Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Girl is Bus Meat

Our high school freshman is on the bus…
My mom used to call that “bus meat.”
I never rode the bus in high school.  I refused.  I guess I was a spoiled brat on the one.
I managed to avoid being “bus meat” and snag a ride from a neighbor and then there was my little Blue Dodge Omni.    Our girl tried to finagle her way a ride too.  The neighbor, mom can come pick me up etc. We have stood our ground and insisted on the bus…. Partly because of the logistics of five kids, it helps to have a paid driver with no strings attached and partly because being “bus meat” builds character.  And besides in this day and age, it’s like I am on the bus with her, I’ve received seven text messages to keep me abreast as to where she is sitting, where the bus is going and who is hopping on.
I hope she puts the phone away when she gets to school.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Furlough...Smurlough... Let's Get Back To Work....

I return to work today.  I've been off on a two week furlough.  Life is about to get super hectic.  I had big plans for my furlough.... crafting everyday, walking the track for miles,creative cooking..... where did the time go?  It's always amazing to me when relaxing days are followed by frantic ones, how a little R and R can be wiped away in an instant.

So my two week furlough? I hardly cooked because of our kids schedules, didn't walk once and managed to squeeze in 15 minutes of crafting time last night because I needed something to calm my nerves.  The World's Greatest Husband worked at the hospital until 1am.  Having five kids by myself is a way of life but it sure is easier when two are home to manage the troops.  My kids (yes school is only days away and we should be practicing a proper bed time) went to bed at 11pm after an evening of fighting, a few minor injuries, screaming, wrestling and of course... laughing (at silly things like burping and farting)... please someone tell me it is going to be ok!  All this after a day of entertaining a family that we haven't visited with in quite awhile.  I think returning to work might be the relaxation and peace that I truly need!

Ok, so here is the final result of my two week craft-a-palooza that lasted only 15 minutes.  My fifteen minutes of peace for a very, very, long day. I must admit, doing this sort of stuff makes my heart sing...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcoming a new mom to the motherhood club...

An old high school friend gave birth to her first baby last night.  He looks sweet and perfect.  Many of my friends posted facebook good wishes and congratulations messages that said – "Enjoy every moment, savor every day, enjoy the small things."  Honestly, I am not sure if it was just my morning mood or lack of coffee but I had a little chuckle, because.... let’s be honest…The messages should say something like:  “Hope you slept because you will never nap again.”  Or “Start drinking now “ or maybe “Buy lotto because your mom was right, money doesn’t really grow on trees, your kids will tap you dry."  Or maybe simply posting the words of the Hail Mary prayer would be the most appropriate good wish.

It is amazing that with one final push on the delivery table,  B-I-N-G-O, presto-o-change-o, you are now a parent and you will never sleep a full eight hours again.  All kidding aside, as parents we forget the day-to-day hard work that is necessary to raise happy, healthy kids because God creates these incredible moments of pride, joy and unconditional love that make us bubble with fondness, gratitude and peace.  Somehow these moments serve as some sort of pixie dust to help us forget the sleepless nights and worry.  (It’s probably important to note that our teens are just finishing their “initiation” and don’t drive yet… the sentiment in this post may change as our teens emerge…)

My super huge defining mommy moment came as my daughter approached two.  I remember specifically having an overpowering feeling of sappy mommy love when my daughter proudly pointed her shovel at me and announced to a new found friend in the sandbox “That’s my mom” It was a moment I will never forget. 

To my friend - the new mommy and all my other mommy friends… it is true, we need to take a moment and savor the miracle we have nurtured.    Whether it is the newborn variety, the tweenie, the teen or the grown adult - - -We all simply do the best we can with what we know at any given moment.  It’s August 28th and I am wishing you the happiest of Mother’s Day wishes  because we deserve them every single day.  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wonderful Rubber Stamp Store in CT

Today my “kid fun day turned IKEA”… yep, on a whim after an ENT appointment and pizza we decided to visit IKEA.  (I state whim because my girlfriend who lives 15 minutes from IKEA will scream when she learns we were close by.)  My children love IKEA, I am still not sure why.  We traveled there two years ago and the experience was memorable.  They beg to go and today I decided we were a third of the way there with our doctor’s appointment so we would – GO FOR IT!  We only spent one hour but managed to find the deal of the day… 4 pretty cardboard storage boxes for only twelve and half cents each…. Worth the trip for this Paper Mom.

