Sunday, December 23, 2012

Love and a Bathroom Rug

They say as you get older the things you really want for Christmas can't be bought.  I think that is true for me after this very long sad week in America and Connecticut.  I want my kids and family to simply be content in the moment, be healthy, help others, and find joy in their hearts.  Love, love, love - people, it's what makes the world go round.....

I found joy in my heart when my cub scout and I had this exchange earlier in the week:

Cub scout:  "Mom, you really are the best mom in the world"
Paper Mom:  "Your sweet, why do you think that?"
Cub Scout: "Because at night when you wake me up to go to the bathroom you always push the bathroom rug over by the toilet so my feet don't get cold"

As Oprah would say.... Love is in the details.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We Are Norwegian Now... we cruised the Jewel

We are home.  All five kids are alive, happy and well. They did fine without us for a week. But let me tell you easing back into real life is not glamorous or fun.  Cruising like a Norwegian is much more exciting than working, cooking or cleaning.  My only regret....I  was not being able to blog, tweet and facebook during the week, as so many things were happening moment by moment and it would have been nice to share.

I unplugged all devices and that had a whole host of benefits for my romantic week with the World's Greatest Husband as we sailed on our anniversary love boat but the down side is trying to explain moments like the "washy washy man" after the fact. It would seriously have more of an impact and humor if I were tweeting it the moment it happened, with little explanation, now it simply has lost the energy to explain the washy washy jingle and humor. But if you have cruised like a Norwegian, you are giggling right now.

So here is my quick recap of the Norwegian Jewel.... ready?? stay with me.... wait for it..... and now  BOOK IT....

Ironically, the couple that cruised to get away from five kids... had 800 on their boat (I am not kidding) The boat usually hosts 200ish but cruise a thanksgiving cruise and that all changes.  Lucky for us our house is a loud, fun place so being near kids on the boat didn't seem so bad but as the week went on and they all became friends, they traveled in packs and that was interesting to watch.   We heard that some kids were crying when their parents went to camp to pick them up.  My bottom line take on the kid thing.... I think it is a great family vacation idea. Especially for a family with children ages 8-17.   That being said, I would want to cap their key cards so they couldn't spend a trillion of my dollars.  We chatted with a proud dad talking about his kids and their exciting trip only to offer a wink and a  whisper-- "Ya, but take it from us it's way more fun without them."

Once we got settled into cruising life -- life was perfect. Our meals were beautiful and yummy.  Entertainment, top notch with amazing talent and skill.  Staff - the friendliest bunch of paper mom peeps I've ever met. Accommodations were luxurious, roomy and clean.  The Norwegian staff certainly knows how to throw a party.

So what really struck me?
Nakedness in the spa.  No holding back, naked ladies dressing and undressing into comfy robes to sit on the mosaic heated chairs that stared out onto the ocean. Big lady nakedness and little lady nakedness.

The rules don't change.  Shorts and t-shirts are not allowed in the dining room on any night even though we continuously saw folks trying to break the rule and slide on in.  Seriously, you paid a lot of money to cruise I think you should be able to find something other than running shorts and a ratty old T.

A wine package is a good idea.  For a couple who doesn't drink much.... we managed to down a bottle of vino each night.  The package made it easy and was offered at a discount on day one.

The cabin stewards are sort of psychic.  I swear our guy only saw our face once and one evening while walking on the wrong side of the boat he shouts out - cabin 5586 you are on the other side.... amazing.

My only complaint........  hair conditioner.  Bravo for Norwegian saving the earth by having dispensers rather than  individual packaging for soap and shampoo but I missed my conditioner -- a minor complaint for a week in paradise....and oh ya, I didn't care for the hamburger buns.

Now I am ready to book another.  But next time I will stay plugged in and tweet my feelings as I go.  I am hoping I have the power ball winning ticket because I will look to "rent" the whole boat and throw one heck of a party for my family and even you my faithful readers.

I hope your thanksgiving was lovely.  As for us, we are thankful for many things but believe it or not, we ate in the Italian restaurant, Mama's on Thanksgiving - we had the place to ourselves and the best service on the boat.

Tis the season people.  I hope to be blogging a bit more just so we can celebrate the meaning of the holidays together. . . . . like old friends.

Friday, November 9, 2012

One Direction and Rick Springfield

Dear Mom and Dad,
I've had a burning question of late. . . was I as wacky as my two 12 year old girls when I was their age?  I think the answer is yes but last night really sealed the deal.  You see, the girls are obsessed with the boy band One Direction.  They watch videos, play their music, read about them, text about them, hang their posters and scour stores for anything with One Direction or as "directioners" say. . . ID on it.  I've had moments where I think this little obsession has been a right of passage, something cute, part of growing up.  Then I've had other times when I have said, turn it down! or turn it off way too many times before they actually listen.  I heard one of them actually has 24 tattoo's.  While in the kitchen yesterday, one of the girls (I'll let you guess which one) actually whispered with big eyes, "Mom I heard the song "rock me" actually means something else, something inappropriate."  Playing dumb I ask, "Really like what?" and she mouthed the word "s-e-x" to me.  I think it was the first time I ever actually heard the word uttered from her sweet innocent lips.

Last night we watched them perform on the X-factor and the girls couldn't breathe,  they jumped, screamed and one cried.   Then it dawned on me. . .

  • My Rick Springfield t-shirt from the t-shirt shop where you pick the iron on. I picked the back side of the Working Class Dog Album as my iron on.
  • The poster board collage of all my Rick pictures from 16 magazine.
  • The "I've Done Everything for you"concert with Alison Terry
  • Joining the fan club (ok, I admit as an adult!)
  • And much like the word s-e-x I remember whispering the word s-h-i-t when he sang carry me away (the flip side of the Jessie's girl 45)  
  • The fact that I remember the first song he sang at my first concert was "Kristina" and I recently scored pretty darn high on the Rick Springfield online trivia game shouldn't concern you today..... I've been to more than a dozen more shows since 81 but it really doesn't compare to some of the other 40 somethings that I meet there. 
So last night about 8:30PM I answered my own question and in a very sweet way I was brought back to my early teen years, reminding me of the days when there was no greater joy than watching Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.

And for the 100th time on this blog, I will post one of my favorite photos in the world.  Saying this was a thrill of a lifetime really doesn't even come close.
 I wonder if the girls will meet Harry, Zayn, Nile, Liam and Louie in 2037.

