Friday, December 30, 2011

Five for Friday

Five great things about today-
1. We are purchasing a new Television.  Yippee, hurray, yahoo.
2. Resolution season is looming.  I have some serious work to do. I love the feeling of a new year, new opportunity but I need some plans on paper for it to take shape.
3. One day closer to a pot pie at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I gave up fast food for the past year and Sunday I am going crazy with a trip to KFC.  I am so proud of meeting my goal.  I wasn't a huge fast food queen but it was a struggle on occasion.
4. One day closer to my new life of eating in moderation and exercise.  I've been pigging out for months, I am sick of it. My hard work of losing 30+ pounds is slowly going away (right to my hips).  In 2012 I want to be 50 pounds lighter.  There, I said it.  whew.  Now I have to do it.  (after my KFC splurge)
5. Husband is working at the hospital tonight, that means I have the new TV all to myself. (heheheh)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paper Mom Holiday Updates

Paper Peeps - What a Christmas Holiday it has been.  Here is the update--

First off, remember our holiday links for good deeds? Well our amazing kids completed 37 good deeds!  It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend for all!  Our kids truly found joy in helping others and making a link on our paper chain for each good deed.... they encouraged one another along the way.  I am so happy that we added this little ditty to our list of  Christmas traditions.  I did give one link to our teenage daughter for keeping her thoughts to herself.  - maybe a stretch for the typical "good deed" but the right course of action for the moment none the less.

Remember our little trip to Kringle Candle in November?  Well I have three updates... during my recent ladies only Christmas of Gold Party I had lots and lots of compliments on my home smelling yummy!  I proudly told my Kringle story to those who hadn't heard it (or read it. Can you believe some of my gal pals don't read this blog?)  The funny thing about that night was when I put out my candles I really did appreciate that they were all white and not a colorful rainbow to compliment the fragrance at hand.  I admit, when I first read about the candles being all white to remain decor neutral I thought that was a stretch in marketing........ ladies, it is actually quite nice.  I have enjoyed the white, it oozes class.    Lastly, I just finished up my first jar candle and put it in the freezer to clean out the wax so I can use it as a decorative jar and hey guess what? Easy peasy, wax popped out and now I have a beautiful glass covered jar to hold some pretty ribbon on my craft desk in my craft room (which is under a major transformation right now).  Did I mention that my mother sent us a candle for our anniversary after reading my blog?  Somedays I swear she is my only reader, I am just glad she pays attention.

The best Christmas present?  Our teenage daughter created a homemade card for each of us and it truly was the best gift she could have given.  I was filled with love to know that our blended family lines blurred with her loving sentiments.  At bedtime all three girls said this was the best Christmas ever and suddenly my Holiday stress melted away.    I slept well.

Now this week has taken a turn.  The World's Greatest Husband's three are with their mom for the rest of the week and my two are with their Dad for a bit.  We are living the life of newlyweds - - -

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Proud Paper Mom

Indulge me....
I am having a proud Paper Mom moment.
My 6th grader got straight A's on her report card.
She is the first of our bunch to ever do this.
I am very, very proud of her.  Not only has she successfully adjusted to middle school, she did it with straight A's (ok had to write it one more time). We are quite lucky here, all of our children do well in school.  I am proud of each of them.

We are lucky and I do know it and I thank God everyday for it.  Yesterday I witnessed the pain of a fellow mom while attending Bob's Discount Furniture's Mega Blood Drive at Foxboro Stadium.  It broke my heart.  As I stood in line to get the autographs of beautiful Patriot cheerleaders I overheard a conversation of a mom that has a child on the autism spectrum.  She was visiting the Red Cross resources information table.  She spoke of the struggles she has and the beauty and strengths of her nine year old child.   She was frustrated, sharing that she often falls between the cracks of services because of her good job and salary.  But the woman needs a break, her only down time occurs when her ex husband is in the picture and that sounded a tad unreliable.  When the Red Cross worker gave her the number of someone to call for social services and possible respite, the mom teared up (me too) she was so grateful with the hope of of a helping hand.  The Red Cross is an amazing agency and yesterday's blood drive was quite an operation.  It was nice to be a part of this event, considering it is the season of giving.

This little story relates to all the stress we mommas are feeling with the production of Christmas.  I recently listened to a step mom's toolbox recording and the theme was - take care of yourself.  As I get older I realize, if I am not nurturing my soul a little bit along the way, I am not nurturing the soul of the five kids I am trying to build.  It is hard to find ten or twenty minutes every so often to do something that makes me happy, something that is all about me, me, me.  I guess paper crafting is it, maybe reading before bed or a quick phone call to my mom.  It doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it centers me.  The woman I spoke about above, has added struggles and I can only imagine how badly she needs "me time".  I hope she finds a few minutes to center her soul this holiday season, I hope we all do --- Shopping, decorating, cooking, cleaning, parties, presents, wrapping all while doing our regular routines of working, lessons, homework and life can make a grown woman nutzo - Hang tough my friends----- it will all be over soon ---- make memories in the meantime.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Five for Friday
Five great things about today...
1. Chaperoning the school field trip to the nutcracker
2. Starting the day at Target
3. Office Christmas party night.
4. Kids are excited for their favorite sitter tonight.
5. Christmas is finally unpacked.