On our way we stopped at a rubber stamp store that I have been eager to visit.  I love going to little creative nooks to get inspired and see what’s new in paper crafting, and this stop did not disappoint. Paper peeps, please visit Beautiful Impressions in Westbrook, Connecticut.  Check them out on the web at www.beautiful-impressions.com .  The store was full of rubber stamps, project samples and creative classes.  It is also important to note that they sell ice cream and a scrapbook store is right next door!  So as you can imagine this was a dreamy day for a paper girl like me.   Visiting this little palace made me want to revisit my stamping princess days.  If the stamping urge hits….I’ll post my lovelies for you to see.  Here is the stamp I purchased.

PS – When we got in the car I asked, “oh what was the owners name again?” Both of my kids said – “Terri.”  My son, who just returned from Disney pipes in with… “You can remember it by Tower of Terri.”  I guess Disney’s “Tower of Terror” made an “impression” on him.  Terri was a delight and she would be happy to help you.  If you visit, be sure to let her know Paper Mom sent you. 

Five for Friday

It's the last Friday of my two week furlough and that about sums up my Five for Friday.  It's nice to have a break of the regular routine... My August was a huge change between work and family.  Now I am eager to get back to work, back to school and back to craziness.  wish me luck.

Here are 4 other great things for my Five for Friday....

My beautiful sunflower is blooming.  My children received this little plant in a dixie cup from their grandparents and it has grown to be this huge wonderful flower.  I've had a little life lesson watching this happen.  It was a treat to experience the growth and strength of this plant.

A day with my two kids.  I've promised them some fun.  It's 8:19 and I still don't know what that really means.... The World's Greatest Husband has suggested kite flying.  As they just returned from Disney World, I am not sure that is what they have in mind.... but it could work.

I am back on the diet.  It's been a week.  I feel like I am making progress.  Last night I saved calories for an ice cream.  I ordered a friendz, checked the calories after the purchase (yea, dumb idea... always check before ordering...) and then proceeded to deposit the whole sucker in the garbage can.  Seriously, 860 calories?  that is a crime and although I wasted the $3 bucks, I felt very good knowing it was not worth the it!  By the way, I had 630 calories to spend on my treat....no-go-though....

Our high school freshman went to the swim team meeting last night.  Leaving her there was painful.  It was all new, she was uncomfortable, unsure and scared.  I was surprised how unsettled I felt for her. To my delight, picking her up was a joy, she was happy, inspired and ready to swim.  She mentioned the coach was really, really, really, really nice.  We will see about that when they have practiced for a few days and she is screaming "Do more laps!"

Peace out Puppy! (as the freshman likes to say)
Have a good weekend!  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School - The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

As I count down to operation start school…. I am suffering from sticker shock today.  Today is the day we stocked up on notebooks, binders, lined paper, pencil cases, scientific calculators, pens and pencils.  Add to that a lunch box and a shower curtain liner and we are singing to the tune of $109.  Now granted - I didn’t need to get the first grader a toy story notebook and matching folder but why should he miss out on all the fun.

I’ve never participated in the back to school supply drives that I often see around town this time of year.  After today, I plan to buy a few things for those boxes because as I purchased the fresh new smart supplies I felt badly for those children who may not be able to afford a new notebook.  Now as a paper girl, I may have a slanted view on back to school supplies.  They seem to make me happy for many different reasons.  But honestly, if that 6.99 one and half inch binder makes my kid feel prepared and ready for the new school year, I am happy to spend the $109 dollars it takes for five kids to embrace the school year.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Did you know I am the Paper Stylist to the stars?

Commercial Break (and it's a long post too!)
Hey Paper Peeps… this is a Paperly Commercial.
If you love pretty paper, personalized lovelies and are a “tad” stationery obsessed you will want to read carefully.
I am currently filling my fall calendar.  Although it sounds like “FALL” is far off…. fall is here, well like next week, it’s here…. And believe it or not, the holidays are only 16 weeks away!  

I've been busy making baskets for the teacher's break rooms around town. Here is a sneak peak at my Welcome-Back-to-School baskets.