Mom and Dad, thanks for letting me have that little teen obsession that makes you want to practice kissing on your pillow.  I still think he is the best.

By the way - Rick has a new album out - Songs for the End of the World.
visit his website for all the details - and if you are wondering my favorite Rick song is "ordinary girl" he wrote it for his wife.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ready to Cruise like a Norwegian

I must admit, since downloading the Norwegian Cruise line puzzle app, I get  little butterflies in my stomach every time my cub scout completes a puzzle and the "cruise like a Norwegian song" plays.  The count down is on and it has never felt so good.  November is a crazy month, I will send 850 solicitation letters asking for support for our local library and I will welcome more than 1200 people to a special one day festival at the Library (the day before my cruise).  Although neither project completely rests on my shoulders.  The buck stops with me and failure really isn't an option. I am working hard.

I've earned my cruise every single day since my last one  16 years ago and the one before that 20 years ago ( a college graduation present).  But this month - my cruise month - with all my responsibilities and projects it seems as though I am earning double points on this countdown journey.  Basically just like you, our life is a circus.

So here is what I am looking forward to the most as I "cruise like a Norwegian" (Can you hear the music?):
1. I am looking forward to not having to share a bite of food off my plate or a sip of my drink and yes, for extra credit lets not forget that I won't have to cook that plate of food or pour that drink.
2. I am looking forward to dressing up, dressing down and undressing. I am looking forward to wearing the new clothes that the World's Greatest Husband has no idea about.
3. I am looking forward to meeting new people, sitting on a beach, having a glass of wine everyday and reading a book.
4.  I am looking forward to uninterrupted sleep.
5. I am looking forward to no alarm clocks, homework checks, spelling tests, permission slips, tween pouty lips, huffs, puffs and stomps.
6. I am looking forward to a week of no electronic media monitoring.
7. If I have to remind the World's Greatest Husband to take a shower, brush his teeth, get his pajama's on (ok, that's a stretch we are a lone for 7 days PJ's aren't needed) pick up his clothes or wash his hands - I swear I will jump overboard.
8. I am looking forward to playing Bingo like a grandma.
9. I am looking forward to listening to music that does not include tracks by One direction, Glee or Justin Bieber.  All cutie-patooties but not my choice on the radio dial.
10. Most of all --I am looking forward to celebrating five years of a beautiful marriage and family with the guy who has changed my life all for the better.  The man who is my rock and my safe place to fall.  The one who just recently looked at me and said, "wow, I don't think I've ever seen you without make up on"   Ya, you can imagine the rest of that conversation......

Almost Bon Voyage my friends.......  Hey Jewel peeps - get ready, I am coming......

Friday, November 2, 2012

Paper Wreath

I've been busy.  I can't stop.... seriously.  It's an addiction.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Unusual Politics This Time of Year

Tonight the World’s Greatest Husband and I attended a farewell conversation with Senator Joe Lieberman.  Those who know me well know that I am a closet political junkie.  This is my season, these are my people and quite honestly it feels like we know we have a winning instant lottery ticket in our back pocket but haven’t scratch off the numbers yet.

Tonight’s conversation, sponsored by the Norwich Bulletin and led by Ray Hackett was a political trip down memory lane.  It was a moment to honor the Senator and celebrate his service.  All done in a conversational format that Hackett has mastered; I didn’t want the hour long chat to end.

I’ve always like Senator Lieberman and tonight I felt like I was sitting in a living room with an old friend.  The room was filled with warmth and respect which isn’t a standard in politics especially these last few weeks.   I seriously felt like we should be sharing a glass of wine and passing around the pictures of his 12 grandchildren.  He shared stories of his life, his family and his work, his hardest days, his proudest moments, his hopes for America and yes - those moments where reality keeps one humble and Hadassah announces “Take out the garbage.”

His career path is one of service, he has reached across the aisle heck, he has even jumped across the aisle. He has been praised and criticized, but in the end it is about making the United States of America the best it can be, Connecticut the strongest it can be.  His reflective spirit was apparent throughout the night.  It had a tone that maybe only a politician that isn’t in a race, a politician who is on the verge of retirement can truly share or feel but all present politicians could certainly benefit from.

Tonight was a breath of fresh air in a crazy political season.  Congratulations Senator Joe Lieberman, Congratulations to the Norwich Bulletin and Ray Hackett.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Paper Mom Classes

Getting ready to mail out my "last minute" holiday paper class invitations to local libraries and senior centers. 

Are you feeling crafty?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Norwegian Cruise to Paradise....

The World’s Greatest Husband and I are contemplating a cruise to paradise to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, a grown up kind of vacation, the kind where it is just the two of us for seven nights and eight days.  I must admit, in my mind this is big, B-I-G, bigger than big.  I deserve this little excursion for many reasons but over the last few days it has become clear that a little break with sun, sand, exotic drinks, vacation sex and a bit of shopping will make me a better wife, mother, employee, volunteer and heck I even think… driver, cook and catholic. Life has suddenly overwhelmed me.

So I want the World’s Greatest Husband to consider the top ten reasons why I need a vacation:
  1.    I need a vacation because I would like to not have to listen for footsteps to the bathroom door with a lock click to know our kids actually, finally did get out of bed after visiting their rooms eight times with a big “Time to rise and shine for school mantra” 
  2.   I need a vacation because our eight year old cub scout’s  4 AM bathroom wake- up call often comes with a “I can’t fall back asleep” situation that lasts until 15 minutes before my alarm goes off.
  3.    I need a vacation because although nothing is really truly lost unless mom can’t find it, I am tired of looking. 
  4.  I need a vacation because starting next fall and for the next 12 years, our five kids are in the college pipeline, our only vacation will be tuition payments, all while knowing 7 out of the 12 years we will be making payments for two children at a time and that is only if they all do it in the allotted four years. 
  5.  Ok, do I need to repeat number four?
  6.  I need a vacation because over the last 4 weeks our September, October schedule has kicked in with art lessons, track and field, gymnastics, marching band, book club, fall softball, tennis lessons,  zentangle class, CCD and ALGEBRA HOMEWORK.
  7.   I need a vacation because we have not one but two twelve year old seventh grade girls. 
  8.   I need a vacation because no matter what night and what meal I am cooking someone has the nerve to say, “Ewwe, I don’t like that”
  9.  I need a vacation because I am tired of monitoring hand held devices with timer on our microwave.
  10.   I need a vacation because five years in -- and  I still really like the World’s Greatest  Husband , I enjoy his company and like to laugh and learn with him and I don’t want to lose that butterflies in my stomach feeling when we focus on one another.  Over the last many years we have never had more than a few days without our children and that has never coincided with no work or home responsibilities.  We honeymooned for two days in Providence (now granted it was a grand sweet with spa treatments and amazing dinners but still only 48 hours!)  A blended family, like any family is exhausting but hey, for extra credit points we have two other sets of parents that factor into the equation constantly.  It takes flexibility, patience, a ton of money and a sense of humor to make it work.  Lucky for us we have a partnership that works and kids who genuinely like each other.  My cub scout recently said, “Our best days are the days we are all together” Now really who can ask for anything more than that?  Well beside a romantic seven day Norwegian cruise out of New York Thanksgiving week with the World’s Greatest Husband who I love deeply.  Honey, I hope you are reading this.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flowers for Obama, Thorns for Romney

