Friday, April 16, 2010

5 for Friday

Five for friday...
Oh peeps, here are five great things about Friday!
1.  Do you hear me singing a happy song?... school vacation starts at 3:15 and although I work next week, I am thrilled that we have a break in the action.  I've been living on my last nerve the past few mornings.
2. Paid the taxes, although that isn't GREAT news - it's done.
3. I plan to visit our "Library Booksale" this weekend.  Great bargains and helping an amazing institution!
4. I am off on Monday!  A long weekend!
5. World's Greatest Husband is working at the hospital tonight & Saturday night and although I would rather have him home snuggled up next to me... I am trying to see the plus side (besides a little extra money) the only plus side is... I get to catch up on my TV!!!  Was Grey's new on Thursday? (I should blog about my Grey's additction)
PS - and our winner for wine tags.... Elroyo  - free wine tags for you! Congratulations!

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