Friday, April 30, 2010

National No Phone Zone Day!

I just watched Oprah’s show about distracted driving.  The stories are amazing, lives changed in an instant, families broken and friendships remembered.  Oprah asked the audience (and you and me) to take the pledge and honor the pledge.  The habit of having to be connected while driving is ridiculous.  I admit, I have used my phone while driving.  After watching this show and hearing so many comment about simply waiting 5, 10, 30 minutes until you can get to your destination or pull over truly makes sense.  Really, what can’t wait?  I was thrilled to hear Oprah say her important words that have resonated with me over the years… when you know better - you do better.  I am a reasonable 39 year old mom of 5, I have one special man that I want to grow old with, I know better, today I pledge to do better….  I am pledging to make my car a no phone zone.  Will you join me and my girls Oprah and Gayle?

Five for Friday (or 25)

Five for Friday
Change up…
I know I usually post five great things about today on Fridays.  Today I am changing it up… The World’s Greatest Husband and I played a little game about a year ago… we made lists…. A list of 100 things I love.  He made one and I made one… It was fun –

Here are my first 25 – I don’t want to bore you with 100 but I encourage you to play this game with your spouse… He studied the list, took note and many happy things came out of my sharing 100 things.

  1. Always having panty hose in the drawer
  2. Mail from family and friends
  3. A vacuumed car
  4. Forehead kisses
  5. Catalogs
  6. Gerber daisies
  7. Talking to my mom
  8. New jammies
  9. Entertainment Tonight
  10. Sharpie Markers and wet pens
  11. NPR
  12. Fresh clean sheets
  13. Having cash in my wallet
  14. A bargain
  15. Bubble bath
  16. Full tank of gas
  17. Skinny dipping in the pool
  18. Going to the craft store with no kids and money!
  19. The Sunday paper with circulars
  20. Oprah and Gayle
  21. Airports
  22. Hot, hot showers
  23. Receiving Christmas cards
  24. Hydrangea
  25. Marco Island Walgreens
What 100 things do you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Step Mo is Working Hard

Yesterday I was interviewed by Joan Sarin from  She is doing amazing work for step families.  She has put together a training program so happy couples that are jumping into the blended family blender can do so with realistic expectations and tools for success.  I wish I knew about her a few years ago.  As we jumped into the blender, I often commented “I wish there was a support group for blended families”  I have to admit, I think that and say that less and less but am always happy to learn about or connect with another family that is living large in a big happy blended life. 

As hard as I try to hold it all together and manage our life (and yes, biological families do this too!) blended family dynamics continue to intrigue me.  While Joan and I spoke, one thing struck me in a weird sort of way.  She spoke of the sacrifice we are making and talked about appreciation.  Hmmm, I guess it is a good thing that I never view my long hard days and constant mommy work for my kids, or the World’s Greatest Husbands kids, as a sacrifice.  (Wow, it is even a struggle to say my kids, his kids…. I always say OUR KIDS – because that is the life we are trying to build, maintain etc…) Well anyway,  I think if I took on that perspective of “sacrifice” it would become a burden.  I am a mom and I am doing what I need to do to make for a happy, healthy kids.  I came to terms with sacrifice years ago while spread eagle on the delivery table.  But I do appreciate the notion that not every step mom or woman has the capacity or desire to do what I am doing.  I’ve read many books, essays and websites that talk about a basic level of step family living “you don’t have to love them but you do have to live in an environment of respect etc”…. well lucky me, I love em!  Honestly, I couldn’t be a good wife or good mom or good step mo if I didn’t have that basic love and respect for them and family.  After a divorce and a bit of therapy, I couldn’t be with a man that didn’t love me and them!  But while evaluating that thought… it made me feel so darn lucky… think about it… I met the World’s Greatest Husband, his kids, his family and we have embraced a new life, new love, new everything and we are pretty darn happy.  That is probably where the appreciation comes into play.  My husband and I don’t take much for granted.  We thank each other.  I speak from serious experience… on the days when I want to SCREAM his appreciation seeps into my being and disarms me of the anger, frustration or issue.  I’ve seen him empathize with our kids, with me, I’ve seen him thank us for sometimes what I would term as ridiculous or expected tasks…. But the guy is smart…. The thanking stuff works.  It lets the love in and life is better.  I’ve learned to do this and our kids are learning too.  It goes along with my girl Oprah’s thoughts on gratitude… It lifts you.

