Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

I probably shouldn't blog when I am feeling a bit cranky.  But here goes nothing....

 I am learning more about what I don't want to be like - than what I do want to be like.  I think that sentence can be argued by any sane individual,  like that makes any sense, right? Wait, does that make any sense?

Here's the truth:  I've had several interactions of late that illustrate behaviors, language and agenda's that I don't care to engage in.  I believe life is hard enough for all, do we really need to critically tear each other apart, as leaders? professionals? women? parents?  I am up to my eyeballs in negative sentiment.  I crave to be in a situation where direct and thoughtful kindness, inner beauty, spirit, grace and peace prevail.... please anyone?  Now my self argument can weigh in and say rationally, "but by witnessing all the negative I am learning.... I am learning that leadership, reflection, kindness and good can go a long way."  and to that I say "Well Little Miss selfie, yes- I do agree" But honestly even with that rational thought I am feeling a powerful, inner soul sort of feeling that is seeking to surround myself with the force, the good guys, the smart ones, the strong ones, the kind ones, the ones who are eager to teach.  Maybe I am in need of a strong woman mentor  to help me filter the crap (please inbox me if that is you!), or a maybe a therapy session? A crafty Diva creative break? or quite possibly a good long talk and visit with my mother..... something to "find my center" (as the World's Greatest Husband would say) - -- because wishy-washy, cruel, tactless, inconsiderate and insensitive acts, language and motives are not making this world any better.

I believe that most of the time we are all doing the best we can but at times I question, can we do better?

Now, how is that for a post that is unlike a paper mom post?  Love to all the Paper Peeps - Keeping in real!

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