Personalized stationery makes a very thoughtful gift.  It is affordable and fun.  If you are in Connecticut consider hosting a Paperly party with me.  A night filled with yum-yums, friends, cocktails and shopping, does it get any better?  Of course catalog parties are fun too but you miss out on any gossip and you have to pour your own wine.  Either way as a hostess with the mostess you earn free items and when I say free items… I mean fashionable, chic, classic, stationery products that simply SCREAM quality and style. You can scratch off a few names on that gift list with your free stationery (I won't tell!)  If you respond to this post or my fall newsletter you will also earn free shipping and an additional $10 hostess credit.  Email me at papermom.andrea(at)yahoo(dot)com and be sure to visit my website to see all the great products and browse the catalogs, www.mypaperly.com/48

Here are a few of my favorite fall ideas:

  • Clipboards personally designed with your school colors
  • Address cards to announce  your new college address
  • Back-to-school notepads for teachers.
  • Personalized family calendars to keep soccer, band and swimming straight.
  • Lunch bag labels

  • Gift stickers for all those classmate's birthday parties that you will be attending throughout the school year.
  • Luggage tags to prepare for winter break travel
  • ***A great time to order your personalized holiday cards with coordinating address labels***
  • Personalized napkins for your Thanksgiving hostess
  • A monogrammed serving tray; as a hostess gift or better yet, one for yourself
  • Stock up on wine tags, make your bottle of wine stand out at those holiday parties!

Paperly is the perfect gift for the holidays... it is personal, affordable and thoughtful... perfect for:
  • babysitter
  • teacher
  • co-worker
  • boss
  • bus driver
  • hairdresser
  • mail carrier
  • neighbor
  • friend
I hope to hear from you... if you love paper, stationery, and fun gifts consider signing up for my newsletter so you will always be up-to-date with the latest Paperly scoop.  Subscribe over to the right or send me a quick email with your email address.  

My kids are Home

My kids are back!  I was so happy to greet them with 700 kisses each.  The kisses took all day.  ten here, 20 there, total: 700.  They were gone for three weeks.  One with me and two with their Dad.  They talked non-stop, showed me souvenirs and loved me up.  Tomorrow our oldest will be back on the scene, he has been at camp for this week.  We will be one big happy family once again.  Gearing up for the school year has me anxious but the fact that we will all be in one place, one routine… makes this mom/step-mo of five a happy girl.  Please remind me of that when I want to pull my hair out because five kids are back to school and going in 15 different directions.  The gentle reminder of this happy girl post might zap me into reality of what is truly important. 

Bring on the school year… it’s countdown time…   one week for high school, two weeks for school agers….

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Playroom is a Disaster

I am a genius… well not really but sort of…
I am always so crazed about our playroom.  It’s a disaster. It is the one room that I simply do not have the patience for.  BUT when company comes, I panic because to really, really, really clean it, I need days, weeks, maybe months.  Did I mention I simply don’t have the patience for it?  This is where the genius part comes in….We had a dinner party on Friday night.  My house was picked up, I will even go as far as saying it was clean.  BUT the playroom was still was a disaster.  The kids love it in there… toys everywhere… seriously if I were brave, I would post a picture but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Well in my panic for Friday I decided…… to hang a curtain on the window panes of the playroom door…. GENIUS….. go ahead tell me…. I am a genius!  I don’t have to look at the clutter, I just need to close the door and my guests don’t have to see the mess…. I just have to close the door and pray it doesn’t all bust out…..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Five for Friday

Where have you been? I’ve missed you Five for Friday!
Here are Five Great Things about TODAY:
  1. Hosting a dinner party tonight.  The World’s Greatest Husband’s co-workers will be on hand.
  2. The sun is shining, no rain expected – we will be eating outside on the patio.
  3. We are a day closer to my babies coming home…. Monday night can’t get here soon enough.
  4. One week of furlough down… one week to go….
  5. Had lots of blog visits this past week, thanks for checking in, I hope you will visit regularly… it makes my heart sing.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My kid Got Lost at Epcot

As many of you know, my two babies have been on a three week vacation. They are making a memory, for sure!   It started with all seven of us traveling to Virginia to spend a week at my sister-in-law's house.  That was followed by an I95 meet up with their dad to travel further south to Top Sail North Carolina, a week at a beach house right on the water.  The house had an elevator which seemed to impress my six year old. Only to be followed by a week at Disney World to celebrate Grandma’s retirement.  The trip includes grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.  I must admit, I wish I were a part of the party.  I have received photos, texts and many calls, my children are really having a special week of fun with their family.