I sometimes worry that these posts paint a perfect little picture.  That is so not the case!  Remember these posts are my personal little therapy session….a daily reflection forcing me to be in the positive present…. There are days when I cry, when they cry, when we all cry, days when one more trip to “moms house” for something pushes me over the edge!  Days where the blended family financial commitment of 5 kids makes me feel like I will never buy myself a new pair of shoes and matching handbag again!   I’ve stated before… our life is based upon small victories and an amazing dose of flexibility.  I guess it is a sacrifice, but not feeling this empowering love, not letting our family negotiate the positives and negatives of a big family where their parents make out would be a sacrifice too…. I guess I am not willing to miss out on the kissing….  Paper peeps, you guys are the best.  Thanks for reading.  Now comment….

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letting mom sexy live!

I’ve been reading the Mommyologist and loving each and every post!  She recently unveiled her “Mom Sexy” and has challenged moms everywhere to search for their own inner mom sexy.  I’ve been thinking about sexy ever since reading her post.

 Hmmm let’s dive in….

Mom sexy? Sexy mom? Sexy? Mom? 

Here is my take… I think mom sexy means knowing you are  beautiful inside and out and being ok with it.   It seems as though sexy is always related to physical appearance and the scale and although I guess attractiveness doesn’t hurt it is more the attitude and confidence of mom sexy that I am drawn to.  I believe what we put forth comes back  in a big way –Girly karma is  boomerang.  And nothing speaks louder than a positive attitude, good posture and a bright smile.   I am not discounting the power of long lean legs or beautiful bouncy blonde hair. But when it comes to sexing it up,  I know I am not that girl that oozes with sex appeal and yet I still have flirted with a mom sexy feeling that seems to work in my life and in my marriage.  So what gets in the way of my mom sexy? Sometimes my brain, my calendar, my list of things to do…  I think as moms, we are always  working hard and managing we often lose sight of our mom sexy, we let it slide, disappear or hide.  Why? Why do we deny ourselves mom sexy?  Quite honestly, I have only found my mom sexy after a rotten divorce and a splendid new lease on life with an amazing partner.  His love and support makes me feel comfortable with my "mom sexy" and that has made me want my little Ms. Sexy to emerge in big ways.   So this week I have a new “thing” to try…. The World’s Greatest  Husband calls me “Beautiful” it is his little lovey, dovey name for me… on the phone he says, “Hi Beautiful” in the morning when I look scary he says, “Good morning beautiful”  I sometimes have a tad bit of uneasiness when he calls me beautiful and I don’t personally “feel beautiful.”  Seriously, at 6:00 am when I have dragon breath, crazy hair, morning sleep stink, I don’t feel pretty and his words seem sort of silly…. My personal challenge for this week? I want to let those words live inside me even when I am feeling less than attractive never mind sexy… I am going to… let him say it… let me hear it… let me believe it…let me think it…let me feel it…..

Like my new friend, the mommyologist, I challenge you to find your mom sexy. I imagine if we feed our inner sexy it will make us better mothers and wives.  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank your girlfriends....

I have friends, many different people in my life that I connect with at different levels for different reasons… Friends… people I laugh with, complain to, share with and learn from.  Folks who make me think and smile. 

There is something special to be said for that FRIEND that simply knows you inside and out.  The one you met when you were still a kid, the one who you knows your history, your old boyfriends, your ol' CCSU bud, the one who knows your parents and your brother.  The one who came home with you in College, the one you drank with at Elmer’s when you were too young to do so legally.  The one you walked across the stage with at graduation, the one you shared your engagement with, wedding planning and at least one bridal shower with :) .   The one that was pregnant with you.  The one that held you up when your marriage was falling apart.  The one who threw you one hell of a divorce celebration and the one who let you gush when you fell in love as a grown woman.

I met my dear old Friend for a coffee tonight and the therapeutic afterglow is so worth the trip.  I find comfort that we can now say we’ve been friends for 21 years.  There is something comforting when you don’t have to explain who the players are.  When you can read each other’s expressions and finish each other’s sentences (even over the telephone).   We’ve laughed and cried with one another and for one another.  We have supported one another through college, marriage, birth, divorce, illness, death and raising children.

Hey Friend, I imagine you are reading this because as my dear old friend I think you are required by friendship law to be a daily blog reader…. I am grateful for your love and unconditional friendship and support.  Thank you, although we don’t see each other as often as we would like, you are a dear friend who I am lucky to have.  

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Kid Says The Craziest Things!

We survived our baseball kick off! Yahoo for us! We celebrated with a second trip to DQ for 25 cent blizzards.  Now it is back to serious dieting.  I seem to be stuck at 39… 39 pounds and 39 years…. Haha.

I checked out a Kids room re-design book from the library.  You would have thought I brought home the JC Penney Christmas catalog the way my kids have studied this book.  They love it.  They have picked out their new rooms 10 times over.  Of course all the redesign takes thousands of bucks and a carpenter but it is nice to see them rally around fixing up our house and their rooms.