Have a good day paper peeps!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ba humbug with a giggle.

Recently my 11 year old was complaining while christmas shopping.
I looked her in the eye and said, "BA-HUM- BUG!"
She looked confused and asked, "What is that, Spanish?"
I can't make these things up - seriously.
The lady walking by heard the whole thing and we both had a good laugh like all fellow mothers should....

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Photo Card Stress

Are you familiar with ordering photo Christmas cards?
Have you too broken a sweat as you try to line up all the kids and say cheese?
There is always one that looks away or is cranky - I have five of them.... kids that is,  and I spend all year trying to capture that darn Christmas card picture.  I must admit, I got one in August.  One perfect picture, everyone has good hair, nice smiles and the lighting of the sun setting on the beach made it a keeper in every way.  I was happy.  To my amazement and delight - we captured another acceptable one this past Sunday at the tree farm, complete with the old man in the red suit, this time all seven of us.    So I bit the bullet and decided on a card that has three spaces for three different photos.  I opted for my two keepers and a loving one of me and the World's Husband to go in the middle... ya know, the middle one representing the glue that keeps this circus together.

I practically skipped into the store knowing that this year our card will be a stunner! I ordered and eagerly awaited my print job.  tick tock, tick tock one hour passes and it's time.

The photo tech actually said, "your card really came out nice" as I waited to pay.  I rip open the package and gasp... .to my absolute horror, I didn't include any text on my fabulous card.  I just pressed print with no closing such as: With Love, or Warm Holiday Wishes.... it's just blank... yep, just blank - no names, no closing, no nothing.... except for three fabulous family photos at the top.

The whole point of the pre-printed family photo card is the fact that you can order 100 of them covering the long list of old high school friends, family, college roommates and former co-workers and NOT HAVE TO SIGN THEM.... although not a warm note, the pre-printed card acknowledges warm holiday greetings for the busy mom on the go... God invented this for women like me.  YA, WELL not this year, maybe next.  I've got to go now... I have 100 cards to personally sign.
With Love,
PaperMom, The World's Greatest Husband, Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3, Kid 4 and Kid 5

Friday, December 2, 2011

Five for Friday

Normally I publish my "Five for Friday - Five great things about today, on Fridays"
Because yesterday's post with was centered on the number five... I thought I would break away from routine and bring you five great websites to visit.   As you know, I am a sap for love, inspiration and all things good in life.... the following websites have made me cry and basically feel good about love, marriage, life and the power of family.  I hope you will visit them and find that special place that makes you have a grateful and peaceful heart. Have a great weekend Paper Peeps. (and I am not an animal person)

Special thanks to Leelou blogs for introducing me to this website goodness.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Important Things About Me

Five Things with Mama Kat
Five things you don’t know about me:
  1. Sometimes I drive all the way across town to the gas station that pumps gas for you just so I don’t have to get out of the car. 
  2. I sometimes wish my kids were grown and out of the house and because of that wish, I often pray to be a better mother.
  3. I keep laundry all over the basement floor as I sort and get to each pile.  And yes, most days there are piles!
  4. I only floss the week of my dentist appointment.
  5. I have favorite statues that I’ve named in church.  One is my grandmother, Nana and one is my old friend, Douglas.  I find peace in the fact that I can give them a minute or two in my head and heart, each week during mass. … and some weeks, I swear they blink at me.

Five things I am knowledgeable about:
  1. Martini’s – just ask the World’s Greatest Husband, I’ve perfected a few of them for him over the years.
  2. What my kids will and will not eat.  I can call that one from a mile away
  3. Paper crafting. I’ve watched way too many hours of you tube tutorials on how to fold, glue and create.  I’ll also add that I am very knowledgeable about the store layout and inventory of Michaels craft stores.  An important skill on holiday’s such as Black Friday or one day sales.
  4. The World’s Greatest Husband would chime in with “kissing” He is so sweet always telling me I am the best kisser, he often sends thanks my seventh grade boyfriend.
  5. The structure and components needed in a good bathing suit as well as the frame of mind, time and money needed to purchase one.

Five things I know nothing about:
  1. Computer networking, wireless systems, updating, downloading and syncing.    That is why I call the World’s Greatest Husband my “computer boy.”
  2. Many of the ingredients in Bon Appetit magazine.
  3. Vacuuming the pool – I can’t even begin to grasp how that gizmo, hose and pumpy thing work to suck out the dirt, did I tell you I live with my “pool boy?”
  4. Apparently I know very little about 6th grade math and our stressful homework sessions continue to prove that one!
  5. Illegal Drugs.  I’ve never understood the desire to do them or the power of them. 

Five things I believe
  1. When love is true, it brings out the best in you.
  2. We are all stronger than we think we are.
  3. A clean closet can make you think a bit clearer.
  4. The magic of a good night’s sleep.
  5. The best cleaning gets done when one is angry.


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