Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ready to Cruise like a Norwegian

I must admit, since downloading the Norwegian Cruise line puzzle app, I get  little butterflies in my stomach every time my cub scout completes a puzzle and the "cruise like a Norwegian song" plays.  The count down is on and it has never felt so good.  November is a crazy month, I will send 850 solicitation letters asking for support for our local library and I will welcome more than 1200 people to a special one day festival at the Library (the day before my cruise).  Although neither project completely rests on my shoulders.  The buck stops with me and failure really isn't an option. I am working hard.

I've earned my cruise every single day since my last one  16 years ago and the one before that 20 years ago ( a college graduation present).  But this month - my cruise month - with all my responsibilities and projects it seems as though I am earning double points on this countdown journey.  Basically just like you, our life is a circus.

So here is what I am looking forward to the most as I "cruise like a Norwegian" (Can you hear the music?):
1. I am looking forward to not having to share a bite of food off my plate or a sip of my drink and yes, for extra credit lets not forget that I won't have to cook that plate of food or pour that drink.
2. I am looking forward to dressing up, dressing down and undressing. I am looking forward to wearing the new clothes that the World's Greatest Husband has no idea about.
3. I am looking forward to meeting new people, sitting on a beach, having a glass of wine everyday and reading a book.
4.  I am looking forward to uninterrupted sleep.
5. I am looking forward to no alarm clocks, homework checks, spelling tests, permission slips, tween pouty lips, huffs, puffs and stomps.
6. I am looking forward to a week of no electronic media monitoring.
7. If I have to remind the World's Greatest Husband to take a shower, brush his teeth, get his pajama's on (ok, that's a stretch we are a lone for 7 days PJ's aren't needed) pick up his clothes or wash his hands - I swear I will jump overboard.
8. I am looking forward to playing Bingo like a grandma.
9. I am looking forward to listening to music that does not include tracks by One direction, Glee or Justin Bieber.  All cutie-patooties but not my choice on the radio dial.
10. Most of all --I am looking forward to celebrating five years of a beautiful marriage and family with the guy who has changed my life all for the better.  The man who is my rock and my safe place to fall.  The one who just recently looked at me and said, "wow, I don't think I've ever seen you without make up on"   Ya, you can imagine the rest of that conversation......

Almost Bon Voyage my friends.......  Hey Jewel peeps - get ready, I am coming......

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Julie said...

Congratulations! You both deserve this vacation. You'll have a wonderful time, I'm sure.


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