Last night our youngest was advocating for the “construction room” it has a bulldozer bed and a dump truck bed.  I told him those beds would never fit in his room.  He was quick to ditch his older brother, telling me, “I know, he can sleep in your room” my big eyes must have made him quickly add “No, not in your bed mom, you could put a bed on the side”

He continues to study the book as I type.  His comments never cease to amaze me… as I type he just said, “Mom that sweater makes your boobs good” I seriously can’t make this stuff it up!
Have a good day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ultra thin or Maxi?

The World’s Greatest Husband never fails me.  Now that is a BIG statement.  I really do love that man and every minute we are together is a gift.  He is a kind and helpful soul always seeing the good in others.   I am so lucky to have him next to me each night.  We have a lot on our plate most days and he is the one who gives me the strength to face it all head on!

This morning while having a somewhat lazy start to our day he announces he will go to the grocery store to pick up the 5-10 items I forgot with my online grocery shopping.   I am grateful because I’ve become used to the click and send form of grocery shopping.  On the list…. Maxi pads… I absolutely  give him an out.  I let him back off, back down and say no…. but my loving husband confidently says “I’ve got this” he then adds…. “But give me details so I don’t have to stand there trying to compare, give me the brand and the model you want.”  I nearly busted a gut when the man asked for the MODEL of feminine napkin!  It’s amazing that man and woman survive on this planet – we truly think differently….

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Play Ball and wear your clothes please!

Well just because it is a hot topic and I have 45 minutes until the next game… My brain is buzzing.  Seriously, too much fresh air for me.  It has been a bright day full of baseball bliss.  One more game to go.  Our nine year olds take the field shortly. 

So here is my observation:  Really, mothers who let it all hang loose should not be allowed at the field and fathers who are bossy pants to their women and their kids should also have to sit the game out. Ok, now I feel better.  Honestly, I try not to judge, I realize that we are all doing the best we can with what we have.  But, But there is always a but and this one is…. After giving birth to babes, getting your sexy on should not be for all to see at the baseball field.  I am not opposed to sexy - -  but boobs, jewels, short shorts and skin, lots of skin isn’t necessary as you cheer your little guy on.  And dads who boss their kids from the side lines is a tough call.  I imagine they are just trying to give constructive, instructive play with swear words and some screaming but hmmm... I think a different approach might actually “speak” to the child…. And we wonder why our youth is in trouble? 

Say a prayer peeps,  we all need it.
Play ball!

Friday, April 23, 2010

5 for FRIDAY

Five for Friday
Five great things about today (ok this weekend).

1.    Pick up baseball uniforms TONIGHT!

2.   Opening Baseball/softball ceremony Saturday 9 am.

3.   Game Saturday 10 am.

4.   Game Saturday 1 pm.

5.   Game Saturday 2:15 pm.

6.   Bonus : Game Saturday 5:30 pm.

HA HA HA HA !  Yahoo it’s the weekend and its baseball season too! Let the season begin, officially!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life is Fragile, Be Grateful

Life is so darn hard on a good day, it stinks when it is a stressful day.  We all get caught up in the details and we can get a little nutty on occasion.  Let’s stop for a moment and breathe. 

Yesterday we learned that a local family, friends of our children, fellow baseball coach, lost their Dad.  It is so sad, my heart aches for this dear family.  I heard the World’s Greatest Husband say to our oldest, “it’s so sad, no child should have to lose their dad at such a young age.”  The truth in that statement was powerful and paralyzing. 

So today I hope to stop evaluating, wondering, complaining, wishing or hoping… I am just going to try and  be grateful.  I am going to try to live in the moment, love my kids and make out like a mad woman with the World’s Greatest Husband (he is not going to know what hit em!) Life is so fragile.  Have a good day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kids? what kids?

On occasion all of our children are with their other parent on the same day.  I think I worry more when they aren’t under our watch but I always welcome the break in routine.  It is helpful to have a “mommy time out” every so often.  So this is what I have learned since my children left at noon yesterday.

It’s a treat to go out to eat and not have to cook for 7 people (well duh?).  Last night we went to a Chinese buffet and realized in all of our years together, we had never gone to a buffet together.  (Isn’t that odd?)  I am always amazed at how the World’s Greatest Husband and I can’t shut up with one another when we are alone…. We talk, talk, and talk.  It is sometimes about kids but mostly about life, and our world.  I am so glad we are friends.  Wow, a night of uninterrupted sleep can really make ones skin glow…. maybe that one goes beyond uninterrupted sleep.  Getting up without the morning rush makes for a better hair day.  Sitting here with the Today show on, typing before work with a yummy coffee from that Keurig that I love… makes for a peaceful heart.  Not having to talk (or yell) to anyone before 8:30 am is a bit odd but I like it.  A little alone time with my thoughts… when are these kids scheduled to return? When will they be off to college?  Hmmm? I have a new role model… the empty nest mom…just dreaming.

