Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life is Fragile, Be Grateful

Life is so darn hard on a good day, it stinks when it is a stressful day.  We all get caught up in the details and we can get a little nutty on occasion.  Let’s stop for a moment and breathe. 

Yesterday we learned that a local family, friends of our children, fellow baseball coach, lost their Dad.  It is so sad, my heart aches for this dear family.  I heard the World’s Greatest Husband say to our oldest, “it’s so sad, no child should have to lose their dad at such a young age.”  The truth in that statement was powerful and paralyzing. 

So today I hope to stop evaluating, wondering, complaining, wishing or hoping… I am just going to try and  be grateful.  I am going to try to live in the moment, love my kids and make out like a mad woman with the World’s Greatest Husband (he is not going to know what hit em!) Life is so fragile.  Have a good day.


angie said...

Such great advice to live in the moment and to be grateful.

So sorry about the death of a friend.

Julie said...

Words we all need to hear from time to time. Beautifully put, Andrea.


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