Friday, November 9, 2012

One Direction and Rick Springfield

Dear Mom and Dad,
I've had a burning question of late. . . was I as wacky as my two 12 year old girls when I was their age?  I think the answer is yes but last night really sealed the deal.  You see, the girls are obsessed with the boy band One Direction.  They watch videos, play their music, read about them, text about them, hang their posters and scour stores for anything with One Direction or as "directioners" say. . . ID on it.  I've had moments where I think this little obsession has been a right of passage, something cute, part of growing up.  Then I've had other times when I have said, turn it down! or turn it off way too many times before they actually listen.  I heard one of them actually has 24 tattoo's.  While in the kitchen yesterday, one of the girls (I'll let you guess which one) actually whispered with big eyes, "Mom I heard the song "rock me" actually means something else, something inappropriate."  Playing dumb I ask, "Really like what?" and she mouthed the word "s-e-x" to me.  I think it was the first time I ever actually heard the word uttered from her sweet innocent lips.

Last night we watched them perform on the X-factor and the girls couldn't breathe,  they jumped, screamed and one cried.   Then it dawned on me. . .

  • My Rick Springfield t-shirt from the t-shirt shop where you pick the iron on. I picked the back side of the Working Class Dog Album as my iron on.
  • The poster board collage of all my Rick pictures from 16 magazine.
  • The "I've Done Everything for you"concert with Alison Terry
  • Joining the fan club (ok, I admit as an adult!)
  • And much like the word s-e-x I remember whispering the word s-h-i-t when he sang carry me away (the flip side of the Jessie's girl 45)  
  • The fact that I remember the first song he sang at my first concert was "Kristina" and I recently scored pretty darn high on the Rick Springfield online trivia game shouldn't concern you today..... I've been to more than a dozen more shows since 81 but it really doesn't compare to some of the other 40 somethings that I meet there. 
So last night about 8:30PM I answered my own question and in a very sweet way I was brought back to my early teen years, reminding me of the days when there was no greater joy than watching Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.

And for the 100th time on this blog, I will post one of my favorite photos in the world.  Saying this was a thrill of a lifetime really doesn't even come close.
 I wonder if the girls will meet Harry, Zayn, Nile, Liam and Louie in 2037.

Mom and Dad, thanks for letting me have that little teen obsession that makes you want to practice kissing on your pillow.  I still think he is the best.

By the way - Rick has a new album out - Songs for the End of the World.
visit his website for all the details - and if you are wondering my favorite Rick song is "ordinary girl" he wrote it for his wife.
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Julie said...

This post really brings me back to my teen years! I think all of us had our teen obsession - mine was Bruce Springsteen. Thank you for blogging about this!


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