Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloggy Baseball Bellyache

Ok, so today is my first cranky baseball season post. I think I will name these posts: Bloggy Baseball bellyaches- I must start by saying, I love that my kids are playing ball. I do think it is an amazing experience that allows them to enjoy friends, grow, take in the fresh air and be challenged physically and mentally. It is all GOOD! The problems begin with….

THERE ARE FIVE OF THEM… that often adds up to 10 practices a week and up to 7 games each week. We joke about pitching a tent at the field.

WORLD’S GREATEST HUSBAND… BLESS THAT MANS HEART, COACHES the team of our two our nine year olds. That means WE coach. Now I am not an athlete by any stretch (I was a cheerleader in H.S.) so I am not on the field at any time… but being the wife of the coach means…. Did you call the parents, did you reserve the field? Do you have the flyers? Does everyone have the directions? Not to mention fielding most questions and phone calls from parents from now until July… and let’s not forget the end of season par-tay!

LAST BIG PROBLEMO : With a blended family things are always left at mom’s house and dad’s house. Now only a blended family parent can truly appreciate the back and forth, looking and finding of items at either parent’s home, on any given day. This makes me crazy on a normal day! (have I told you about the missing library books?) Add to it: baseball gloves, cleats, bats, hats, uniforms (all items that can’t be transported via a school bus ride) and I nearly need to be committed. Lucky for us the house is on the way to and from the field… and honestly, it isn’t their fault they need to live at two homes but responsibility and organization win extra points when exhibited.

So my real bellyache for today… World’s Greatest is working an extra night shift at the hospital so I have 5 kids, 3 baseball practices, dinner and homework all to myself…. I love that man! Did I mention that with those practices… I need to be at two different fields at the same time? Yahoo, let the season begin!

I am focused on next TUE,WED, & THUR. School vacation week and our children will be with the opposite parents from Tuesday evening until Thursday evening. We are both working all three days but the idea of no homework, shower schedule, no 7 people meals, no wake up struggles…. oOOOooo I get giddy just knowing it’s on the horizon! I am sure we will see them at the field all three days, but the fact that we don’t have to manage the troops…. It is something to look forward to.
Happy Monday!


Julie said...

I don't know how you guys do it with 5, I go crazy trying to keep things straight with one. God Bless you and your husband. By the way, I'm loving your new look!

Holly Renee said...

Oh my gosh! How do you do it? Two fields at once? You're amazing!

Paper Mom said...

Thanks Ladies, I am a lucky duck. The World's Greatest Husband is my partner in every single way possible, except when he is working an extra shift at the hospital.... but even then, he has our best financial interest at heart... As for tonight... I was late for one practice at drop off and late for the other practice pick up... our two teenagers helped supervised... it takes a village... and lucky for us... our family is a village or at least a small army!


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