Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

I probably shouldn't blog when I am feeling a bit cranky.  But here goes nothing....

 I am learning more about what I don't want to be like - than what I do want to be like.  I think that sentence can be argued by any sane individual,  like that makes any sense, right? Wait, does that make any sense?

Here's the truth:  I've had several interactions of late that illustrate behaviors, language and agenda's that I don't care to engage in.  I believe life is hard enough for all, do we really need to critically tear each other apart, as leaders? professionals? women? parents?  I am up to my eyeballs in negative sentiment.  I crave to be in a situation where direct and thoughtful kindness, inner beauty, spirit, grace and peace prevail.... please anyone?  Now my self argument can weigh in and say rationally, "but by witnessing all the negative I am learning.... I am learning that leadership, reflection, kindness and good can go a long way."  and to that I say "Well Little Miss selfie, yes- I do agree" But honestly even with that rational thought I am feeling a powerful, inner soul sort of feeling that is seeking to surround myself with the force, the good guys, the smart ones, the strong ones, the kind ones, the ones who are eager to teach.  Maybe I am in need of a strong woman mentor  to help me filter the crap (please inbox me if that is you!), or a maybe a therapy session? A crafty Diva creative break? or quite possibly a good long talk and visit with my mother..... something to "find my center" (as the World's Greatest Husband would say) - -- because wishy-washy, cruel, tactless, inconsiderate and insensitive acts, language and motives are not making this world any better.

I believe that most of the time we are all doing the best we can but at times I question, can we do better?

Now, how is that for a post that is unlike a paper mom post?  Love to all the Paper Peeps - Keeping in real!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A little of bit of strength in a Dove commercial

Ok, I've found another television commercial that made me think.  My new friends at Step Mom magazine posted this on their FaceBook page and I wanted to share because once again. . . . . a powerful message for us all to take note of.  Step-Mo's if you don't follow, Step Mom Magazine, please do.  You will find a bit of strength in every post.  I've been amazed at how often their posts speak right to my heart, at the right moment in time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Woman of Grace. . .

"When you are in harmony with yourself everything unfolds into grace with ease"

Seems like that is appropriate quote seeing I am a now a woman of Grace.....  Oh the pressure.
If Grace Magazine brought you by for a quick visit, thanks for stopping in.  Grab a cup of coffee and read on.  If you are a regular reader you may want to click here to see what all this "Grace" talk is all about.   No matter how you landed here, I am glad to have you, now click your heels three times and put on your sparkly tiara, you are officially a Paper Mom Peep!

This post is dedicated with special thanks and love to Julie.  A true woman of Grace....

Friday, April 12, 2013

A commercial for Moms-

This morning I saw a commercial that brought me to tears.  It is beautiful and so appropriate.  I can just imagine viewing it as a new mom and having a full heart.  I've posted it here so you can cry too.  

Isn't it sweet? Are you feeling the love?
Now, I would like to challenge the Johnson's Baby people to craft a new commercial that speaks to the mom's of tweens and teens because the message of "your doing ok, Mom" means an entirely different thing to a mother of twelve year old girls.  The commercial would have to have lots of eye rolling, hand held devices, bright nail polish, hair accessories, One Direction music and most importantly, the commercial would not actually show the mother because that would clearly be too embarrassing.  All kidding aside, motherhood is the greatest job on earth, right? no, seriously, right? 
Squeeze your girls (and your boys too) they are our strong future.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

National siblings day

Today is National Siblings Day.  I always tell our children.... In the end, you really only have family.  I hope they support one another in the years ahead.

Here is to brothers, sisters, step brothers and step sisters.  I still hate that word... "step". Really in todays modern age we should have come up with a better word than "step" by now.  I tried "Bonus" but that just doesn't flow either.

Oh the pressure - now I need to worry about inventing a new word.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Power of Purple

Last night I attended an event to end domestic violence.  It was a powerful program of awareness and education.  Kudos to the people who organized and supported this evening.  The event featured resources, a panel discussion and a keynote address by the very funny author and humorist, Gina Barreca.

My reaction to this well thought out evening is simple:
I want my three girls to be strong, be brave, be confident, know their value and appreciate the good relationships and moments in their life. 

The program featured a TED video.  This video was well done and an eye opener.  Really, if you have important women in your life, you have a responsibility to watch this.

Paper peeps, It's real, it's serious and we should all do something to make sure that these horrible statistics start to change.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

7th Grade Memory

I am linking up with the famous Mama Kat's writing workshop to not only creatively express myself through writing but to also act a like a tweenie again and relive my most favorite school year ever. The prompt is.... a seventh grade memory.

7th grade.
7th grade, as a whole, was the best year in my entire educational career.
7th grade, the grade that two of my two girls are in now.
7th grade, the grade when I had my first "real" kiss.
7th grade when I lived for the RollerPort 91 afternoon couples skate.

Really do  I need to write anything more?
silly reader, of course I do. . . .
Oh the memories. . . .

I remember Mrs. Rabe coming into Mrs. Kowalchyk's class to confiscate all the frog dissection "parts" that we took as souvenirs.  After her speech and detention threats she stood at the front of the classroom waiting for us all to unload.  Slowly, one by one kids shuffled to the front of the room digging in pockets and book bags to return the parts that were neatly wrapped up in brown paper towels.  Someone had clearly ratted our class out. 

I remember wearing my winter coat to my art class because I was afraid that Mrs. Gezzie wouldn't dismiss on time and Lord knows I couldn't mess with my locker and catch the bus.

I remember sitting on the living room sofa behind a pillow making out.  It may scare you to know that I remember Madonna's video "Crazy For You" playing on MTV as we made out.   I remember my mother calling me into the kitchen and stating that if that didn't stop at once, I wasn't going to ever see the light of day again.

It was the year of boy-girl parties, hours spent on the phone and night time hide and seek. 

It was the year of big t-shirts, neon accessories, WHAM,  Madonna, Bryan Adams and Jordache.

It was the year that feathered roach clips were all the rage at the Durham Fair and my parents wouldn't allow me to put one in my hair because they would simply say, "do you know what those are really used for?"  Until, luck would have it and I had my birthday party at the roller rink and recieved one as the "gift" from the skating place.  My parents let me keep it.

It wasn't just one memory that made 7th grade great, well maybe the kissing, but many.  It's hard for me to imagine that two of my girls are living 7th grade right now. 
Cheers to the good ol days, I am going to go lock up the girls right now. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

An Expensive Easter to Remember

I love the World's Greatest Husband.  He is smart and witty.  He is not a handy man. I repeat, he is not a handy man.  I wish he was and on days like Easter, I really, really, really wish he was.  Case at hand - - - Dr. Psychologist should never play Mr. Lumberjack, never.

We had a rather large tree come down during a storm.  We had a man come clean up the big mess but a big piece of the rather large tall tree was still standing.  My dear one took it down.  Rope, chain saw, sweat, and you tube.  He did it and gained more confidence than he should have.  This led to the expensive part.

Tree two... near the house, near the gas tank, near the roof......
I admit, watching from the window, I said several Hail Mary's and said to myself..... what the hell is he thinking? ? ? ? ?  The tree came down and landed right between the house and the gas tank.... upside? not in the pool, not on top of a kid.

Downside? a very expensive Easter once we get the gutter guy and roof guy to schedule us in.  People, simply enjoy family, eat ham and search for eggs on Easter Sunday.  Do not attempt tree trimming on holy days or in the case of my husband, ever.


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