Back to reality and our routine soon.   I know this little break is well deserved and much needed.  I’ll be ready for those kids in a few more hours… honestly, I miss them and as much as I enjoy these moments, something always feels like its missing… in my case, 5 great kids.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Control Freak

So I guess I am a control freak?  Seriously, tell me something I don’t know…Haha, Control Freak? I wrote the book - I know it, embrace it, and freely admit it.  Yep, that’s me – I like it that way…it’s always been that way…. Do you hear all the control oozing from those statements?

This weekend I took Oprah’s quiz, “Who am I meant to be”.  You can take it too at her website.  My results….. You are striving to be in control.  I won’t go into the scary details.  Let’s just say the whole document described me to a tee and I am a bit alarmed by the “what to watch out for” paragraphs.  The quiz categorized and rated me on the following:  Striving to help, Striving to be recognized, Striving to be creative, Striving to be spontaneous, Striving to be knowledgeable, Striving to be secure, Striving to be in control (I scored high on many but I got a perfect 20 on that one!)

Overall I did learn a thing or two, I recommend you visit the site.  One thing for sure… as my kids get older and form opinions I have to respect and appreciate their own “inner control freak-a-zoid too”.   As I become a stronger partner and wife I can let go of some of the control, share the control. Gosh, who knew that was what marriage was about?   As for work… hmmm… I am not sure where that lesson is learned.  I will continue to think on that one…I’ll let you know.  I realize that is where the real lesson in this little exercise may be hiding.    

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A cute kid story...

My six year old son walked out of the playroom and past my husband and I sharing a bowl of popcorn in the dining room... WITH A TWO FOOT WOODEN ROD IN HIS HANDS…
We asked: “What is that” 
He says: “I am taking it back, I know where it goes”
We say: “Yes, but what is that? Where did you find that?”
He says: “I’ll take it back in the playroom”
We say: “Ok but let me see that, what is it?”
He says:…“Um, it’s just a part to the weasel”
We look at one another, smile and realize our boy means – EASEL.
We have a cute kid easel - dry erase board / chalk board in the playroom.  Apparently, it is now broken.

New Features

Well this blog is an experiment in so many ways... I want to make sure you take note of the "techno" features...
1. Sign up for Paper Mom emails, if you plug in your email over to the right, feedburner you will send you my blog posts r each day.  Makes it easy to read my red hot thoughts.
2. Just linked up to list related posts at the end of each entry.  It doesn't seem to be including associated pictures with the post.  I will continue to investigate but this feature allows new readers to get a booster shot of Paper Mom postings.
3.  If you are a paper mom groupie, show the love by signing on to follow me. Becoming a google follower is similar to becoming a fan of a  FaceBook page.  I use it to enter my peeps in my give a ways!  It's free, It's easy and you may win.
4. And last but not least... this blog is so much more fun when you comment... it is sort of blogging bling... feel free to leave your thoughts, it makes my day.

Ok, so our little housekeeping post is complete.  Now if "housekeeping" in my actual home was actually complete...  that would be a good, good day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

5 for Friday

Five for friday...
Oh peeps, here are five great things about Friday!
1.  Do you hear me singing a happy song?... school vacation starts at 3:15 and although I work next week, I am thrilled that we have a break in the action.  I've been living on my last nerve the past few mornings.
2. Paid the taxes, although that isn't GREAT news - it's done.
3. I plan to visit our "Library Booksale" this weekend.  Great bargains and helping an amazing institution!
4. I am off on Monday!  A long weekend!
5. World's Greatest Husband is working at the hospital tonight & Saturday night and although I would rather have him home snuggled up next to me... I am trying to see the plus side (besides a little extra money) the only plus side is... I get to catch up on my TV!!!  Was Grey's new on Thursday? (I should blog about my Grey's additction)
PS - and our winner for wine tags.... Elroyo  - free wine tags for you! Congratulations!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is Inner Diva the same as Inner Philosopher?

Today I had lunch with a great philosopher, how many of you could ever say that? I ate with Andrew Pessin, Ph.D , author and philosopher. It was wonderful. You must run to your local library and check out “The God Question” and “The 60- second philosopher”. Of course as a faithful reader you know of my love for the Library, but of course Andrew would want you to support his kid’s college fund (ages 4,2 and 7 months) Either way – pick up a copy. You can be jealous of me, I have autographed copies.

