Monday, April 1, 2013

An Expensive Easter to Remember

I love the World's Greatest Husband.  He is smart and witty.  He is not a handy man. I repeat, he is not a handy man.  I wish he was and on days like Easter, I really, really, really wish he was.  Case at hand - - - Dr. Psychologist should never play Mr. Lumberjack, never.

We had a rather large tree come down during a storm.  We had a man come clean up the big mess but a big piece of the rather large tall tree was still standing.  My dear one took it down.  Rope, chain saw, sweat, and you tube.  He did it and gained more confidence than he should have.  This led to the expensive part.

Tree two... near the house, near the gas tank, near the roof......
I admit, watching from the window, I said several Hail Mary's and said to myself..... what the hell is he thinking? ? ? ? ?  The tree came down and landed right between the house and the gas tank.... upside? not in the pool, not on top of a kid.

Downside? a very expensive Easter once we get the gutter guy and roof guy to schedule us in.  People, simply enjoy family, eat ham and search for eggs on Easter Sunday.  Do not attempt tree trimming on holy days or in the case of my husband, ever.

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