Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Husband Appreciation Day!

Wow, I am looking forward to no homework and morning routines next week.  I think my children need it even more than I do… two mornings with tears and stress.  Poor kids… poor mommy. 

Last night our oldest played in his first high school baseball game.  He was so happy!  He did great, and pitched for 2 innings…. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he has a great season.  As spectators, WE FROZE – it was cold outside for 2 ½ hours!  Seriously, I was so achy from those metal bleachers I almost cried.  I was not dressed properly.  Today I am contemplating a wool hat and I won’t forget my gloves!
Had a horrible and I mean BAD day at work and then froze on the bleachers… but the World’s Greatest Husband surprised me with a little trip to my favorite restaurant after the game.  It was nice to sit over a glass of wine and enjoy each other.  He always reminds me about what is important in our life and where our focus needs to be… and last night it was on each other…  I hope that warm fuzzy feeling, his strength and support stays with me today.  I need it!

I’ve lived marriage two ways… once with a man who was not supportive, kindhearted or warm.  Life was filled with struggles and worries and now…. with the World’s Greatest Husband my life is still filled with struggles and worries but I have someone to share them with, a supportive, kind hearted, warm soul.  WOW, what a difference.  Saturday was “Appreciate your Husband Day” I am late with my appreciation, and honestly I simply gush about him all the time.  Paper Mom readers, I am grateful and lucky and I know it….  (HE IS TOO!)

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