Sunday, February 9, 2014

How Snow Days Used to be....

This past week I learned a thing or two about snow days.   As I shoveled the driveway with the World's Greatest Husband, I realized "shoveling" should be added to the list of things we should not do together, ever.  This joins items such as grocery shopping, visiting malls and driving to see Christmas lights (suddenly he becomes a lead foot race car driver and one must pay attention to see the beautiful displays as he zooms by.)   So as I shoveled and my back began to ache and my blood began to boil, the question --- we have kids, why are we out here shoveling? played continuously in my head.  Let's just leave it as one of those marital moments that was making me dream of my younger days.....

Do you remember snow days as a young adult? prior to kids or maybe even husbands? It meant, stay in bed all day with or without pajamas depending on who was visiting, reading the paper, playing cards, popping a movie in the VCR, and eating junk food.  Am I the only one that relished condo living because you didn't have to bundle up and shovel? I loved that a plow man and his team would dig you out, all you needed was patience and a pre-storm trip to the liquor store.  Ah, life was simple then. Most importantly, It didn't require any blood sweat or tears that often accompany dressing children in snow clothes.  Mom's across the city - you feel my pain, the proper boots, snow pants, hats and glubs (as our little guy used to say) can make any sane woman insane.  Add to that the age 13 and seriously just say no when they ask to play out in the snow.  

With each scoop of cold, wet, heavy snow, I thought of those carefree days only to have a reminder slam me smack dab in the face ....... no, it wasn't the plow spraying snow on me. It was a neighbor.
I heard laughter and running and giggles and thought, what the hell is going on? Until I caught a glimpse of our divorced neighbor running, laughing and snow wrestling with his new girlfriend between kisses and snowballs as they frolicked in the snow.  Clearly that had a no pajama, lazy snow day morning only to be followed up by playing in the snow like two kids in love.

I wouldn't trade anything for my life today but dreaming of the old snow days brought me way back to a simpler time that a girl like me can smile over.  I am counting the days until spring.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Glitter and Glue Video for Mothers - You Will Probably Cry

I am such a sappy, mom geek. I am a fan of author Kelly Corrigan and I was thrilled to see her new video posted to You Tube.  The video highlights her new book Glitter and Glue.  The book is being released Tuesday and I can't wait to read it.  All of her videos (which I have posted a few here over the years) pretty much sum up my whole being, it is as if she has spent days in my head.  She makes life and motherhood real.  She writes or says the things we are all thinking.... for example.  When I was so excited that Kelly Corrigan actually "liked" my facebook post:
   "Kelly Corrigan is my hero.  Seriously,  I know we would be friends if we lived closer.  Video is quick and so worth it"
I yelled upstairs to my thirteen year old daughter who is an avid reader and totally loves books and has several favorite authors (if anyone was to understand my joy, it would be her)  only to have her scroll through my facebook newsfeed  and announce, "Mom, she is liking everyone's posts about her new video. I don't think it was about you"
So naturally, I struggled with giving her the finger in silence as she pranced back upstairs.  Watch her quick video and you will totally get my finger struggle.....


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