Friday, February 22, 2013

10 Things you don't know about me...

Ten things you don't know about me.
Ok, so there are probably more than ten things but here are a few that may make you say hmmmmmm, that paper mom is cra-cra.  (And oh by the way, do your kids say cra-cra instead of crazy, too?)

1.  I don't know how to dive and I can't stand water in my ears.  Plunging into the pool isn't my idea of a good time although soaking in our pool is quite high on my list of favorite things.  I've always thought a good long soak solves most problems.

2.  The Penguin Plunge is on my bucket list.  This makes no sense considering I hate winter and cold.  Yet the thought of cleansing your body and soul in ice cold water has some appeal.

3. You may already know this one.... I have a fear of math.  I've had adult nightmares of skipping Mrs. Kowalchyk's high school algebra only to have to then attend and not know anything.  I've had this dream people and I have had it more than once.

4.  Despite being a good Catholic religious woman who looks forward to spring each year, I hate easter decorations.  The whole spring, pastel, colored egg, bunny thing just annoys me.

5.  I am slightly afraid of visiting zoo's. I am not an animal girl and the thought of those tigers jumping a fence or a lion crashing through a glass barrier seriously is on my mind while visiting.. . . . and if I am truly coming clean? birds scare me and I have opinions about squirrels.

6.  My cub scout and I have a special kiss each night.  lips, cheek, cheek, forehead, nose, lips, chin, lips.  I hope we continue to do it when he is 30.

7. I am blind as a bat.  I've worn contacts for 27 years.

8. I have an amazing sense of direction and can practically get you from here to there no matter what and I am not talking about mapquest peeps.

9.  I miss working full time.  I know, call me cra cra.

10. I could eat pizza day and night.

I had a feeling I had written a similar post awhile back.  After a quick search, I did a similar blog post in April of 2010 with a post called "Get to know Papermom"  so I guess I have officially blogged too long, I am now repeating myself.

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