Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wait is it a $7 skirt or a $50 skirt??

This weekend the World's Greatest Husband and I went to the mall.  SHOCKER. We never shop together and it only took about 3 minutes side by side in Macy's to remember all the reasons why this is never a good idea for us.  But a Friday night adventure was in order and as our children would say.... YOLO.

After a bit of a walk about we glided on into Sears where I prepared him over and over again.... I like the Lands End section, they have couches. Not surprisingly, like a good husband, my man followed my direction and parked it while I went from rack to rack.  The spring collection and the winter clearance made me a happy Paper Mom.  Things got very exciting when I snagged a $50 skirt for $7 bucks.  Regular paper mom readers know that a bargain ranks high on my list of top tens.  So as any proud bargain shopper would.... I bragged and bragged.  I told a complete stranger standing in line.... I got a $7 skirt.  Bragged in the store and bragged on the car ride home.  The $7 skirt made me happy.  Only to be stopped in my bargain girl tracks by this World's Greatest husband's comment:

"Why don't you say you got a $50 skirt instead of a $7 skirt?"

Bargain girls, are you silent now too?
Hmmm this was a show stopper.
This comment left me speechless.  My weak response to the love of my life? Because the thrill is in securing the bargain?  Yes, I know it's weak but seriously, the man made me think..... Why do I say $7 instead of $50?  Any fashionista with style and class would clearly state that the skirt was $50 dollars, $50 well spent dollars.  This entire exchange rattled my bargain girl sense and made me feel like I was hit by a Michael Kors semi.   I've given the whole scenario time and attention since Friday and I haven't come up with any good explanation.  Simply put, I guess I just love a bargain?

But then again, this whole conversation is coming from a man....

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