Monday, April 5, 2010

O Magazine, my Friend...

When I get my O magazine delivered… it feels like Christmas. I am a fan. As a magazine junkie, I must admit it this is the only magazine I truly do read cover to cover. Sometimes I even take notes, I know you may be giggling over that, but I find the writers of this magazine seem to be writing to me – personally! Well, O celebrates 10 years this month and it looks like this special edition is chock full of the life inspiration that I have learned to depend on O for. I started reading last night, it will take a few days but the inspiration will flow and I will feel like a stronger, better Paper Mom.

I was so excited to read that the Live your Best Life” celebration for O’s 10th was going to be streamed live at movie theaters across the country. I was ready to text you all and invite you to join me. I don’t think sneaking in a NYC weekend to hang with Oprah and Gayle would be an easy task for me during baseball season - but taking a few hours to visit the movie theater was the answer…. I dreamt about the Paper Mom party we could have in conjunction to this live stream (similar to my divorce party years ago – that was the BEST party!) only to be disappointed this morning….. the website ( states that the movie theater events were cancelled. Oh no – say it isn’t so –O-! (tee hee hee)

And on a final note: Professional baseball kicked off last night…. Paper Mom family baseball/softball starts this week. Get ready for the season: five kids playing; one husband, coaching; four teams and one cranky mom shuttling and supporting them all with a smile. It’s going to be fun, seriously…. The posts are already bubbling in my head… dinners in the car, Trying to help with homework from the driver’s seat on our way to a game that is 40 minutes away, shuttling kids to Mom’s -then to Dad’s -then back to Mom’s looking for the baseball glove, searching all over town for baseball pants that fit, winter coat, hat and gloves on the bleachers, all-stars until July!, the quest for clean uniforms at the correct house, oh paper peeps…. Get ready…it is going to be a BLAST! Hope your Monday sizzles.

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