My 2008 buttons - still have the campaign sign in my garage.

They say that the winner of the presidential election coincides with elementary school mock voting all over the country. Today I learned why.

Our family of five is working together this afternoon.  The older kids are helping to close the pool and the younger kids are helping to move some brush as we prepare for a trip to the dump.  To my surprise, every time our 8 year old cub scout turns the corner with a pile of sticks in his hands he announces an election tid-bit.

With a bunch of hydrangea in his hands he states... Flowers for Obama thorns for Mitt Romney (who in our house we affectionately call Mittens.)  Next trip through he says.... Obama creates jobs, Mitt Romney takes jobs.  You may not think the kids are listening to the dinner table conversations, but they obviously do.... as illustrated so clearly today.  When asked, "how do you know all this?" he stated, I heard my mom and dad arguing about it in the driveway when he came to pick me up on Friday.  Yep, that's me and my EX- husband - classic.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My cub scout cracks me up

My cub scout continues to amuse me each day, three things stand out over the past 24 hours....

1. We went to a wedding and out of the corner of my eye, I notice my boy dancing with a 4 year old.  I was SHOCKED.  It was so cute.  This little girl had stars in her eyes for my little cub scout and invited him to dance and then wouldn't let him sit down.  So much so that it was a little lesson for my 8 year old in being polite and kind to an interested woman..... a lesson that will be tested in the coming years.  I was whispering ideas to him.... "tell her you are going to take a break and have cake with your mom"  he looks to her and repeats the words.. she agrees and plops herself down at our table waiting and waiting for the his last bite.  She was a strong, persistent little one.  I think she's going to give her mom a run for her money!

2. While creating a slide show of wedding pictures my cub scout catches a glimpse of the computer screen and calls to his sis and eagerly points to a family picture saying "Oh that's my whole crazy bunch."  and he meant it!

3. Finally, we found a working pay phone. We have been on the hunt to show our kids for months and months.  They are always dead with no dial tone.  Well surprise, surprise, this one worked so we quickly called home and my charming cub scout greets his sister by singing "I am on a pay phone" by Maroon 5.  I almost peed my pants it was so hysterical.  Maybe you had to be there but it certainly was quick and witty and that is what worries me about this kid.... quick and witty.

Never a dull moment here at paper mom headquarters....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last weekend of summer

This past weekend was unofficially our last weekend before the hustle and bustle of school, homework, earlier bed times, marching band, softball practice, CCD, art school, gymnastics and cub scouts... Whew....
I love summer, mostly because I hate winter and snow but more importantly because our day to day pressures are a bit lighter and brighter.  This past weekend was the perfect ending to our summer of fun.  We attended a family wedding and spent the night on an adventure in VT.  There are really no exciting stories to tell other than sometimes hanging low with your peeps can just make you appreciate life and love and all the important things.  

I need to take all that peaceful energy and store it like I store fat - unlike the extra pounds, I need the extra peace.  I've posted this peace quote before... It's my favorite.  
Our immediate family has traveled many miles this summer.  We've been together, we've been apart, the kids have seen things, been places and had a great time but really there is no place like home, when we are all together living this "koo-koo for cocoa puffs" life. It brings me peace to know our normal daily routine is only hours away. -- stay tuned.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Didn't Have to Share Popcorn with my Cub Scout

Life has a way of happening...

Last night I took my eight year old out on a date.  It's not often that 4 out of 5 kids have overnight plans.  So while the World's Greatest Husband pulled his Saturday night shift at the hospital, I took my cub scout out for a night on the town. We started with a hot dog at our favorite outdoor joint and followed that with a screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  It was a perfect night.  My cub scout is still at that age where he will let me hold his hand in the parking lot, likes to give me kisses and still squeezes me with an "I love you Mom."   Our kids are all still pretty affectionate even at their tween/teen stage but the cub scout gives love generously without looking over his shoulder, without a text buzzing in on our hug or without a rolling of the eyes.  It's pure, genuine and honest, and I know my days are numbered with this simple joy.  Soon he will be looking over his shoulder to see who is watching and I can kiss my hand holding good bye.  But for today, I will take it and I will write in his journal of this special date so he knows how much this night  has meant to me, his forever mommy.

Now on the lighter side, the World's Greatest Husband and I usually share a popcorn and he usually has command of the container...  the power and control of holding and eating my very own bag of corn at the show was an exhilarating movie perk!  Who knew?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Five for Friday RETURNS

Five for Friday RETURNS - Here are five great things about today...
1. First day in quite a while that I've had to myself....
2. Bought hair dye - just can't embrace those gray's like mom suggested.
3. The World's Greatest Husband filled my car with gas and that continues to be the biggest treat of the week.
4. Date night - I love that guy and can't wait.
5. Went to Michael's with no children - when that happens, it's always a good day.

Happy Weekend Paper Peeps.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weighing in on my Weight

I am a big girl now, well quite literally.
I had to find a bit of courage and finally step back on that bathroom scale.
It took every ounce of inner strength to once again face the music.  Let's just say, this sucks.
So my weight loss journey began a month after my 20th high school reunion in summer of 2009.  I know that sounds ridiculous but I seriously went to my 20th reunion weighing the most I've ever weighed in my life.  Why I couldn't have lost the weight prior to the party? I will never know. But after the party? I rocked the scale day and night and lost 30-ish lbs.  The summer of 2010 I felt good, dropping 3 dress sizes and feeling healthy.  Last summer (2011) I slowly began to chew to my little hearts desire and haven't stopped since.

