Friday, April 12, 2013

A commercial for Moms-

This morning I saw a commercial that brought me to tears.  It is beautiful and so appropriate.  I can just imagine viewing it as a new mom and having a full heart.  I've posted it here so you can cry too.  

Isn't it sweet? Are you feeling the love?
Now, I would like to challenge the Johnson's Baby people to craft a new commercial that speaks to the mom's of tweens and teens because the message of "your doing ok, Mom" means an entirely different thing to a mother of twelve year old girls.  The commercial would have to have lots of eye rolling, hand held devices, bright nail polish, hair accessories, One Direction music and most importantly, the commercial would not actually show the mother because that would clearly be too embarrassing.  All kidding aside, motherhood is the greatest job on earth, right? no, seriously, right? 
Squeeze your girls (and your boys too) they are our strong future.

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