Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wait is it a $7 skirt or a $50 skirt??

This weekend the World's Greatest Husband and I went to the mall.  SHOCKER. We never shop together and it only took about 3 minutes side by side in Macy's to remember all the reasons why this is never a good idea for us.  But a Friday night adventure was in order and as our children would say.... YOLO.

After a bit of a walk about we glided on into Sears where I prepared him over and over again.... I like the Lands End section, they have couches. Not surprisingly, like a good husband, my man followed my direction and parked it while I went from rack to rack.  The spring collection and the winter clearance made me a happy Paper Mom.  Things got very exciting when I snagged a $50 skirt for $7 bucks.  Regular paper mom readers know that a bargain ranks high on my list of top tens.  So as any proud bargain shopper would.... I bragged and bragged.  I told a complete stranger standing in line.... I got a $7 skirt.  Bragged in the store and bragged on the car ride home.  The $7 skirt made me happy.  Only to be stopped in my bargain girl tracks by this World's Greatest husband's comment:

"Why don't you say you got a $50 skirt instead of a $7 skirt?"

Bargain girls, are you silent now too?
Hmmm this was a show stopper.
This comment left me speechless.  My weak response to the love of my life? Because the thrill is in securing the bargain?  Yes, I know it's weak but seriously, the man made me think..... Why do I say $7 instead of $50?  Any fashionista with style and class would clearly state that the skirt was $50 dollars, $50 well spent dollars.  This entire exchange rattled my bargain girl sense and made me feel like I was hit by a Michael Kors semi.   I've given the whole scenario time and attention since Friday and I haven't come up with any good explanation.  Simply put, I guess I just love a bargain?

But then again, this whole conversation is coming from a man....

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love to my Shop Rite - Shop From Home Team

I've given kudos, donuts and shout outs to the Shop from Home, Shop Rite team before but here I am with a grateful heart once again.  This is the most amazing service on the planet and my favorite little shopper man, Anthony once again impresses (so polite and kind).  It's quite an operation and I am simply grateful for the time they save me each and every week.  If you do not do this simple little time saving, gifty gift to all mom's on the planet.... please take my advice and start now.  You will thank me.  I do the pick up service (not home delivery) just because it fits my life better.  The fact that I don't even have to get out of the car makes me giggle with delight.  Ladies, take it from me... save time and money where you can and sign on to this service. 

I love, love, love it!

Big Weekend at our House....

It was a big weekend in the Paper Mom household.  The World's Greatest Husband and a BIG, BIG, BIG BIRTHDAY!   Really no big stories to tell other than the cutest line from our cub scout.  While driving we were talking about all the presents my husband will open for his birthday.  I went crazy and made him a basket of 50 special things... the cub scout pipes up with, "He is super lucky to open 50 things."  I reply, "yes, he is a lucky man."  After a minute or two of silence my sweet cub scout states - "He really is lucky, some 50 year old guys are still just trying to find a nice wife.   

Oh my sweet boy....


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