he kind that makes you feel like your heart is breaking.  The kind where fear makes you stop dead in your tracks, sit back on the bed and simply have a little cry together.    Tears that are mixed in with a few giggles that angels have sent because you don’t know what else to do. 

So now we start another chapter where our friendship and prayers are needed in the biggest way.  Sometimes that isn’t easy as we are 65 minutes from one another.  I promise to do my best.
Ultimately, I know things are going to be ok, they have to be.

Friend, are you reading this?  Things are going to be ok. 

First day of Middle School

My new middle schooler got off the bus and continued to talk, talk, talk, for an hour and 15 minutes.  She hardly took a breath.  It was exciting to witness her positive energy, anticipation and hope for 6th grade.  At bedtime she said, "Mom, it's sort of weird that you didn't ask me a lot of questions about 6th grade.

Enough said.


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