Last night’s call was followed up by a brief conversation with their father announcing that there was “a little incident last night” Apparently my son got separated from the group as they exited an attraction, just as the lights were dimmed for the illuminations show.  He kept on walking, walking, walking until he hit Morocco where he told a cast member his name and he was lost.  People, I am glad to have missed this little incident.  From what I understand Grandma, Auntie and my daughter were a wreck, tears, security, nerves, I simply can’t imagine.  Hearing the story from hundreds of miles away kept me up all night and that is after they found him safe and sound.  From what I gather, every cast member did the right thing and Disney even does missing children with style, and magic.  My former brother in law ran to his location and found him surrounded by a few Moroccan belly dancers.  Which The World’s Greatest Husband proudly offered next time we visit Disney, remind him to get lost in Morocco.   

The incident was all of 15 minutes and I have lost 9 hours sleep a day later. I certainly understand things happen.  I wish it didn’t happen to my kiddo.   I am glad it all was ok but a mother’s fear realized with “the what-ifs” really makes me wish for their safe arrival home to my arms more than ever.   

And to my former mother-in-law, try to get some sleep tonight, it’s ok, he’s safe.  Keep plugging the separation plan so they all know what to do and where to go if lost.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Night Swimming

Sometimes life is just right.  Sometimes it is perfect.  I am sitting  poolside for “night swimming.”  The tikki torches are reflecting in the pool and three kids are hanging off the head and shoulders of their father… does it get any better?  It would only be better if two more children were hanging off him… my two are enjoying Disney with their grandparents, father, aunt, uncle and cousins.  I  wish I were with them, Mickey and Cinderella too.

I am grateful to have a little change of pace but I miss them.  Being on furlough makes it worse, too much time on my hands and today the boys room got cleaned…. The upstairs hall way mopped and our bathroom disenfected…  soon I will be out of spaces to clean (well I guess the playroom is always an option, last time it took 11 hours.)  Tommorrow I will try crafting until my fingers are numb and my creativity is depleted.  Yes, sometimes life is just right.  Sometimes it is perfect.  But truly it’s always better when we are all together.

EnJOYing the Good Life

Like most women, I take on many roles in my life and on any given day and in any given role I experience joy.  Sometimes it is a flash, sometimes an overwhelming sense of contentment.  I’ve always said in a blended family like ours, one must savor small victories.  If you add up the flash, small victory and contentment, you get the “good life.”

It looks something like this….

Mommy Joy
  • All five kids are up, clean, dressed, fed, homework complete and the last one steps on the yellow school bus.  Only to return hopping off the yellow school bus, bolting toward me arms wide open, bursting with the day’s details.
  • Halloween costumes secured sooner rather than later.
  • The sweet smell of baby shampoo, knowing I am never going back to “those days.”
  • Ok, I admit it, finding the "sun" silly band.
  • When all five kids choose hot lunch at school.

Step Mo Joy
  • Having our children reference one another as brother and sister and not using the word“Step.”
  • Having my (step) daughter text me (first) when a boy stated his interest.
  • Affectionately being known as “Step Mo”

I am Woman Hear me Roar Joy
  • Already having shoes that match.
  • A bargain where the receipt is worthy of being posted on the frig.
  • An uninterrupted shower.
  • Catching “Jessie’s Girl” on the radio and belting it out like a 13 year old.
  • The perfect cup of coffee – medium hazelnut, cream and one sweet and low.

Wife Joy
  • Over hearing my husband talk about how wonderful I am to his mother.
  • The sound sleep after a night of unforgettable love.
  • A man and a plan, I love when my husband makes a plan and executes it!  It doesn’t matter what the plan - a financial plan, a household chores plan, a carpool plan, although my favorite plan is a vacation plan!

Professional Joy
  • I was right.
  • A new spiffy suit that makes me feel like the CEO.
  • Making goal.

