Thursday, April 4, 2013

7th Grade Memory

I am linking up with the famous Mama Kat's writing workshop to not only creatively express myself through writing but to also act a like a tweenie again and relive my most favorite school year ever. The prompt is.... a seventh grade memory.

7th grade.
7th grade, as a whole, was the best year in my entire educational career.
7th grade, the grade that two of my two girls are in now.
7th grade, the grade when I had my first "real" kiss.
7th grade when I lived for the RollerPort 91 afternoon couples skate.

Really do  I need to write anything more?
silly reader, of course I do. . . .
Oh the memories. . . .

I remember Mrs. Rabe coming into Mrs. Kowalchyk's class to confiscate all the frog dissection "parts" that we took as souvenirs.  After her speech and detention threats she stood at the front of the classroom waiting for us all to unload.  Slowly, one by one kids shuffled to the front of the room digging in pockets and book bags to return the parts that were neatly wrapped up in brown paper towels.  Someone had clearly ratted our class out. 

I remember wearing my winter coat to my art class because I was afraid that Mrs. Gezzie wouldn't dismiss on time and Lord knows I couldn't mess with my locker and catch the bus.

I remember sitting on the living room sofa behind a pillow making out.  It may scare you to know that I remember Madonna's video "Crazy For You" playing on MTV as we made out.   I remember my mother calling me into the kitchen and stating that if that didn't stop at once, I wasn't going to ever see the light of day again.

It was the year of boy-girl parties, hours spent on the phone and night time hide and seek. 

It was the year of big t-shirts, neon accessories, WHAM,  Madonna, Bryan Adams and Jordache.

It was the year that feathered roach clips were all the rage at the Durham Fair and my parents wouldn't allow me to put one in my hair because they would simply say, "do you know what those are really used for?"  Until, luck would have it and I had my birthday party at the roller rink and recieved one as the "gift" from the skating place.  My parents let me keep it.

It wasn't just one memory that made 7th grade great, well maybe the kissing, but many.  It's hard for me to imagine that two of my girls are living 7th grade right now. 
Cheers to the good ol days, I am going to go lock up the girls right now. 


Kristen said...

Haha! I understand what you mean about locking up your girls. I think back to some of the stunts I pulled growing up and I can't imagine having children! I'm afraid of what they might do!

Lisa said...

Love this! Sounds like my 7th grade memories (Jordache, Madonna and neon) but without the kissing. I was a late bloomer :) Stopping by from Mama Kat's linkup.

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

I enjoyed grade 7...and Wham!!!

Anonymous said...

Except for the Madonna and Wham references I thought we were in 7th grade together. And the roach clips, I forgot about the roach clips in the hair! I got mine at a party too, my parents didn't know what they were, but my big sis twisted my arm and asked me where I got and did I know what it was used for? Uh, how did she know? lol


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