Monday, April 19, 2010

Control Freak

So I guess I am a control freak?  Seriously, tell me something I don’t know…Haha, Control Freak? I wrote the book - I know it, embrace it, and freely admit it.  Yep, that’s me – I like it that way…it’s always been that way…. Do you hear all the control oozing from those statements?

This weekend I took Oprah’s quiz, “Who am I meant to be”.  You can take it too at her website.  My results….. You are striving to be in control.  I won’t go into the scary details.  Let’s just say the whole document described me to a tee and I am a bit alarmed by the “what to watch out for” paragraphs.  The quiz categorized and rated me on the following:  Striving to help, Striving to be recognized, Striving to be creative, Striving to be spontaneous, Striving to be knowledgeable, Striving to be secure, Striving to be in control (I scored high on many but I got a perfect 20 on that one!)

Overall I did learn a thing or two, I recommend you visit the site.  One thing for sure… as my kids get older and form opinions I have to respect and appreciate their own “inner control freak-a-zoid too”.   As I become a stronger partner and wife I can let go of some of the control, share the control. Gosh, who knew that was what marriage was about?   As for work… hmmm… I am not sure where that lesson is learned.  I will continue to think on that one…I’ll let you know.  I realize that is where the real lesson in this little exercise may be hiding.    

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