Andy (as I like to call him) talked about finding your “Inner Philosopher”. As children we are natural philosophers we question, we think, we try to find our place in this world and navigate new discoveries and concepts… as adults we let our lives get in the way and we stop looking at life with that inquisitive passion. We stop asking questions and more importantly we stop looking at the answers and digging deeper and deeper, face value becomes our standard. Andy (my BFF) talked about philosophy in the most basic way. He challenged us to activate and strengthen our inner philosopher and he swears it will open our hearts. In addition to big fuzzy hearts… we may gain a more clear perspective, a deeper understanding of ourselves and heck, we might even become better communicators!

Andrew was a wonderful speaker and lunch date. He was witty and warm. I can’t wait to dive into his books and I know the World’s Greatest Husband is going to love, LOVE, LOVE them!

So before my kids come home from dinner with their dad, I am going to go examine ….why is the sky blue?

Hope your evening sizzles!

PS – don’t forget - last chance to win personalized wine tags. Simply sign on and become a Paper Mom groupie on the right side panel and be entered to win!

Husband Appreciation Day!

Wow, I am looking forward to no homework and morning routines next week.  I think my children need it even more than I do… two mornings with tears and stress.  Poor kids… poor mommy. 

Last night our oldest played in his first high school baseball game.  He was so happy!  He did great, and pitched for 2 innings…. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he has a great season.  As spectators, WE FROZE – it was cold outside for 2 ½ hours!  Seriously, I was so achy from those metal bleachers I almost cried.  I was not dressed properly.  Today I am contemplating a wool hat and I won’t forget my gloves!
Had a horrible and I mean BAD day at work and then froze on the bleachers… but the World’s Greatest Husband surprised me with a little trip to my favorite restaurant after the game.  It was nice to sit over a glass of wine and enjoy each other.  He always reminds me about what is important in our life and where our focus needs to be… and last night it was on each other…  I hope that warm fuzzy feeling, his strength and support stays with me today.  I need it!

I’ve lived marriage two ways… once with a man who was not supportive, kindhearted or warm.  Life was filled with struggles and worries and now…. with the World’s Greatest Husband my life is still filled with struggles and worries but I have someone to share them with, a supportive, kind hearted, warm soul.  WOW, what a difference.  Saturday was “Appreciate your Husband Day” I am late with my appreciation, and honestly I simply gush about him all the time.  Paper Mom readers, I am grateful and lucky and I know it….  (HE IS TOO!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

39 LBs

I am up way too late. I often do this when my husband is working late. I will pay the price tomorrow. I will also pay the price for walking the track tonight. I can already feel my muscles tightening. Have I mentioned that I have lost 39 lbs? hmm… maybe I’ll type that one more time… 39 lbs! I can’t seem to lose that next pound for the life of me… I have resorted to exercise – gasp! I know!

So, stay tuned… formalizing my commitment on the computer screen may be the motivator I need to get up and go, go, go! I have a goal of 52 (actually my doctor assisted with that crazy goal!) If I reach 52 I will be a Paper Mom Rockstar! I’ve used “lose it” an i-phone application to track calories and success. According to the phone app (and I am sure that it is all knowing…) I should reach my goal by June. At first June seemed like a long way off when I started last JULY! But now…. I can taste it (heheheh)

Here is what is different since losing the weight…

My face isn’t puffy and plump. I’ve actually wrinkled a bit… ugh.

I am not winded when I walk to my office.

I have more energy.

My bra size!

I can put on anything in my closet and it fits or is baggy – gone are the days of – this is too tight or a bit snug.

My blood pressure.

My shoes fall off – yes my feet are now smaller.


People actually notice my change in size.

I now have a soft practically nonexistent sexy snore (World’s Greatest Husband swears he only hears it when I am congested or sick – Gosh, I hope that’s true!) rather than a beer guzzling, motorcycling, tattooed bar fly snore.

I feel better.

It’s been worth it. I feel like a new person most days! I highly recommend weight loss! Not easy, but worth it! Check out what 39 lbs looks like in terms of bags of flour or sugar next time you are at the grocery store.... YAHOO!

Bloggy Baseball Bellyache

Ok, so today is my first cranky baseball season post. I think I will name these posts: Bloggy Baseball bellyaches- I must start by saying, I love that my kids are playing ball. I do think it is an amazing experience that allows them to enjoy friends, grow, take in the fresh air and be challenged physically and mentally. It is all GOOD! The problems begin with….

THERE ARE FIVE OF THEM… that often adds up to 10 practices a week and up to 7 games each week. We joke about pitching a tent at the field.

