Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Features

Well this blog is an experiment in so many ways... I want to make sure you take note of the "techno" features...
1. Sign up for Paper Mom emails, if you plug in your email over to the right, feedburner you will send you my blog posts r each day.  Makes it easy to read my red hot thoughts.
2. Just linked up to list related posts at the end of each entry.  It doesn't seem to be including associated pictures with the post.  I will continue to investigate but this feature allows new readers to get a booster shot of Paper Mom postings.
3.  If you are a paper mom groupie, show the love by signing on to follow me. Becoming a google follower is similar to becoming a fan of a  FaceBook page.  I use it to enter my peeps in my give a ways!  It's free, It's easy and you may win.
4. And last but not least... this blog is so much more fun when you comment... it is sort of blogging bling... feel free to leave your thoughts, it makes my day.

Ok, so our little housekeeping post is complete.  Now if "housekeeping" in my actual home was actually complete...  that would be a good, good day!

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