Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day is too much pressure for this Step Mo.

Mother's Day is too much pressure.
I think my husband is still recovering from Mother's Day. Over all it was a fine day.  No skywriting, no back flips or magic.... simply no dishes for me. 

The World's Greatest Husband actually asked me to write down what my expectations were for this not always great for a step-mo holiday.  I wrote them down....  easy peasy

1. Dunkin Donuts medium hazelnut with cream and one sweet and low.
2. No dishes for an entire day
3. Let's take a walk in the park
4. Win the Norwegian Cruise contest on pinterest (but I also added, it was ok if this one didn't come true)

Sounds simple right?
I thought so.

Except I was crying by mid afternoon and I am not even a crier!

What I failed to write down on my note was.... make sure each child greets me with a warm "Happy Mother's Day"  This is where blended bliss get's foggy.  This is where I started to question my existence and skill as a step-mo.  It's complicated.  In my heart, I know we are all ok.  My two were proud and happy to greet me with love, hugs and kisses.  His three came later in the day and I guess had already "been there and done that for the day."  And if you are an avid reader, rarely do I even use the terms his and mine that's how good it is.  But in the end, somehow I feel guilty for feeling bad that I wasn't greeted with a phrase that is dedicated to mother's all over the country.  What makes it worse? I wrote them a letter letting them know how much they mean to me on this day and everyday.  One letter still remains in the envelope not even opened.  I am crushed on one level and marching forward like every good mom and stepmo does on every other level.  I love them.  I am disappointed and have learned a great deal through this experience. 

Have hope, as the day went on it improved.  We went on that walk.  I poured my heart out to the World's Greatest Husband and they had an ice cream party for me after dinner.  I got some beautiful gifts and  handmade cards.  As they left the dining room each of them said "Happy Mother's Day." Honestly, I think it's too much pressure for all of us.  We do better on our normal days, our normal routines, no expectations.  By the way, I didn't win the Norwegian cruise either (but you can see my board on pinterest http://pinterest.com/papermom ) But now that would have made a Mother's Day I would like to forget, one to remember.

Happy Mother's Day fellow Paper Mom's

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