Friend, Sister, Daughter Joy
  • Getting personal mail with silly stickers plastered all over the envelope.
  • Being able to convey the story without having to explain the players, personalities or history.
  • Club meetings at the mall (a.k.a. retail therapy)
  • Unconditional love despite a bad hair day.

Life is good.  The hard part is being brave enough to embrace it and live in the moment with an open heart.  I know it can be a challenge, but let this post be a reminder.  What brings you joy? Tell me, the amazing SOY JOY company and my girl Scary Mommy, we would love to hear it.

This post is part of SOYJOY’s what brings you joy contest.  Learn more here.   

Friday, August 13, 2010

Many, Many Posts - read them by email....

What the heck? Four posts in one day? I've flipped! 
Yes, my kids must be away!
Hey, if you would like Paper Mom posts delivered to your email account, simply subscribe on the right column.  plug your email into that little box, press subscribe and when I post to my blog an email of that exact posting will appear in your inbox the next morning.  It is an easy way to keep up with my posts.  My kids don't return until the 23rd... I am on furlough for two weeks...... I may break some blogging posting records..... Paper peeps, you  are the best....

Long distance dedication to my husband

When you have a blog, you get to control the message and sometimes you get to play DJ.  This is my long distance dedication....from across the room.

World's Greatest Husband, you are the one who makes everything right in this crazy world.  I love you.  I love this song because it says exactly what I feel.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for loving and caring for our family.  This one is for you.......

object width="480" height="385">

Lobster at home...

I am closing in on the home stretch of my “summer-to-do list” posted in early June.  Tonight we checked off – make lobster….

The World’s Greatest Husband and I have never ever cooked lobster! Until tonight.  I admit we cheated, did you know the grocery store will steam those suckers up for you….

A little lobster, a baked potato, and some asparagus from the “Daisy Morning Noon and Night” cookbook and we had a big summer-to-do check mark in the making.  
The lobster was yummy but lazy man is the way to go.  It felt odd to crack, dig and pick to get at our food.  It just didn’t feel right…

A surprise date.... I love that man.

I’ve had a crazy week.  I can’t believe a whole week has gone by since our vacation.  I’ve been playing “catch up” all week.  So here I am, Friday and finally posting.  I’ve had so much to share.  I think I will start here….

The World’s Greatest Husband announced on Tuesday evening….”if you have an extra $40 bucks I would like to take you on a surprise date tomorrow.”  By the morning the extra $40 had turned to an extra $80.  This is not the usual way I get invited on a date.  I guess he did his research and had figured out the surprise details.  I love the thought of surprises but rarely do they work with me.  I think I was a detective in a former life.  I took the idea of surprise date and did research to try and figure out where we were going.
 I thought I had it…
But my research would mean that he had the price and time wrong…
at least I thought I had it…
I had convinced myself I was right until he confirmed the price and time….
Back to the drawing board… as we playfully text back and forth I heard an NPR commercial for “Menopause, the Musical”  my body jolted and I was a proud momma, knowing I had figured it out!  If that commercial wasn’t on, I doubt I would have been able to figure it out. 

I am convinced that I have hormone surges of some sort and am always talking to the World’s Greatest Huband about it …. He thinks I am too young for hormone surges, I think he is fearful of what comes next.  So to his credit, He found the perfect surprise date.  He get’s extra points for making it a surprise and I’ll double and bank additional "good husband" points for actually attending, he was only 1 of 10 or so men. 

The show was funny, spirited and the perfect surprise. (sort of…surprise)

Check out the show at www.menopausethemusical.com.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is it with me and the beach?

Last night we went to the beach at my favorite hour, 5pm.  I love the way the light of the day softens, the sand lights up making your skin sort of glow, and the hurried beach pace is a bit slower.  Our life is feeling a bit odd as our oldest stayed behind at my sister-in-laws for the week and my two are with their Dad for two weeks.  It was different to pack for a family of four compared to a family of seven.  As the girls made friends, played in the sand and enjoyed a dip in the water, a stumbling (and I mean stumbling) beauty arrived on the scene.  No bathing suit, no towel, no nothing…. She plopped in the sand wearing jean capri pants, a shirt and flip flops.    She had obviously had one too many.  A few minutes later she sits in the water.  A few minutes later she goes under the water.  A few minutes later she swims the beach.  A few minutes later her pants come off.  A few minutes pass, then her shirt.  She makes friends with some men that she proudly passes her clothing off too.  Our family and our beach neighbors continue to be entertained.  As time passes, she swims further and further out, pass the swim area, toward some docked boats in the middle of nowhere.  We watch, we worry, after some discussion our beach neighbor calls the police.   Simply put, too much time had passed, she was too far out and let’s not forget…. She’s DRUNK and NAKED!  They come, they rescue, all is good in the world. 