Today was interesting.  I have gained 16 pounds since my weight loss.  BAD - but not as bad as I thought it was.  I had a number in my head - when I stepped on the scale and to my surprise the scale was 25 pounds less than the number in my head.... I had to stop and think. . . .  as women we are seriously hard on ourselves.  In my head I have avoided the scale for months because I had a stupid number in my head and when I put my big girl panties on to weigh in (actually, I was buck naked, why add to the disaster) the number was 25 pounds less than what I imagined.  I am not saying let's not entirely worry about the number because I do want to focus on the number 16 -- 16 is the number of  pounds I want to lose and I want to lose 16 because I am afraid of other numbers like blood pressure numbers diabetes and cholesterol numbers.  But really ladies, it's a number and I wish fear hadn't paralyzed me from stepping on that puppy sooner, maybe my number would have even been lower at that point.  It's a journey, FOR SURE and Yes, I want to look like a hot 41 year old mom to five.   Sweet Sixteen, wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I broke on my summer vacation

We were only at my parents home for a few hours when we started to break things, like a lot of things.  But honestly, nothing on purpose!

So what did we break? Well for starters, in the first 24 hours, good morning, we popped an air mattress.
Only to be followed by knocking down the blinds on the sliding glass door in our bedroom.
The kids in a little argument and slight slam knocked the computer keyboard sliding shelf off the track.
Ran a curb with the brand new cadillac at Burger King (and my two couldn't wait to squeal and tell grandpa)

I painted my dearest little niece's nails at kitchen table, got nail polish remover on the table and took the finish right off the table.  Now that was a doozie - But having the loving, good parents, that I do, they simply said, "Oh we were going to get that refinished anyway"
We may not be invited back for some time......

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Vera Bradley Bargain!

Are you one of those women who gets a bit giddy over finding a bargain? Well sit down, do I have a story for you.
Actually, giddy doesn't even begin to cover it.
This past weekend while vacationing in paradise, we decided to end our trip with a visit to the Miromar Outlet Center.  While looking at the property map and printing my special invitation for a discount coupon book, I squealed with delight to learn that there was a Vera Bradley outlet.  I've been to the Wrentham outlet Vera Bradley store a few times and I knew I was in for a deal and Grammy had already promised one mini hipster for the birthday girl!

Little did I know what sort of deal I would find ----

Fast forward -
So when walking in to the Vera Bradley store the sales clerk said, "Welcome, it's buy one get one free" and handed me a postcard.  I admit my heart did a little jump.  The store is so overwhelming with every pattern and style packed to the rafters.   It sends a fan like me into a little tizzy.

Now, I assumed that the "Buy One, Get One" referred to the pretty little items on the postcard.  I quickly realized that the intense energy and glazed eyes that my fellow woman shoppers had was all about "BUY ONE ANYTHING and GET ONE ANYTHING" not just what was printed on the postcard, it was for anything in the entire STORE.  So after looking with disbelief at my mom and daughter while giving high fives and thumbs up, it was time to shop like the girls we were trained to be.

After an hour and a half we decided on our purchases and proceeded to the register.  The sales clerk, yes I love that sales clerk, asked if I would like to receive a birthday gift.  I said yes and registered.  My daughter pipes up with "Well it's actually my birthday" so the clerk or as I affectionately remember her, sales goddess announces "then we will have to give you your $20 coupon off today" -  My mother chimes in with, "Oh I got that in May" and never used it and the Sales Queen announces, "Well then let's give you your coupon too"  We looked at each other again in disbelief, another $40 dollars off the deep discount and the buy one get one..... only to shyly follow up with "hmmm, I guess we won't even ask about the 15% discount coupon book savings"  when my favorite sales clerk in the whole wide world states... "Oh yes, we will give that to you too"

It was one of those foggy moments where life starts to blur a bit.... really? Wow.  A few minutes later we skipped out of the store  with $283 dollars worth of retail Vera Bradley for only $50 bucks.  Yes, you read that right.... $50 for $283 worth of Vera Bradley.  We were so thrown by the the discount we had to go sit on a bench and recalculate the savings and look at the sales slip with pride and joy.

We don't get to shop as Mother, daughter and grand daughter very often and when we do we call it a "Club Meeting"  let's just say, that was one club meeting I will never forget.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Direction? DVR? VCR? no, You Tube Silly!

And the generation gap widens...(once again)
I was thrilled to stumble upon "ONE DIRECTION'S" performance on SNL last night.  Being a good Paper Mom and Step-Mo, I quickly DVRed the performance for my two tweens to enjoy.  They are so into this band of Cutie-Patooties!  So this morning, with a bright smile I happily announced, "I taped One Direction for you last night.  They sing two songs"  Excitement abounds As the performance starts, until  tween one announces, "OH, I've already seen this on you-tube."
So apparently, SNL was a re-run and I am still in the DVR age, I guess that is better than the VCR age? It's the thought that counts right?
I continue to pray to get through these next few years.....

Guess What I am Up To......

Guess what I've been up to...
Here are some clues....
I've experienced complete panic...
I've burst out in full blown laughter all by myself behind a closed door.....
I've practically cried....
I've talked to complete strangers for morale support....
I've started to sweat as I assembled myself....
I've been confused as to how certain aspects actually work...
I've started to sweat as I worried how to get out of this contraption without having to call out for help.....
I've carried 55 items in and 55 items out.
I've witnessed bad lighting, white skin and horror to boot....
I've had a couple of spoonfuls of chocolate and peanut butter cup ice cream in an effort to calm my soul....
Any guesses out there?

Yes ladies, most of you know what I am doing... I am on the hunt for the perfect bathing suit. The one that holds em up, sucks it in, covers the right spots, takes off pounds and inches and creates an hour glass waistline all while being the right color, size and price.   It's sort of like finding a needle in a haystack.  Actually, while explaining the entire 3 hour hunt to the World's Greatest Husband we laughed about it being a miracle and I explained there is actually a company out there that markets and designs a suit called "The Miracle Suit" unfortunately not even the miracle suit met my needs yesterday.

