Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doggie doo-doo and don'ts..

Now this is a good one...

This afternoon while waiting for the kids to arrive on the school bus, a woman pulled into the bottom part of my driveway. I wondered who is here.... she quickly unpacked her dog on a leash, brought him to my lawn to poop, scooped him up, unloaded him onto the passenger side seat, jumped into the car, backed up and drove away. I am not kidding. I think I was in shock watching it from the window. Seriously, is there no doggie etiquette today?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Go Ahead - Call me a Crafty Diva!

I've been wanting to make this for months!
I finally pulled out the sewing machine....
Let my daughter pick out some fabric and made a tote (with liner) for my little girl (who isn't so little).
It's a little messy upon serious inspection but overall I am one proud crafty diva.  For a girl who doesn't know how to sew... this one was easy peasy.  Thank you - You Tube.

Joyce if you are reading this.... I hope you are proud of me... you are my sewing hero!

The good news is.....I have more fabric, because fabric is like paper.... beautiful patterns and textures.... it could be addicting.....
Check out my photos... and feel free to leave rock star comments - because there is no denying it.... I AM SO PROUD OF THIS LITTLE BEAUTY!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Morning Routine

So I feel the need to start this post by telling you.... I love my kids, they are my world, my life, my joy.  I really do love them.  Now that being said, when a mom like me has a morning like today, it's easy to forget I have kids, wanted kids or love kids.  I got ready this morning with no children present.  Not my kids, not his kids, no one under the age of 18 in the house this morning.  Do you know what that means?  No fighting for the bathroom, no trying to wake up sleepy heads, no having to butter toast, scramble an egg or pop a pop tart.  I didn't have to yell or raise my voice, I didn't have to trip over a back pack or find lunch money.  Instead I leisurely watched the Today show, took a hot, long shower with smelly body wash, lingered over a cup of coffee and took the time to actually pay attention to applying my make up.  I used mousse, a hair dryer.  I remembered my medication and wore matching socks earrings and bra and panties.  Ahhhh. . . .  life is good when you can breathe before you start your workday.    After all that and I was still a few minutes late to the office but this time for good reason.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Scary Moms...

Yesterday I met her...
and she is not scary at all.
She's quite lovely, and pretty and sweet too-  Ms. Jill Smokler, you know her as Scary Mommy from

Her new book is funny with a capital F.  Speaking of F, the F-bomb was flying high but all used in the correct context!  She did a reading, took questions and signed books!  It was a blogger's dream and plenty of bloggers were there to show support!

I've met lots of authors, (shall I name drop with NY Times best sellers Sebastian Junger and Wallly Lamb?) I've seen many readings (too many to list), I work in a library don't forget.... but this time I admit, I was giddy and star struck.  My face was hot, on fire hot, so much so that I was convinced I had blotches all over me.... My lips were sort of shaking in this picture.... I know it's ridiculous but seriously, it's scary mommy.

I'll be honest, the World's Greatest Husband, didn't quite get it but went along with me for the ride.  He's a keeper.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Opening a bottle of wine - Quite a task!

I am not a drinker.
But I do have a reoccurring wine memory of when I was divorcing....
After many battle royals with the ex, I wanted a glass of wine, I only had a cheap 99 cent key chain wine opener during those days.  I would struggle until I simply wanted to gnaw at the cork.  Some nights I remember cutting through it with a knife and having to strain the wine.  Much like the marriage, always a struggle.  I just simply wanted my glass of wine to unwind.  Then one day a girlfriend changed my life and turned me on to the Pampered Chef wine opener.  That thing is magic and it a must have gift for any of your girlfriends who may be going through a divorce (trust me).  I thought my wine opening problems were solved for life.... until tonight.

My kids are gone.
His kids are gone.
The World's Greatest Husband picked up a shift at the hospital, he's gone.

And all momma wants is to finish the Easter bottle of wine.  I had to giggle because even with the magic opener near by, the cork was stuck.  I think we jammed it in too far last night, just so it would fit on the fridge shelf rather than the fridge door.  I had a flashback.... started to sweat a little, I actually thought could I call my husband and ask him to come home for a few minutes and open this sucker for me? Instead.... picture me with the bottle between my knees, both hands pulling at the cork considering (only for a second)... could I pull it out with my teeth?  No it wasn't pretty, it wasn't dainty but I am enjoying a glass of wine as I type.   Priorities Paper Peeps, Priorities....

Vacation Reading....

I love to read but honestly in my life that luxury is limited.  Except for yesterday.  I started a book and finished a book, in one day!  Granted it was only 195 pages but it was an Easter day treat that is not the norm.  3 of our 5 are not here so it changes the pace of life for a few days.  Selfishly, I will say the break up of routine is just what I need.  Our springtime calendar moves at an incredible pace, shuttling five little butts from activity to activity makes my brain spin.  So I will welcome a week where the shuttling, the noise and the cooking and cleaning are all taken down a notch and I can read a book (in one day!)

Now for the book....
Once Upon a Secret - My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and its Aftermath by Mimi Alford.  It was a fast read and an intriguing read.  Since our visit to the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston a few months ago, I've wanted to read this book.  It's more a story of a woman's journey in finding herself, finding peace and moving forward with a lighter heart rather than gossip, scandal and infidelity.  Although it's all there if you want to read it that way.  Faithful readers know I love to learn about the journey us woman take and that was my focus as I read Mimi's account of her White House years and life.  She comments that she is a footnote to a footnote in history not exactly headline news but with hungry media attention anything and everything can become a headline.  I don't agree with the affair she writes of, I was put off by the casualness of sleeping with a married man and the power plays that seemed to be in the  bedroom with them.  I understand her struggle as a 19 year old girl, she was in over her head motivated by power and sex. Later in the book,  her pastor friend and boss Tom explains sex as a 12 letter word - Faithfulness.  A few things did stay with me as I read each page when you are somewhat of a society family, attend prep schools and are connected, opportunities present themselves.  I guess I always knew that but this book made me think about that.  It made me connect to Father Tom's homily  a few weeks ago, He said, "you become who you hang out with."   It also made me think about my girls.  How strong and smart I want them to be.  I don't want them to have to sift through so much of the craziness of life, to find their own peace - I want them to be smarter and brighter and more aware, than us.  I don't want them to have to maneuver the trials of life, hurt, secrets, or shame to somehow, someday get to contentment and happiness.  That's the journey of woman that I am intrigued by.  We all seem to have stories, rights of passage.  I am not sure it plays out that way for the men in our life.  As Women, even when we have a twinge of the trials that may lie ahead, even when our girlfriends and our mothers send subtle or in our face warnings we still take the journey.  I guess we can only hope that the journey and peace are all worth it in the end or at least make a good book.   Mimi Alford shares her footnote with the world in an effort to move forward.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Five for Friday

Five great things about today...
1. No school
2. No work
3. Sun is shining
4. Car getting looked at
5. School vacation begins

Happy Easter Paper Peeps!


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