A teachable moment for our two girls.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pity Party for me...

BlogHer…well I admit, a year ago I had no idea what a BlogHer was.  Now that I’ve been a blogging Diva for the last 9 months (well, ok only in my own mind) I’ve learned that BlogHer is the ultimate party, workshop, share fest that every blogging Diva like myself should be a part of. 

Instead of Sex in the City living, fashion, food, celebrity sightings and post conference shopping (that would make any grown woman cry), I have opted for a family vacation in the mountains, 600 miles away, 14 hours away… with five kids ages 6 to 15.  Yep, my sophisticated city days no longer exist.  In fairness to my dear family that I tend to blog about on a daily basis, this trip has been fun and they are all great kids.  I am lucky.

… But in the deep part of my heart I long to be with other women (who are gathered only 2 hours from my home) women who truly get this blogging adventure.  The mere thought of a weekend with the World’s Greatest Husband (or maybe not) learning blogging tricks, scoring some swag, meeting others who love to blog,  and passing out cute Paper Mom business cards  is the simple validation that would provide a power boost as I continue to blog.  Blogging is an opportunity and yet we all know some of those non-bloggers just don’t see it that way.  To be surrounded by thousands who actually understand would be a dream.  And let’s face it to hear Scary Mommy’s words rather than read them, well that would be a treat too! 

Next year I will plan accordingly and I will surely meet my friends over at Life with out Pink and Mommy friend.  As they are the inspiration behind this pity party for us non attendees! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Date in a Car & a New Headlight

The year was 1986, I was a sophomore in high school, and it was freedom like I had never experienced before.   My parents agreed to my first “car date” and I was feeling like a queen bee dating a boy a year older, complete with his own car.  It was a matinee, Top Gun, a movie I will never forget.  I will also always remember my mother making the young man go buy a new headlight for his car because only one bulb shone bright.  I remember begging my mother not to make him do this…. It was a matinee for goodness sake; we didn’t need headlights the sun would be shining.  She used the experience as a character building exercise, illustrating the fact that if this boy cared about me and my safety he wouldn’t mind abiding by the law by having two working headlights.  After a quick trip to Caldor’s we were on our way.  I had no idea what Top Gun was even about, I was just happy to be on a date, in a car, with Mr. Charming.  It was a pleasant surprise enjoying the summer’s blockbuster hit while enjoying my first real car date.  I must admit the whole thing makes me smile 24 years later.  

This post was an writing prompt posted by Mama Kat over at Mama Kat's Losing it.  Go click and visit Ms. Mama Kat and give her some Paper Mom love.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My sister-in-law lives on a mountain.  As I type this post I am looking out the window at tree tops and more mountains in the distance. It is an amazing place (a tad too deep in the woods for a nearby Walmart.)  The kids are in their glory.  This home is paradise, complete with a pinball machine, ping pong table, playground,tether ball, miniature golf course, 18 hole frisbee golf course, feed the deer station, hiking trail, zip line, x-box and games galore! 

But the best thing...
There is a special rule, one that makes my heart sing...

Kids sleep upstairs in the loft and parents sleep downstairs.  Children aren't allowed to come downstairs to us in the morning. They watch cartoons, hang out and visit.  We see them when we decide to wake from a sound slumber.  A simple pleasure... but one that means a very big, big deal to me and the World's Greatest Husband.  I swear last year when we visited it was the only week I actually slept well for the whole year and I know it is the only week of the entire year that the World's Greatest Husband sleeps soundly.  So we are giddy with delight, able to face our day feeling a bit renewed because of a night of uninterrupted sleep and that my friends..... goes a long, long, long way.....
I think I may go nap now....


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