Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Unusual Politics This Time of Year

Tonight the World’s Greatest Husband and I attended a farewell conversation with Senator Joe Lieberman.  Those who know me well know that I am a closet political junkie.  This is my season, these are my people and quite honestly it feels like we know we have a winning instant lottery ticket in our back pocket but haven’t scratch off the numbers yet.

Tonight’s conversation, sponsored by the Norwich Bulletin and led by Ray Hackett was a political trip down memory lane.  It was a moment to honor the Senator and celebrate his service.  All done in a conversational format that Hackett has mastered; I didn’t want the hour long chat to end.

I’ve always like Senator Lieberman and tonight I felt like I was sitting in a living room with an old friend.  The room was filled with warmth and respect which isn’t a standard in politics especially these last few weeks.   I seriously felt like we should be sharing a glass of wine and passing around the pictures of his 12 grandchildren.  He shared stories of his life, his family and his work, his hardest days, his proudest moments, his hopes for America and yes - those moments where reality keeps one humble and Hadassah announces “Take out the garbage.”

His career path is one of service, he has reached across the aisle heck, he has even jumped across the aisle. He has been praised and criticized, but in the end it is about making the United States of America the best it can be, Connecticut the strongest it can be.  His reflective spirit was apparent throughout the night.  It had a tone that maybe only a politician that isn’t in a race, a politician who is on the verge of retirement can truly share or feel but all present politicians could certainly benefit from.

Tonight was a breath of fresh air in a crazy political season.  Congratulations Senator Joe Lieberman, Congratulations to the Norwich Bulletin and Ray Hackett.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Paper Mom Classes

Getting ready to mail out my "last minute" holiday paper class invitations to local libraries and senior centers. 

Are you feeling crafty?


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