Time is ticking.... my 9 day beach excursion is practically upon us and I am not prepared.  I am running out of time.  I've been to all the local retailers, now I need to branch out to a 50 mile radius.  Wish me luck paper peeps.  I need it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who misses Paper Mom Posts?

I am not excited to start another post with... "Where the heck has paper mom been..?.."  I am searching for a quick pick me up for some blogging inspiration.  Stay tuned people, have faith.  I really do want to write again and my only shot and hope will be summer time when things slow down a bit.  Yet, slow down seems to be a foggy dream.   A bit of a blip in the story of our life between work, school, end of year activities, baseball, softball, a major surgery for our girl and wisdom teeth popped out for a 41 year old Paper Mom, our life has been thrown a little out of whack.  It's always the way, right? Well I vow to find blogger inspiration even if it starts with some generic writing prompts to get the juices flowing.  I wish I were brave enough to post a picture of my chipmunk cheeks because that would certainly get the conversation started but I think I will save myself from that embarrassment for now.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Times They are a changing....

I've recently had a few examples of the generational divide smack me right in the face.  My kids are of a different era and it is becoming apparent each day.

Do you remember this?

Our kids recently found a rotary phone in a closet and thought it was amazing.  Of course they wanted to plug it in and see if it works.  The World's Greatest Husband encouraged them to " Go ahead, give it a try, call me" and our 15 year old daughter excitedly picked up the handle off the cradle, ready to roll and looked at us with big eyes and said, "How do you do it?"

Only to be followed up by a text from my ex-husband that said:
Watching a movie with our son and he asked "What's that?" --  It was a phone booth
 Yet another example became apparent yesterday as my daughter shared her new favorite "app" with me.  Ok, first... let's not forget, we grew up with no "apps."  Second, she proceeded to ask if I knew about MASH?  HA, ha, ha, ha, did I know about MASH?  I had a 7th grade notebook that had me marrying Rick Springfield or Rodney Latham about a zillion times... we had kids, I was a teacher, we had a mansion and a SUV.

Do you remember playing this?  

 Yeah, Well now it's an app on your kids phone.  You know longer have to say to your girlfriends, "Tell me when to stop" when making the swiggle in the middle of your mash picture.   The app does it for you.

A right of passage, gone digital.

Haven't blogged in about a bazillion years.  It's a busy spring here at Paper Mom headquarters.  Love to all the paper peeps!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Fifty Shades

Ok, so I am reading it.
and I am loving it.  There I said it--- Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James has captivated me.  The World's Greatest Husband has commented that he has seen me read many books but not quite like this.
I've justified this quick read by clarifying I work in a library and should know what all the latest book rage is about. Right? Don't you think? Oh, Just agree with me.

So my thoughts on Fifty Shades..... I've tried to see past the whole dom/sub/sex thing and understand the complex relationship that seems to be intensifying as I zip through book two.  Not as easy as it sounds some of those chapters have made me feel like a college girl.  It's hot.  I've told myself over and over, I am an adult, I am an adult, I am an adult.  Which is really ridiculous, if you think that as a 41 year old woman I still have to tell myself it's ok to read this "smokin hot" read - I am a grown woman for crying out loud.  The whole controversy of
Should you read it?
Have you read it?
Do you have to load up a shopping cart full of stuff to find the courage to have the book hidden at the bottom of the cart?
Should libraries have it on the shelf?
.......It all truly speaks volume to where we are as a society.

Three  funny things about me and my Fifty Shades.

Not every girl can say their dad bought them the book.  But I can.  Yes, when my Mom and Dad visited a few weeks ago, my father - standing by a rather large display of books waved my mother and I down asking, "Is the book we were just talking about?" he proceeded to proudly put two copies in our cart.  We both flashed him a look that said, "Really?"  I don't think he really knew what he was doing.

The World's Greatest Husband and I have had a few giggles since I've started reading.  The best was when I noticed he posted an appointment in our synced calendars..... 9 PM -  Book Club.   I keep reminding him this late night reading is all for his benefit.

Have you seen  the SNL Fifty Shades of Grey Mother's Day skit?
OMG it's hilarious.

Ladies, my vote is.... read it, love Christian, Ana and your husband too!
Laters, Baby

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Did you know?

Did you know you can make baked potatoes in the crock pot? Yep, I am here to make your day.... simply wrap them in foil and throw them in the slow cooker for 8 hours on low. I had no idea but am so happy to learn this little tid bit.  I hope you are too.  Happy Monday, Paper Peeps.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Five for Friday

Five great things about today...
1. Sun is shining big and bright.
2. I have a bit of time to myself today and I am happy about that.
3. Half way through 50 Shades of Grey. Can't wait to blog about it.
4. It's Mother's day weekend.
5. In-laws are on their way to spend a few days.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Cub Scout

It's been a busy week here at Paper Mom headquarters.  Our little Cub Scout made his first communion in grand style.  The kid thinks he is a rock star in more ways than one.  Grammy and Grandpa came to visit and life was good (and crazy) all week! So much so that my little cub scout came running to me this morning tears in his sweet eyes and said, "I don't want them to go.  I am going to miss them.  He then asked me, "WHY ARE YOU MAKING THEM LEAVE?"

It was beautiful and sad and silly all in one.... poor boy.

Trust me, those who know me well, know I am not making them leave.... a little mommy love for the mommy makes me a happy daughter.  I wish they were here every day.    The good news? we will be on our way to visit in nine short weeks.... yes, only nine weeks so that is the best way to say goodbye.... see you in just nine short weeks, I love you.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Five great things

Five great things about today. . .
1. Got 50 shades of gray.
2. Day number 3 with parents visiting.
3. Cub scout makes first communion in the morning
4. Girls are pitching tonight and my parents will be there to watch
5. Went shopping with my mom, always love that.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doggie doo-doo and don'ts..

Now this is a good one...

This afternoon while waiting for the kids to arrive on the school bus, a woman pulled into the bottom part of my driveway. I wondered who is here.... she quickly unpacked her dog on a leash, brought him to my lawn to poop, scooped him up, unloaded him onto the passenger side seat, jumped into the car, backed up and drove away. I am not kidding. I think I was in shock watching it from the window. Seriously, is there no doggie etiquette today?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Go Ahead - Call me a Crafty Diva!

