Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kids? what kids?

On occasion all of our children are with their other parent on the same day.  I think I worry more when they aren’t under our watch but I always welcome the break in routine.  It is helpful to have a “mommy time out” every so often.  So this is what I have learned since my children left at noon yesterday.

It’s a treat to go out to eat and not have to cook for 7 people (well duh?).  Last night we went to a Chinese buffet and realized in all of our years together, we had never gone to a buffet together.  (Isn’t that odd?)  I am always amazed at how the World’s Greatest Husband and I can’t shut up with one another when we are alone…. We talk, talk, and talk.  It is sometimes about kids but mostly about life, and our world.  I am so glad we are friends.  Wow, a night of uninterrupted sleep can really make ones skin glow…. maybe that one goes beyond uninterrupted sleep.  Getting up without the morning rush makes for a better hair day.  Sitting here with the Today show on, typing before work with a yummy coffee from that Keurig that I love… makes for a peaceful heart.  Not having to talk (or yell) to anyone before 8:30 am is a bit odd but I like it.  A little alone time with my thoughts… when are these kids scheduled to return? When will they be off to college?  Hmmm? I have a new role model… the empty nest mom…just dreaming.

Back to reality and our routine soon.   I know this little break is well deserved and much needed.  I’ll be ready for those kids in a few more hours… honestly, I miss them and as much as I enjoy these moments, something always feels like its missing… in my case, 5 great kids.

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Sophia's Mom said...

First of all, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it.

I love how you say that uninterrupted sleep makes your skin glow and the lack of the morning rush make for a better hair day! It's funny but so true. I used to look so put together before I had a child. Now I am one hot mess but I love my munchkin.

I'm glad to hear you and your husband are friends. Friendship helps couples stay strong and you are very fortunate to have that.

Hope you'll visit me again soon!

P.S. You should join Theta Mom ( on the last Thursday of every month and post about your "mommy time-out'! I've met some wonderful bloggers thanks to her.


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