Monday, April 26, 2010

My Kid Says The Craziest Things!

We survived our baseball kick off! Yahoo for us! We celebrated with a second trip to DQ for 25 cent blizzards.  Now it is back to serious dieting.  I seem to be stuck at 39… 39 pounds and 39 years…. Haha.

I checked out a Kids room re-design book from the library.  You would have thought I brought home the JC Penney Christmas catalog the way my kids have studied this book.  They love it.  They have picked out their new rooms 10 times over.  Of course all the redesign takes thousands of bucks and a carpenter but it is nice to see them rally around fixing up our house and their rooms.

Last night our youngest was advocating for the “construction room” it has a bulldozer bed and a dump truck bed.  I told him those beds would never fit in his room.  He was quick to ditch his older brother, telling me, “I know, he can sleep in your room” my big eyes must have made him quickly add “No, not in your bed mom, you could put a bed on the side”

He continues to study the book as I type.  His comments never cease to amaze me… as I type he just said, “Mom that sweater makes your boobs good” I seriously can’t make this stuff it up!
Have a good day!

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