I've been wanting to make this for months!
I finally pulled out the sewing machine....
Let my daughter pick out some fabric and made a tote (with liner) for my little girl (who isn't so little).
It's a little messy upon serious inspection but overall I am one proud crafty diva.  For a girl who doesn't know how to sew... this one was easy peasy.  Thank you - You Tube.

Joyce if you are reading this.... I hope you are proud of me... you are my sewing hero!

The good news is.....I have more fabric, because fabric is like paper.... beautiful patterns and textures.... it could be addicting.....
Check out my photos... and feel free to leave rock star comments - because there is no denying it.... I AM SO PROUD OF THIS LITTLE BEAUTY!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Morning Routine

So I feel the need to start this post by telling you.... I love my kids, they are my world, my life, my joy.  I really do love them.  Now that being said, when a mom like me has a morning like today, it's easy to forget I have kids, wanted kids or love kids.  I got ready this morning with no children present.  Not my kids, not his kids, no one under the age of 18 in the house this morning.  Do you know what that means?  No fighting for the bathroom, no trying to wake up sleepy heads, no having to butter toast, scramble an egg or pop a pop tart.  I didn't have to yell or raise my voice, I didn't have to trip over a back pack or find lunch money.  Instead I leisurely watched the Today show, took a hot, long shower with smelly body wash, lingered over a cup of coffee and took the time to actually pay attention to applying my make up.  I used mousse, a hair dryer.  I remembered my medication and wore matching socks earrings and bra and panties.  Ahhhh. . . .  life is good when you can breathe before you start your workday.    After all that and I was still a few minutes late to the office but this time for good reason.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Scary Moms...

Yesterday I met her...
and she is not scary at all.
She's quite lovely, and pretty and sweet too-  Ms. Jill Smokler, you know her as Scary Mommy from

Her new book is funny with a capital F.  Speaking of F, the F-bomb was flying high but all used in the correct context!  She did a reading, took questions and signed books!  It was a blogger's dream and plenty of bloggers were there to show support!

I've met lots of authors, (shall I name drop with NY Times best sellers Sebastian Junger and Wallly Lamb?) I've seen many readings (too many to list), I work in a library don't forget.... but this time I admit, I was giddy and star struck.  My face was hot, on fire hot, so much so that I was convinced I had blotches all over me.... My lips were sort of shaking in this picture.... I know it's ridiculous but seriously, it's scary mommy.

I'll be honest, the World's Greatest Husband, didn't quite get it but went along with me for the ride.  He's a keeper.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Opening a bottle of wine - Quite a task!

I am not a drinker.
But I do have a reoccurring wine memory of when I was divorcing....
After many battle royals with the ex, I wanted a glass of wine, I only had a cheap 99 cent key chain wine opener during those days.  I would struggle until I simply wanted to gnaw at the cork.  Some nights I remember cutting through it with a knife and having to strain the wine.  Much like the marriage, always a struggle.  I just simply wanted my glass of wine to unwind.  Then one day a girlfriend changed my life and turned me on to the Pampered Chef wine opener.  That thing is magic and it a must have gift for any of your girlfriends who may be going through a divorce (trust me).  I thought my wine opening problems were solved for life.... until tonight.

My kids are gone.
His kids are gone.
The World's Greatest Husband picked up a shift at the hospital, he's gone.

And all momma wants is to finish the Easter bottle of wine.  I had to giggle because even with the magic opener near by, the cork was stuck.  I think we jammed it in too far last night, just so it would fit on the fridge shelf rather than the fridge door.  I had a flashback.... started to sweat a little, I actually thought could I call my husband and ask him to come home for a few minutes and open this sucker for me? Instead.... picture me with the bottle between my knees, both hands pulling at the cork considering (only for a second)... could I pull it out with my teeth?  No it wasn't pretty, it wasn't dainty but I am enjoying a glass of wine as I type.   Priorities Paper Peeps, Priorities....

Vacation Reading....

I love to read but honestly in my life that luxury is limited.  Except for yesterday.  I started a book and finished a book, in one day!  Granted it was only 195 pages but it was an Easter day treat that is not the norm.  3 of our 5 are not here so it changes the pace of life for a few days.  Selfishly, I will say the break up of routine is just what I need.  Our springtime calendar moves at an incredible pace, shuttling five little butts from activity to activity makes my brain spin.  So I will welcome a week where the shuttling, the noise and the cooking and cleaning are all taken down a notch and I can read a book (in one day!)

Now for the book....
Once Upon a Secret - My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and its Aftermath by Mimi Alford.  It was a fast read and an intriguing read.  Since our visit to the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston a few months ago, I've wanted to read this book.  It's more a story of a woman's journey in finding herself, finding peace and moving forward with a lighter heart rather than gossip, scandal and infidelity.  Although it's all there if you want to read it that way.  Faithful readers know I love to learn about the journey us woman take and that was my focus as I read Mimi's account of her White House years and life.  She comments that she is a footnote to a footnote in history not exactly headline news but with hungry media attention anything and everything can become a headline.  I don't agree with the affair she writes of, I was put off by the casualness of sleeping with a married man and the power plays that seemed to be in the  bedroom with them.  I understand her struggle as a 19 year old girl, she was in over her head motivated by power and sex. Later in the book,  her pastor friend and boss Tom explains sex as a 12 letter word - Faithfulness.  A few things did stay with me as I read each page when you are somewhat of a society family, attend prep schools and are connected, opportunities present themselves.  I guess I always knew that but this book made me think about that.  It made me connect to Father Tom's homily  a few weeks ago, He said, "you become who you hang out with."   It also made me think about my girls.  How strong and smart I want them to be.  I don't want them to have to sift through so much of the craziness of life, to find their own peace - I want them to be smarter and brighter and more aware, than us.  I don't want them to have to maneuver the trials of life, hurt, secrets, or shame to somehow, someday get to contentment and happiness.  That's the journey of woman that I am intrigued by.  We all seem to have stories, rights of passage.  I am not sure it plays out that way for the men in our life.  As Women, even when we have a twinge of the trials that may lie ahead, even when our girlfriends and our mothers send subtle or in our face warnings we still take the journey.  I guess we can only hope that the journey and peace are all worth it in the end or at least make a good book.   Mimi Alford shares her footnote with the world in an effort to move forward.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Five for Friday

Five great things about today...
1. No school
2. No work
3. Sun is shining
4. Car getting looked at
5. School vacation begins

Happy Easter Paper Peeps!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Five for Friday

Five great things about today. . .