WORLD’S GREATEST HUSBAND… BLESS THAT MANS HEART, COACHES the team of our two our nine year olds. That means WE coach. Now I am not an athlete by any stretch (I was a cheerleader in H.S.) so I am not on the field at any time… but being the wife of the coach means…. Did you call the parents, did you reserve the field? Do you have the flyers? Does everyone have the directions? Not to mention fielding most questions and phone calls from parents from now until July… and let’s not forget the end of season par-tay!

LAST BIG PROBLEMO : With a blended family things are always left at mom’s house and dad’s house. Now only a blended family parent can truly appreciate the back and forth, looking and finding of items at either parent’s home, on any given day. This makes me crazy on a normal day! (have I told you about the missing library books?) Add to it: baseball gloves, cleats, bats, hats, uniforms (all items that can’t be transported via a school bus ride) and I nearly need to be committed. Lucky for us the house is on the way to and from the field… and honestly, it isn’t their fault they need to live at two homes but responsibility and organization win extra points when exhibited.

So my real bellyache for today… World’s Greatest is working an extra night shift at the hospital so I have 5 kids, 3 baseball practices, dinner and homework all to myself…. I love that man! Did I mention that with those practices… I need to be at two different fields at the same time? Yahoo, let the season begin!

I am focused on next TUE,WED, & THUR. School vacation week and our children will be with the opposite parents from Tuesday evening until Thursday evening. We are both working all three days but the idea of no homework, shower schedule, no 7 people meals, no wake up struggles…. oOOOooo I get giddy just knowing it’s on the horizon! I am sure we will see them at the field all three days, but the fact that we don’t have to manage the troops…. It is something to look forward to.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sit down for this one...

Is it wrong to think about sex in church? Last night I watched a taped episode of Oprah… the topic sexless marriages. So while in church this morning, thanking God for my life and my love, my thoughts drifted a bit.

The couples on Oprah hadn’t kissed in years. They hadn’t had sex in two and half years! Why is that? How does that happen? Can we guarantee that it won’t happen to us? I know relatively speaking I am a newlywed, I may not be the best person to comment here… but I was married for nearly ten years prior to my new happy place. And honestly, even though that marriage was riddled with issues and problems, sex wasn’t one of them. So here I am with my eyes wide open, hoping and praying my marriage never takes this turn. I’ve often described sex to my closest gal pals as… a little gift….

So the sex doctor on Oprah sent these couples on little fieldtrips and gave them homework. It all sounded fun to me. Have you heard of tantric yoga? Seemed powerful! Anyway, these two happy couples got their groove back and moved forward in happy sexy marriage. Their issues ran deep – past abuse, and finding it hard to let go of being mommy and instead being Victoria (Victoria Secret that is…)

Which if there is any issue, I would say AMEN to that one… keeping a marriage HOT and sizzling is not easy with all of our kids, our worries, our jobs, and our lives getting in the way…. Maybe that is where the “sex is a little gift” concept comes into play…. Something for me, for us, our time. As a mommy of five in a blended family world, I share everything about myself and my world with six other people (hahah and you my readers!). NOTHING is just mine… only ours…. I don’t know… I don’t want to dive too deep here, I just want to share that if we don’t give our marriages and ourselves a little fuel, a little time and attention, I think everything else may start to suffer. I pray to God I am never the person sitting on Oprah saying, I can’t kiss my husband it makes my skin crawl. Instead I want to crawl all over his skin!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun Stuff!

I want to share three fun things…

I stumbled upon three very cool contests and thought maybe you would like to enter. These are way bigger than my little personalized wine tag give-a-way (which, by the way - you should sign on for… )

First, Frontgate (I’ve listed them as one of my favorite websites in an earlier post) is giving away a $100,000 backyard pool makeover.

Second, Lake Compounce in Bristol CT is giving away 165 minutes of personalized park time for one lucky family to celebrate their 165th season. Yes, you have to write a 500 word essay, but you can do it….

And third…. Little Miss Matched is offering a contest where you design their next sock offering and win $1,000 bucks!

And of course, I am not associated with any of these companies, I am simply sharing what I have read, just like you... I hope I win!  Good Luck paper peeps!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Paperly Parties are fun, FUN, F U N!!

So EXCITED... just finished my NEW Paperly Welcome Kit... It's easy to be the HOSTESS with the MOSTESS!

