Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letting mom sexy live!

I’ve been reading the Mommyologist and loving each and every post!  She recently unveiled her “Mom Sexy” and has challenged moms everywhere to search for their own inner mom sexy.  I’ve been thinking about sexy ever since reading her post.

 Hmmm let’s dive in….

Mom sexy? Sexy mom? Sexy? Mom? 

Here is my take… I think mom sexy means knowing you are  beautiful inside and out and being ok with it.   It seems as though sexy is always related to physical appearance and the scale and although I guess attractiveness doesn’t hurt it is more the attitude and confidence of mom sexy that I am drawn to.  I believe what we put forth comes back  in a big way –Girly karma is  boomerang.  And nothing speaks louder than a positive attitude, good posture and a bright smile.   I am not discounting the power of long lean legs or beautiful bouncy blonde hair. But when it comes to sexing it up,  I know I am not that girl that oozes with sex appeal and yet I still have flirted with a mom sexy feeling that seems to work in my life and in my marriage.  So what gets in the way of my mom sexy? Sometimes my brain, my calendar, my list of things to do…  I think as moms, we are always  working hard and managing we often lose sight of our mom sexy, we let it slide, disappear or hide.  Why? Why do we deny ourselves mom sexy?  Quite honestly, I have only found my mom sexy after a rotten divorce and a splendid new lease on life with an amazing partner.  His love and support makes me feel comfortable with my "mom sexy" and that has made me want my little Ms. Sexy to emerge in big ways.   So this week I have a new “thing” to try…. The World’s Greatest  Husband calls me “Beautiful” it is his little lovey, dovey name for me… on the phone he says, “Hi Beautiful” in the morning when I look scary he says, “Good morning beautiful”  I sometimes have a tad bit of uneasiness when he calls me beautiful and I don’t personally “feel beautiful.”  Seriously, at 6:00 am when I have dragon breath, crazy hair, morning sleep stink, I don’t feel pretty and his words seem sort of silly…. My personal challenge for this week? I want to let those words live inside me even when I am feeling less than attractive never mind sexy… I am going to… let him say it… let me hear it… let me believe it…let me think it…let me feel it…..

Like my new friend, the mommyologist, I challenge you to find your mom sexy. I imagine if we feed our inner sexy it will make us better mothers and wives.  


The Mommyologist said...

This post totally rocks!!! I couldn't agree have to ALLOW yourself to be sexy even if you don't always feel it! We deserve those compliments and we should embrace them!! Sounds like you have one awesome hubby on your hands!! You GO sexy mama!

The Adventures of Baby Daniels said...

I have to agree, it's really hard to accept the "beautiful" and "gorgeous" and "sexy" compliments a spouse dishes out. Sometime I just think to myself, "yeah, sure, okay." But maybe I will let it simmer for a minute and take it in.


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