  1. Watching the Muppets at the Library today
  2. Daughter got a fresh new look with 4 inches cut off her pretty little head.
  3. No school today
  4. No cub scouts tonight.
  5. It's the weekend.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Confession Revealed

Our cub scout makes his first confession on Saturday morning.  When he was discussing this with his sisters it was revealed that one sister marched into the confessional and admitted to eating three muffins instead of the two.....  and for that she had to say a few Hail Mary's according to her, "not a big deal, it's easy"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scary Mommy has a book or is it a mommy bible?

Paper Peeps - Listen Up. . . .
Scary mommy is you.... Scary mommy is me.... her book hits stores next week and we all owe it to ourselves to belly up to the bookstore and grab a copy.  Read the  first two chapters posted at her site and get a taste of what this mommy fun is all about.  She will make you laugh, cry and basically feel normal.  She is visiting an hour from my home on her scary tour and I am counting the days.  Check out the book trailer, have a giggle and know it's all okay. . .

Monday, March 26, 2012

Parents of the Year!

We are certainly scarring our children with their birthday celebrations.... not intentionally but year after year, it's happening.

Last night while celebrating our little cub scouts 8th birthday he declared - Now, I want an eight candle on my cake, none of this creative math on the cake.  Seriously, he said it.  I am not kidding.  That is because on occasion we have to do creative cake math... like a number 5 candle plus 2 single candles or a number 9 candle plus two singles.... you get the picture, one year we even had to do subtraction.

In addition, this past December the World's Greatest Husband and I both searched and searched and finally put the one and four candles on the cake for our 15 year old.  What were we thinking?  Calling a 15 year old 14, doesn't go over so well.

One of our eleven year olds received a bike last August.  Well it was an IOU because she specifically wanted a yellow bike which we were on the hunt for but had not found.  um, we still haven't found it...  It's become quite a joke in our house.... so much so that the kids were joking with the cub scout last night, stating I hope it's not a bike as he started to open his gifts.
poor girl.

Now today our oldest child turns 17.  My husband who is home sick was still a trooper and got our high schoolers up for school, sick and all.  My husband gets our birthday boy (yes we have 3 family birthdays in March) up and out the door for school without ever wishing him a happy birthday.

Yep, pretty much going to hell over this birthday stuff.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Singing and Laughing

I had a little giggle today.
Driving home from Target I listened to an NPR interview with Elmo, the sweet, little red Sesame Street monster that everyone loves.  It made me have a happy heart.  While at an intersection the NPR show played a clip of Elmo singing, with it being a warm day, I had my windows down and I was rocking it out with Elmo until I realized a man standing on the corner was having a good giggle on me singing my heart out with Elmo.  I believe he was looking for the car seat of a little one in the back, the laughter clearly came when he realized there was no little cupcake singing with momma.  Sometimes it's good to laugh at yourself.

I can't tell you the countless times when the babes were little that I would finally sneak away to the grocery store without children and I would sing to Barney, Lori Berkner or the Wiggles all the way to the store before realizing, wait..... there are no kids with me I can listen to grown up radio.  Over the years the music has changed... the High School Musical CD, Selina Gomez and Justin Bieber.  These days I take a stand and really don't let them change the NPR setting - well, a lot of good that did me today, eh?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Five for Friday

I asked the World's Greatest Husband to be my guest blogger for Five for Friday -Five Great Things about Today... here is what he came up with.... SILENCE.... still waiting.... waiting.... waiting..... he has his head down in the newspaper.... so much for guest blogging....I can't wait all night.....
Here are my thoughts- Five great things about today....
1. Loved the peanut butter cookie that my husband brought home for me.
2. Grocery shopping on line is really a lifeline - I am so happy to have found.
3. Nothing makes me happier than a bargain..... um like a 14.99 spring jacket bargain.
4. Bought a new shade of lipstick.  It's a bit more bold than I am used to....
5. Friday report cards make me a very proud momma.... Those kids amaze me with their academic achievements!  Yippee for them.... Yipppeee for us.... let's hope it always stays this way.

Happy Weekend Paper Peeps...

Under Lock and Key

Apparently my little cub scout has some big secrets.  I found his journal on the kitchen table this morning.... that is one large lock for a little journal. I guess with three sisters, he has to protect his thoughts.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Life... oh life.... life, life, life....

My life is pretty darn wonderful.  Except today, today I want to suck my thumb in the corner of the bathroom while rocking back and forth humming at little do-wa-ditty.....

and all that on the warmest day since ugly winter arrived, who would have thought it? Well sometimes you just can't predict the feeling of crazy.

Here is a funny that despite the gloom of today, made me giggle....

While our oldest daughter was checking out the frozen meat I had left out to defrost for dinner she looked at me with big eyes and said, "Really? No way, really? Oh my God, really? Seriously? We are eating real LION for dinner?"  I quietly corrected her that we would be having pork loin not lion.....

I hope your day is going well.  I am going to self medicate with a few samoas.... or trefoils.... or possibly thin mints because on top of the TEN boxes we ordered, my sister in law told us to keep what she ordered.... so there you have it.... paper mom is not only cranky today but she's fat too.

Looking forward to bedtime.

Friday, March 9, 2012

five for friday

only one great thing for today....
the grant is submitted!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flat Stanley Project

Is it odd that I am  excited about my Cub Scout's Flat Stanley project?  When my daughter was in 2nd grade her teacher did not do this fun project.  I was sad as all the other 2nd graders were talking about it.  This year... we are in.... Mrs. MacDonald is all about the Flat Stanley project.

For one week Flat Stanley is to go on Paper Mom family adventures.  Every night my little cub scout has to journal about Flat Stanley's day he informed me that it can be fictional or real.... Yesterday he skateboarded, got to sit in the front seat of the car and played floor hockey with the World's Greatest Husband.

If I could get him to cook dinner, do laundry and dishes I'd be all set.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life is Fragile, Pray Hard

Life is fragile.

We all move at an incredible pace and then you learn of something that makes you stop and take note.

Someone dies, someone loses a job, someone is diagnosed with cancer.

