Monday, February 3, 2014

Glitter and Glue Video for Mothers - You Will Probably Cry

I am such a sappy, mom geek. I am a fan of author Kelly Corrigan and I was thrilled to see her new video posted to You Tube.  The video highlights her new book Glitter and Glue.  The book is being released Tuesday and I can't wait to read it.  All of her videos (which I have posted a few here over the years) pretty much sum up my whole being, it is as if she has spent days in my head.  She makes life and motherhood real.  She writes or says the things we are all thinking.... for example.  When I was so excited that Kelly Corrigan actually "liked" my facebook post:
   "Kelly Corrigan is my hero.  Seriously,  I know we would be friends if we lived closer.  Video is quick and so worth it"
I yelled upstairs to my thirteen year old daughter who is an avid reader and totally loves books and has several favorite authors (if anyone was to understand my joy, it would be her)  only to have her scroll through my facebook newsfeed  and announce, "Mom, she is liking everyone's posts about her new video. I don't think it was about you"
So naturally, I struggled with giving her the finger in silence as she pranced back upstairs.  Watch her quick video and you will totally get my finger struggle.....

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