Five for Friday

Five Great things for Friday!
1. Hokey contest for free personalized wine tags is in full swing... sign up to follow me and be automatically entered.
2. Sign up for Paper Mom email...a little Paper Mom love will be sent to you every time I post something new!
3. Met the World's Greatest Husband at the Hospital for dinner.  The kids think it is super cool to eat in the cafeteria!
4. My six year old was sweet to say he would buy everyone in his class "best friend" necklaces.
5. Paperly self inker-doodlie doo stampers are so cool!!!!  
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Secret

I Came home with a new look last night.  It involved scissors, a razor and a brave heart.  YIKES!  My kids screamed and ran under the kitchen table (I didn’t find that to be amusing) and my husband said I look younger but didn’t announce a real compliment until hours later…. Check out the new look (my professional 6 year old photographer took the picture, l love that kid!)

Are you sitting down? I have a secret…. Ready?

I miss working full time.  I know that sounds crazy to any mom who is running around like a crazy woman, but here me out.  As a part time professional and full time mommy,  I have my hands into too many things… As much as I appreciate a part time schedule it makes everything an opportunity.  I try to attend every important work event and meeting outside my scheduled part time hours because I want to be flexible and part of the team.   I try to attend every single kid event because I “only” work part time and feel the pressure to always be available to the school, the club, the team, to be flexible and support my kids…  I am acutely aware of time.  I know we all are but when I was at work at 8:30 and home for 5:00 I only had one place to be, of course with appointments and meetings I had my eye on the clock but it wasn’t about rushing out the door to meet the bus, carpool, visit the school, drop off, pick up etc.  I don’t want to sound like I wasn’t available or able to participate in school activities because  as a full time worker, I did participate, but I did it on a more limited basis, I did it on my time and on my terms not because I was the "part timer" who is always available.  I also had many days where I was pulling out my hair trying to manage it all. Being a part time professional some how has allowed me to become out of control with time, trying to be all things to all people….Not to mention,  I’ve missed having that professional stimulation all day long.  It was my “me” time that I swear makes me a better mother.  So to some of my readers, I am sure you are saying what the heck is this Paper Mom’s problem???? And maybe it is just the day and time of month that has me writing this way – part time also has a few perks that I am willing to acknowledge (a morning routine that allows for a blog!)  Another important point of interest is:  I know I am able to allow myself to miss full time work because we seriously do have the most amazing child care provider in our life.  I know that makes a difference.  Her willingness to help us and love our kids has always freed me from motherly worry that sometimes stifles full time professional creativity.  As moms and professionals we are only as good as our child care provider.

So there you have it… today, I miss working full time.  I know my part time gig isn’t forever and full time maybe closer than I think… I guess mentally, I am ready.
Today is Thursday, our crazy day!  I hope you are having a good one!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wine, Wine, Wine!

Ok, so I said April would bring another hokey contest… and here it is…

April showers bring May Wine Tags! Yes, I’ve fallen in love with the Paperly Wine Tags and I want to share them with you… think about this…we all bring a bottle of wine when visiting friends, make yours stand out and use this personalized itty bitty pretty! Are you out to impress or thank a client? Use a personalized wine tag and be the business owner who speaks to his customer in a cool unique way. I love them and I want you to love them too! Sign on as a follower, over there on the right, scroll down just a tad, there you go…the box that says paper mom groupies! Sign on to follow and you will be automatically entered. Send this along to family and friends because these wine tags are special and everyone you know will want them too! The contest ends on TAX DAY! April 15th. Sign on before then! If you are already a follower, your in – I hope you win!

Paperly Wine Tags

Did you know?
APRIL is National Card and Letter Writing Month....
Paperly's new catalog offers lots of fresh new ideas that you won't want to miss this spring.
Visit my site to see it all!
My faves? personalized Wine Tags!

O Magazine, my Friend...

When I get my O magazine delivered… it feels like Christmas. I am a fan. As a magazine junkie, I must admit it this is the only magazine I truly do read cover to cover. Sometimes I even take notes, I know you may be giggling over that, but I find the writers of this magazine seem to be writing to me – personally! Well, O celebrates 10 years this month and it looks like this special edition is chock full of the life inspiration that I have learned to depend on O for. I started reading last night, it will take a few days but the inspiration will flow and I will feel like a stronger, better Paper Mom.

