Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Been too Long -

Paper Peeps,
It's been so long since this Paper Mom has blogged.  It is a busy week in our life and an emotional one too. Our oldest will graduate from high school and head to college. We've had family in town celebrating all week.  I am a sentimental soul so this has been a challenge for me.  I am the one who cried at our cub scout's school concert yesterday so clearly that gives you a clue to my mental state this week.  They are all growing up.  I am not a mushy mom but I am proud of the big people they are turning into.

So here is a little funny to keep you in the mix as I pray, hope and wish for more blogging this summer.

My 3rd grader cub scout says this while getting ready for school ----
"Mom, you should be a lunch lady at our school because you would be a nice one"

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