Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We Are Norwegian Now... we cruised the Jewel

We are home.  All five kids are alive, happy and well. They did fine without us for a week. But let me tell you easing back into real life is not glamorous or fun.  Cruising like a Norwegian is much more exciting than working, cooking or cleaning.  My only regret....I  was not being able to blog, tweet and facebook during the week, as so many things were happening moment by moment and it would have been nice to share.

I unplugged all devices and that had a whole host of benefits for my romantic week with the World's Greatest Husband as we sailed on our anniversary love boat but the down side is trying to explain moments like the "washy washy man" after the fact. It would seriously have more of an impact and humor if I were tweeting it the moment it happened, with little explanation, now it simply has lost the energy to explain the washy washy jingle and humor. But if you have cruised like a Norwegian, you are giggling right now.

So here is my quick recap of the Norwegian Jewel.... ready?? stay with me.... wait for it..... and now  BOOK IT....

Ironically, the couple that cruised to get away from five kids... had 800 on their boat (I am not kidding) The boat usually hosts 200ish but cruise a thanksgiving cruise and that all changes.  Lucky for us our house is a loud, fun place so being near kids on the boat didn't seem so bad but as the week went on and they all became friends, they traveled in packs and that was interesting to watch.   We heard that some kids were crying when their parents went to camp to pick them up.  My bottom line take on the kid thing.... I think it is a great family vacation idea. Especially for a family with children ages 8-17.   That being said, I would want to cap their key cards so they couldn't spend a trillion of my dollars.  We chatted with a proud dad talking about his kids and their exciting trip only to offer a wink and a  whisper-- "Ya, but take it from us it's way more fun without them."

Once we got settled into cruising life -- life was perfect. Our meals were beautiful and yummy.  Entertainment, top notch with amazing talent and skill.  Staff - the friendliest bunch of paper mom peeps I've ever met. Accommodations were luxurious, roomy and clean.  The Norwegian staff certainly knows how to throw a party.

So what really struck me?
Nakedness in the spa.  No holding back, naked ladies dressing and undressing into comfy robes to sit on the mosaic heated chairs that stared out onto the ocean. Big lady nakedness and little lady nakedness.

The rules don't change.  Shorts and t-shirts are not allowed in the dining room on any night even though we continuously saw folks trying to break the rule and slide on in.  Seriously, you paid a lot of money to cruise I think you should be able to find something other than running shorts and a ratty old T.

A wine package is a good idea.  For a couple who doesn't drink much.... we managed to down a bottle of vino each night.  The package made it easy and was offered at a discount on day one.

The cabin stewards are sort of psychic.  I swear our guy only saw our face once and one evening while walking on the wrong side of the boat he shouts out - cabin 5586 you are on the other side.... amazing.

My only complaint........  hair conditioner.  Bravo for Norwegian saving the earth by having dispensers rather than  individual packaging for soap and shampoo but I missed my conditioner -- a minor complaint for a week in paradise....and oh ya, I didn't care for the hamburger buns.

Now I am ready to book another.  But next time I will stay plugged in and tweet my feelings as I go.  I am hoping I have the power ball winning ticket because I will look to "rent" the whole boat and throw one heck of a party for my family and even you my faithful readers.

I hope your thanksgiving was lovely.  As for us, we are thankful for many things but believe it or not, we ate in the Italian restaurant, Mama's on Thanksgiving - we had the place to ourselves and the best service on the boat.

Tis the season people.  I hope to be blogging a bit more just so we can celebrate the meaning of the holidays together. . . . . like old friends.

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Julie said...

It sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you had a good time, and that all was well when you got home. Welcome home!


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