Monday, July 8, 2013

Kringle Candle - Man Style

Visiting Kringle Candle is one of my favorite things to do!  Read my popular post of my first visit to Kringle Candle here  
To my surprise, the World's Greatest Husband  recently visited without me and surprised me with a bag full of goodies.  Our oldest will be attending College in Vermont and apparently Kringle Candle is the perfect rest stop along the way! This is a bit of a perk to that big college tuition bill.  Of course the World's Greatest Husband visited "man style"  He told me he was there for a total of 20 minutes and felt like he had to announce more than once... "My wife loves this place, she is going to be so happy that I stopped here" because he simply felt like a man should not be candle shopping by himself.   Either way, I am glad he did.  That guy is special.  In addition to buying me prizes, he bought the most beautiful sea life puzzle for our Cub Scout.  The puzzle pieces are the best quality, I have ever seen.  Clearly Kringle does it right.  On one of our next visits - move in weekend - Parents weekend -we are trying the Farm to Table restaurant.... 

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