I was so excited to read that the Live your Best Life” celebration for O’s 10th was going to be streamed live at movie theaters across the country. I was ready to text you all and invite you to join me. I don’t think sneaking in a NYC weekend to hang with Oprah and Gayle would be an easy task for me during baseball season - but taking a few hours to visit the movie theater was the answer…. I dreamt about the Paper Mom party we could have in conjunction to this live stream (similar to my divorce party years ago – that was the BEST party!) only to be disappointed this morning….. the website ( states that the movie theater events were cancelled. Oh no – say it isn’t so –O-! (tee hee hee)

And on a final note: Professional baseball kicked off last night…. Paper Mom family baseball/softball starts this week. Get ready for the season: five kids playing; one husband, coaching; four teams and one cranky mom shuttling and supporting them all with a smile. It’s going to be fun, seriously…. The posts are already bubbling in my head… dinners in the car, Trying to help with homework from the driver’s seat on our way to a game that is 40 minutes away, shuttling kids to Mom’s -then to Dad’s -then back to Mom’s looking for the baseball glove, searching all over town for baseball pants that fit, winter coat, hat and gloves on the bleachers, all-stars until July!, the quest for clean uniforms at the correct house, oh paper peeps…. Get ready…it is going to be a BLAST! Hope your Monday sizzles.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paper Mom Email

Cool new feature...
Have you noticed that you can now sign up for Paper Mom email?  Everyday between 7am-9am a Paper Mom email of my most recent post will be sent to you.  I am so thrilled with this neat new feature.  Feel free to sign up and get a little bit of paper heaven sent with love from me to you - each day.... 

Friday, April 2, 2010

5 for Friday

I hope you and your family enjoy a special Easter weekend. I hope you have a chance to thank God for all that he did and all that we have. Life is good!
Another week goes by - Here are 5 happy thoughts for Friday:
1.  It's April, maybe our hell month of illness can now cease!
2.  It's Good Friday and all of our children are off to the other parent.  When this happens I feel like I am a kid in a a candy store!  Heeheee!  We are off to see the show "Rooms" tonight!  I can't wait.
3. The thermometer is going to hit 70 this weekend!
4. Paperly orders are flying in left and right! Paper really makes my heart sing.
5. It's Easter and Easter means spring and spring means sunshine and that is the BEST!


A quick post...

This week when we were underwater in the basement, we had to quickly move a few things. I came across a shopping bag filled with tissue paper and a colorful straw bag. The World’s Greatest Husband said it was a gift from an old girlfriend; she had brought it back from Honduras. Hmm, for a split second I said to myself… old girlfriends stuff?? Seriously??? Then I remembered a box of old letters I have upstairs from my 7th grade boyfriend and of course there are the old wedding albums of the former spouses! When you meet later in life, you have baggage, ups, downs and old lovers….
The good news? our basement is dry~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Get to know Paper Mom...

Remember that game on facebook - 25 random things about me? I stumbled upon my FB post and thought I would post it here...
1. For the first time in my career, I am fearful for my job. It isn’t an easy time to be a fundraiser.
2. When I was younger, I wanted to be the President of a College.
3. I HATE winter. I only have 13 of them left in me. When our youngest goes off to college, I hope to go off to full time warmth and sunshine.
4. I wish I could be more of a free spirit.
5. I love the Sharpie Marker. I was thrilled when the Sharpie pen recently was introduced.
6. The World's Greatest Husband has changed my life in extraordinary ways. I believe we bring out the best in one another. No matter how exhausted I am, my favorite part of each day is when our heads hit the pillow and we finally can laugh, talk and snuggle up.
7. I listen to NPR every single day! It makes me feel like a smarty pants.
8. The demands of five children can be overwhelming but my life has never been so good. Our home is full of chaos (I would like to believe organized chaos) and love.
9. If I could have my creative way…. I would be a “paper stylist.” I love paper.
10. Divorce is not easy. I believe I came out of the situation stronger and seriously--able to handle anything!
11. I am committed to making our little girls strong women who can do anything! Girl Power!
12. I live with “Michael Recycle” and I wish I were better at being green.
13. Instead of Dr. and Mrs. World's Greatest Husband- - someday I hope it is Dr. & Dr. I would love to go back to school for my PhD.
14. Rick Springfield is my “teen idol” even at age 39. When I was 13 I couldn’t imagine ever meeting and hanging out with him. When I was 34 we met, hugged, kissed and hung out in a hotel lobby in NY. It was one of the happiest days of my life. The funny thing was, I KNEW I was going to meet him that day. I just had a feeling! Sometimes wishes do come true!
15. I love a bargain and often play “guess how much I paid for this” with my family.
16. Our wedding was absolutely perfect.
17. I miss my parents terribly. Although their Island is a fun place to visit, I wish they lived here.
18. I feel proud when I finish reading a book.
19. A big Rottweiler almost ate me once. I had to jump over a couch and lock myself in a bathroom to escape. I’ve been afraid of dogs ever since.
20. I was president of my college class.
21. I start my day with a serious coffee addiction.
22. I wish I could be best friends with Gayle King. Her morning radio show makes my day!
23. I HATE to bake and I can hardly cook.
24. I sometimes cry in church.
25. My ex husband has tattooed his body from head to toe since our divorce. Now seriously, what is that all about?


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