Life is so darn hard on a a good day never mind those days when your heart aches and you have to find every ounce of energy just to get out of bed and face the day.

This week at church Father Tony spoke of  "prayer" you know that is one of my favorite topics.... I am so intrigued by how people pray, when they pray, why they pray.... my prayer obsession could be viewed as a little odd, if you lived inside my head.

I pray in my head all the time.  It's random, it's planned, it's thankful, sometimes it's quiet and sometimes it's loud.  Sometimes it is what gets me through the door at work, through an argument with tweens or to finally shut my brain off and sleep.  I have seen the power of prayer, felt it, needed it and depended on it.  I am a divorced woman, remember?

Hail Mary's when I fly on an airplane are a given.
Squeezing my lovers hand during the "Our Father" at church each Sunday, a necessity.
Naming my family members (it's like a race in my brain for me to say as many as I can)  before the church replies "Lord hear our prayer" is a little game that makes me giggle.

Prayer is powerful.  Like this blog, it's one of the only things I own, all mine, in heart, in my head and in my thoughts.

Life is fragile, pray for those who need support to face the day.  You never know who that might be on any given day....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paper Wreath for Spring!

Tip Junkie handmade projects
Spring is coming and my new wreath proves it! Do you like it? It's easy peasy to do....

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Sad Day for Fans of Davy Jones

I am sad to read about Davy Jones.  I am smiling at all the 40 and 50 something mom's that are commenting on the fond memories of  "The Monkey's" and their tween love affair with Davy.  I once had an up close and personal experience with Davy Jones.  Many years ago I was planning a fundraiser event at a venue within the Mohegan Sun Casino and Davy was appearing the same night.  The staff and guests were very involved with his arrival and appearance.  Apparently he has fans that camp out like crazy women waiting to get a glimpse, wave or a kiss.  They were everywhere! They even crashed our fundraiser (I didn't mind, they spent money at our auction)
Now why do you think I related to this little display of fan craziness?
Yep, because Rick Springfield Fans are the same darn way.
I can remember Rick's last appearance at Mohegan Sun.  I heard he was having a drink at one of the bars and I too wanted to case the joint and stalk the man (oh wait, I did do that the night I met him in Rye, NY)
Yes, I post this picture as often as I can....
Now honestly, I related to those crazy Davy Jones Fans that night and today, although our guy is different our tween love for the rock star remains the same and lives with us forever.  So today I feel sadness for all the fans, all those crazy fans who have spent a lifetime loving this special performer.  I get it.  I feel it.  I wish them peace.  and as far as Rick? I wish him health and happiness.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Lent - give up something or add something?

Did I tell you what I gave up for Lent?
Well, I didn't give up anything....
I added something.
HaHahaHa that coming from a woman who doesn't have time to poop.
I am writing a personal handwritten note to someone I care about everyday single day during Lent.
A note of thanks, a thinking of you note, a happy to know you note... you get the picture.  The World's Greatest Husband said it nicely on the way to church, our kids were frantically deciding what to give up because their CCD teachers would be asking at Sunday school - He said,  "sometimes you show sacrifice by adding something to your day."  So there you have it... I am adding a thoughtful exercise, an expression of love to those I care about in the hope that my peaceful Lenten heart will secure my place in heaven and make those receiving my notes feel special.
A good deed all the way around...
Want to join me?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't you love my new biz card?

Sometimes it's the little things that make life good.  I was thrilled to receive my new business cards in the mail yesterday.  My blog isn't really a business, more like therapy but I often give out the address and wanted a pretty way to do so.... so here it is...

So me, don't you think?

If you are visiting because I handed you that pretty little card, thanks for visiting. In my crazy life with five kids and blended bliss -  the only thing that is all mine, all me, is this darn blog!  I share the food on my plate, my time in the bathroom and just about every ounce of energy I have with my family, my job and my home.  Most days my posts usually share too much, which makes the World's Greatest Husband cringe a bit but I have been known to make other mom's like me.... giggle.  If you are a 40-something (well let's be specific why add years? 41)  mom & step-mo like me, you may find peace in reading the scary details of my life just so you can feel better about your own crazy story.  I hope you will read on Paper Peeps..... Life is Good!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Five for Friday

It snowed today... so it is hard for me for find five great things about today...
1. A few families coming over for dinner tomorrow so my house will be clean soon!
2. found some heavyweight dish towels (yes, that makes me happy)
3. Ordered the World's Greatest Husband his birthday gift.
4. Renewed my BJ's Wholesale membership today (with a coupon!)
5. My daughter is playing softball - it's been a struggle but she is on board! (I think!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

30 hours with my guy...

So we decided to go on a little post Valentine's Day adventure.  We didn't really have a plan other than we packed a bag, had childcare and a need to be alone.

$70 for a tank of gas
$25 for breakfast at the World's Greatest Husband's favorite diner
$10 for a cookie, coke and and a corn dog
$5 for a bottle of water and change for the parking meter
$25 for a few small prizes at the outlet center
$3 for a cup of coffee
$25 for the valet in the North End
$115 for dinner at Lucca
$120 for a room just outside the city
$20 for two tickets to the JFK Presidential Library
$16 for lunch at the snack shop

Spending 30 hours alone with the World's Greatest Husband in Boston Priceless.......
I love that guy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reverse Bucket List

I love when Mama Kat's writing workshop strikes a nerve.... this one certainly did....
Create a reverse bucket list - the top ten things you never want to do.... here are my little lovelies....

1. Return to Eighties Fashion
I never want to feather my hair, wear leg warmers or figure out parachute pants (again.)
2. Play Trivial Pursuit
I never ever, ever want to play Trivial pursuit with my husband.  He claims to be the king of this little game and I am not up for the defeat or bragging rights that his win would inflict on me (possibly for years to come)
3. Divorce
Did that once and it was ugly and seriously took precious years off my little life.
4. Girl Fight
I would totally lose.
5. Camp
Let me be more specific, camp outdoors with my little cub scout's pack or den.
6. Sing
Out loud, in public with an audience of any kind.
7. Get a Tattoo 
So not me.... not to mention the pain part.
8. Prepare for a Math Test of any Kind
My fear of math has only grown with age - I got a 2nd grade math problem wrong while offering homework help this week.
9. Drive a School Bus
God bless all those who can with a happy wave at pick up and drop off.

Do you have anything to add?


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